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A laugh to end the day! An elderly gentleman was sunbathing  on a nude beach. For civility he covered his privates with his hat. A lady walked by and said..."Areal gentleman would tip his hat." He replied..."If you were not so ugly it would have lifted itself. Dont' try to best an senior!!!
Spring has Spring in North Branch, Minnesota.Brushing back a few of the leaves, some of the heads from the flowers are emerging.Now that my wife has uncovered them, we need to watch the weather in case it freezes again and it will.It is good to see spring may actually be aon the way!
Bob and his staff of Professionals  are tops in the industry.  You should seek him out before even starting to think about what to do with your wooded land.   There are times to thin and times to let grow and they will tell you what is best for your land o accomplish your goals.   La Crosse Count...
Funny how Mother nature runs all things.February was way above normal.Now March is below.None of this makes sense and we complain every year I know.But, I am ready for the warm weather and for scenes like this one. These will be the first flowers we seen in a couple of weeks or so.
I had a call today and the people were wondering about the market.I explained how it was and after I was done the comment was..."Well, we are going to see what happens with the market." The writing is on the wall.The market is hot and prices are going up and not coming down anytime soon.No need t...
Yes, we are live and already working our rosters.I will try and do some background on some of the teams...We only have 8 teams this year, maybe we will see more in the years to come.But, for how...GO TWINS!!!! Good luck to all the teams. I will do my predictions in the coming days .
It is a great day and let's make it better by smiling. I am on a diet and I have issues with it: I just hate it when I think I am buying ORGANIC   vegetables,But once I am home they are all just donuts!!! Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to!!!
I have a client who is a nervous Nellie.Everything bothers him.So much that he can't remember calling me or what he asked the  last time I talked t him.For this client, patience is the key.  Try to explain fast and simple only confuses him. But, really for many people...patience is the way to han...
A man comes hoe to find his wife packing her suitcase."Where are you going?""I am going to New York.  I hear that Prostitutes make $400  for what I do for free!" The man starts to pack his suitcase..."And what do you think you are doping?" asked the wife. "I am gong with you.  I want o see how yo...
I am not a big fan of social media.The misuse is so rampant.Today I saw something that repulsed me past anything I have ever seen.There was a terrorist shooting in London.The camera's were rolling from some source. (Doesn't matter what source)It showed a person laying on the ground and another pe...

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