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I had to share this one.I had heard it before but hearing my 6 year old grand daughter tell it and then laugh was priceless.My wife enjoyed it because she says she could understand it.So here goes.... Why do geese fly south for the winter...Because it is to far to walk. Cheesy yes, but I love the...
WE as people in today's world are a fussy bunch.We have little time for things that do not work out the way we want.We want things the way we want them.A little variation is not acceptable.We also have little faith in anything we do not control.It is no wonder that we are all stressed out.   
There must be a rash of it. People really do not have any idea of life. They make me wonder how they have survived so far. It seams that intelligence has left the building and empty air is replacing it. I know, I should be kind, but, some days it is very very hard   
Raising a family was difficult.Many personal issues and life challenges.WE worked hard and long and we did our best to give our kids and the family a decent life, and I believe we did that.But I still remember when the kids were in school how often I seen an outstretched arm with an empty hand.  ...
I had a guy tell me today that he was one of the smartest people he knew.WE talked Real Estate and he told me everything that was wrong and how we make people do things that they really did not have to do.Yes, he was a very smart man.  I didn't argue with him as I would have gotten a better respo...
WE are getting some great rainfall.Not real heavy and it is on and off.Last week we were in severe fire danger...Today the matches are wet.The rain has greened up the lawn and made the flowers poke up their heads.Another day or so of slow rain and then bring us the sun!  
The Minnesota Twins lost a heart breaker today.16 innings.They lost their lead in the 9th when the Nat's tied it.Scored in the top of the 15th and the Nat's tied it in the bottom half of the inning.The Nat's won it in the 16th.A hard fought battle for the Twins as the Nat's are one of the top tea...
It has been great to see so many managers actively participating in the game this year.After 9 more games the score has clossed the gap.  Last time 74 points separated 1st and last and this time it is only 44 points. Tinkers2Evers2Chance occupied 1st place the entire time although Grand Theft   V...
I remember when I was in school... I played baseball.It was always played right after school so it was hard for working parents to get to the games.Unlike football and basketball, which were played after parents got home.So, as a grand parent my wife and I attend all the track meets we can and we...
For me, Spring in Minnesota starts when I hear my first loons.Today...I heard my first loon.  It is a beautiful sound in my book.The common loon is Minnesota's state bird.They are sometimes a mystical bird and their call is haunting at times.But, still, it is a beautiful sound and I know spring i...

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