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I got an E-mail today from our association..."Great News!"You can now have your listings automatically entered on Zillow! My first thought was W T F!!!!! I don't remember any discussion about doing this.I just can not understand why this Profession feels the need to associate itself with non-Prof...
I love a campfire.Nothing more soothing or hypnotizing than a campfire.I have found that I live to get a good bed of coals, then I find 3 3-4 inch sticks.I make a triangle with them on top of the coals.Then, I take a hollow piece of log and set it vertical.It takes about 3-4 minutes to make that ...
Yes, I am jealous.  I grew up using one of  these.It was a staple for many a farmer in our small community.My step-son found this nice intermediate gas/kerosene engine.It was used back in the time to run various small equipment.  What will he do with it now...Start it up and listen to the sweet m...
I was once again told I was getting stuffy and boring."You don't make me laugh anymore!"OK OK...Here are a few things to chuckle about...  I guess the repair bills are higher than the tips.  This is an important one for most bars!  Sounds like Minnesota in january...  I wonder how many guilty one...
I sometime have someone proof read my blogs and always my print ads.My grammar is not real good and my spelling is even worse.But, I know there are many times when it sounds just great...in our own mind, but them someone says....Do you realize...Here are a few to chuckle about...If I am driving t...
The Caterpillar that I found and then spun it's cocoon has been in there about 8 days. The coloration has change just a little.  It will change to more of a dark gray, at least that last one did.I am thinking about 3 more weeks.  I didn't log anything the last time so I am sorta guessing... 
For me fishing isn't just about catching fish.It is about the solitude at times when I fish alone.  It's about companionship when I have a friend or relative with.It is about laughing and explaining how a fish grows after you catch it.But, catching the fish is relatively easy...I catch more than ...
I believe I have posted this a few years back but I think it is time again... Sometimes common sense comes from those that really know. An old Cherokee told his grandson."My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside of us.  One is Evil.  It is Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Resentment, Inferiorit...
I talk a lot about my rural living and work.But that does not limit me to only working in the open air.North Branch, Minnesota is a Bedroom community.So, for those who like living in town close to shopping and schools for the kids, there are things to consider... Does this in town home have enoug...
Yes, I know that you can not see 5 feet in front of you in good hunting woods, but there is a lot of work to be done before you set foot in the forest.Take these into consideration. How are you going to pay for this purchase?Loan, cash, C4DeedHow much can you afford?What area are you planning to ...

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