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The old saying of cold hands warm heart has some truth. But there is more to a warm heart than cold hands. It usually has to do with the company  you keep. It may be good friends, or someone that you just met. But, I think this little diddy says it all...         
WE are hearing more and more that the schools are not teaching cursive writing anymore.I guess I don't know why, but I also don't know why we should teach it.I know that the only time I use cursive is when I sign my name on checks or documents.The one thing about using  a cursive signature is tha...
Gun control is really very easy.  Grasp the forefront of the gun with one hand and the middle of the gun, near the trigger mechanism with the other and pull the butt of the gun into your shoulder.Right there you have full control of he gun. Disclaimer...The tragedies that have occurred are just t...
This has happened to me and is one of the most often occurrence for delays. If you are like me, you trailer your boat to your favorite lakes. YOu load and unload your boat each time. Well, get into the habit of unrolling a window when you first get into you vehicle. Time and time again people wil...
Here is a fun exercise...Only one in ten can read this.I was sent this and it asks for you to share, but I do not have this set up that way.But, see if you can read this.Don't adjust your screen, just see if you are one of the ten....  As real estate agents we read upside down all the time
95 degrees right now in North Branch, Minnesota.Now that does not compare to the 110 to 120 the south has been seeing...And don't tell me but it is a dry hear...hot is hot!!!Our humidity is almost 70%.Storms are predicted and they are to be some of the worst this year so far.So, My emergency stas...
It has been a great season so far.I have enjoyed watching and playing.. So without a waste of words here we go. Although Tinkers2Evers2Chance has occupied the top spot MOST of the time since the last update, Brewster9 was on top last time and this time also.   He is like Tinkers little brother......
Well, we had a good amount of rain for a few weeks and that awaken the flowers.WE have had a lot of blooming Flowers for some time now so it is time to share... The yellow on this one is so brilliant.  Almost to bright and it was not in the sun.  This is my favorite one.  Have an enjoyable evening.
It has been almost 4 weeks since I first saw her.  (or him)Mamma Loon sitting on the nest.I went back on Wed morning and whe was still there.She does not seam to worry about me being there, oc course, I am still 75 feet or so away.She posed for a very nice picuture. 

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