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Not all huters are successful.Some are by their own doing. I was out in the Deer Stand this year and heard some shooting.Then, after a few minutes I thought I saw some movement.AS I sat still, I finally saw the movement.  It was a deer facing towards me but looking past me.Looking at him I could ...
it is November 28th.  In Minnesota we should have snow and ice.But in stead we have this...  Over 2 inches of rain on top of about 2 inches a few days ago.It is also 53 degrees out in stead of low 30's.Yes, there are many who are enjoying this weather, but may more who are not.There are many who ...
The kits I am talking about are the ones that test for mold, radon and other issues we talk about.While these can be a tool, be careful of making them as absolute truth.I have seen false positives and false negatives in the past.In my opinion, why waste the money, get a professional test down and...
This poem written by Mother Teresa was shared with me today so I thought others would like to read it... People are often unreasonable, Illogical and self centered....Forgive them anyway.If you are kind, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives...Ber kind anyway.If you are successful, y...
It has been fun, it has been stressful trying to get everything perfect when you are the one hosting.My wife and I, mostly my wife, hosted the event again this year.23 people.  Of course we never run out of food and I am still eating leftovers.I heard that laughing helps you lose weight.   I sure...
Well the holiday is almost over.23 people including 6 young kids.The noise was deffening at times.It has been fun, but I need a private laugh now.I am ssure there are afew other also would like one.So, here is a couple of funnies to lighten the day for you.  In some areas, Turkeys are hard to fin...
Well, we got rid of the campaign commercials finally.But now we are into the Black Friday commercials.We hear during every commercial break that the best deals are on Black Friday.But, are the deals really the best then.Maybe some, some great deals are very very limited. I hear every year where w...
Those who know me well, know that I can not be serious all the time.So, it is time for some Thanksgiving Cartoons. You may have seen them before, but should still bring a smile. So, without further ado, here we go...    Here are two...one for the ladies and one for the guys.    
TRUE STORY. I worked with a guy some years back.I asked him a week before hunting if he was ready."Not going this year." was his response.Why, can't get the day off?"Nope."Then why I asked."Wife won't let me go."What do you mean your wife won't let you go."Well, every year I go up hunting and we ...
Bob has posted a great blog on gun safety.I only wish that every hunter and gun owner would take this to heart.Many will watch and say but I am careful.  but as the video's show, it takes a split second and disaster can and does happen.  Show this to everyone you know! Wisconsin Gun Deer Season 2...

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