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A friend came up with a great idea for the older group.He calls it Trick or TWEET.Instead of a treat, the older group gets a tweet. He was telling me that last year he also did this and it went over great.Last year he just said BOO!This year it is a link to some kind of Halloween scare. I need to...
WE have all kinds of people babbling out in the USA and saying not much of anything.And, I am not just pointing at  the political end of this.But many people talk just because free speech is their right...so they claim.But my thought is... Talking nonsense is NOT freedom of speech!  Have an enjoy...
I am always amazed when dealing with the public.How seemingly bright people fall off that pedestal when they start to talk.It can be hard to get through to some and other think they are so smart that they are never wrong.Here is a quote from anonymous:  When you are dead, you don't know you are d...
Every year it happens, people call 911.Some hunter is having medical issues and is out in the woods.Most of these are heart attacks.Many of these people are older and out of shape.  Even way over weight.And it is the families of these hunters that suffer. Do your loved ones a favor and yourself a...
Yesterday was a bit trying. Nothing serious just frustrating at times. But, that is all behind us now and we are looking forward. So, I am going to start the day with a smile. Don't confuse my personality with my attitude.  My personality is who I am.  My attitude depends on who you are! Have a g...
Bob Crane called me today.That was the only good thing that really happened.It started of with a lady driving into my drive with a smashed windshield.She had hit a deer and it landed in the windshield.  I needed to call her husband as she had no cell phone. She was not hurt but lucky it was not a...
For years the race was to get to the moon.Now, it is to live on Mars.Astronomers are looking all over the skies for intelligent life.To me this is very very interesting to say the least.They spend hours upon hours looking for life all over the universe and we can't find intelligent life right hea...
In taking pictures, lighting plays a big role.I took these 2 photo's just seconds apart.One was with a small amount of light enhancement.These have NOT been touched up.    Taken just seconds apart this shows that lighting plays a big part in photo's.  If it makes such a big difference on this flo...
Your new home has a wood fireplace or free standing stove.Never had a wood burning setup, so Now What.First, decide if you want to use it.Wood can be messy.  Smell and even bring in bugs.After a period of time you  need to get up on the roof and clean the chimney ore hire it done. You need to dec...
I received a call from a client.He is  missing a few cheese pieces.I asked him when he noticed they were gone.  (Just today)I asked when the last time he looked at the set.   (2-3 weeks ago)We had 4 showing in that amount of time.Not a lot I can do about it.if it had just happened, I could have c...

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