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Wow!  You need to read this blog.It is one of the best blogs I hvae read in years when it comes to us realtors.WE talk and talk about what we do.But when the words hit our clients ears, well it is in one ear and out the other.This blog is simple and to the point.Thanks Myrl! It's no secret that m...
I need to qualify that statement.I am not patient when sitting in traffic.There is nothing worse than setting in traffic and going now where.2nd in line is waiting in line.  Standing waiting your turn and the line doesn't move. Now, whe it comes to my clients, my patience is almost limitless.Ther...
I hear it all the time...take down all your personal photo's.I have never been a strong believer in that.And once again personal photo's were the difference.We looked at 3 home today and walking into the 4th it was totally different.The first 3 were nice, but just had an odd feeling.The last home...
WOW!  Not that was interesting. WE have had a great interesting banter and when I asked how eveyone was leaningThis is how things have played out. 5 people changed who they were leaning towards. 2 ladies change their stance.  1 changed from Clinton to Trump and 1 changed form Trump to Clinton.3 g...
Yes, I do live a dangerous life.This was brought to me by a couple of friends. To this is how it stack up... 6 Guys.   3 leaning towards Trump and 3 towards Clinton4 ladies.   2 leaning Trump and 2 leaning Clinton. We are all good friends and talk politics all the time.  We are honest with who we...
Bob posted a blog that hits my hot button.  There is just no place in this business for rudeness.Just like common sense, courtesy is also becoming a dinosaur. I don't care if it is in your business or your personal life, if you are going to be late or a no show...CALL and let the other party know...
Fall colors gets people in a good mood.But for mid to northern Minnesota it is a bit early.One thing is for sure, if yo9u plan on making a weekend out of it, you better get your hotel arrangements now.  Many places are all ready full.The peak of color will hit in about two weeks.Make your arrange...
Sellers need to realize that there is more to selling a property than just listing it on the MLS.There is so much more.Marketing the property to people who can afford the home.Marketing to a specific market...Horses, farmers, Hunters, and more.Knowing the answers to the questions people will ask....
I am finally getting the hang of the new system   just look where you least expect it and there it is. Not as bad as Windows 10 but still not easy for me.Anyway...here is  one to raise the hackles of many. Women are like bacon.They Look really goodThey smell really goodThey taste really good. And...
OK, Here in Minnesota, we had a guy go crazy and started stabbing people in a mall in St. Cloud.There was also a bomb that hurt I believe 29.There was one or two (depending on the news station) more bombs that did not hurt anyone. We have watched this go on over seas for years and years.There are...

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