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Saturday was a great day.  We played games in the afternoon.I could not resist this photo...This is the house across the pond from our cabin.Now, before you start telling me it is upside down and I must be drunk...This is the full picture of what we could see.I love when the air is calm and the w...
It has been a few days since I have been here.Yes, I am having with drawls.My computer gave me issues this weekend and driving to town from my cabin was not a great option.It was a great weekend with my wife and I visiting some veteran's we got names of that are around our cabin.Thanks to all of ...
Memorial Day is for honoring our fallen hero's.But, I like to keep all of our hero's in memory.We can not fathom what our soldiers went through in the world wars especially.That is not saying our current vet's don't have their issues.So for this Holiday of remembrance, PLEASE remember the reason ...
It has been another great week of baseball.Our league has seen some changes this week.The point difference form 1st to last went from 54.5  to  60.5.The biggest point changes for one day...point gain was both Wanda's Swag Team and Brewster9  both gaining 8 points on different days.Point loss was ...
These old ads ring a bell and I remember many of them.This one for mens' pants... I have waders for fishing that don't go the high. Then there is this one for the ladies...Yes, I can see the guys running for the hills right now.Hope you enjoyed a bit of late night humor
I went to my  grand Daughters track meet and a baseball game broke out.No the track participants didn't start a game...I think their coaches would not be happy at all.No, it was right behind the bleachers I was in that the baseball game stated.Being my first passion I watched more of the game tha...
It has been years and It is very long long over do. An updated photo.I have had several taken at different venues and didn't like them so I never used them.But time had come to do it.I have a friend who is decent with a camera.He took 25 shots.  This is the only one I dare use.It will do for now,...
I don't believe many buyers value their time.Otherwise why would  do as you do.What is that you ask...Why do you search NON-PROFESSIONAL SITES looking for property.Apx 99% of all listed properties are listed in the MLS. Sites like zillow and trulia  are NOT Professional Real Estates sites.These s...
I am sure some people think that I am crazy.But, we just got our first measurable rain in over 2 weeks and it was getting dry.We have not had much rain and snowfall was very low this past winter.But, today we had a nice shower for a few hours.I am guessing 3/4 inch or so.We could use this for a c...
 We have come a long way (most of the time) in our advertising.Look at this ad for cordless phones.I personally do not remember this one but look how fancy.Not real appealing in today's market. This next one I think would have been marketed to the lady who was put in charge or looking to be movin...

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