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I have made no bones about it...I am not a techie.I know just enough to get around but when an issue comes up...I AM LOST!I usually get my Grand Daughter or one of her friends to fix the issue for me.I always give them a few bucks and that makes them willing.Besides, waiting on hold for a technic...
I had a young couple looking for their first home.The bank OK'd them for a dollar amount.So this couple was looking for a home in that price range. I asked them  at that price if one of them got sick for a few days, would they still be able to afford their payment."It would be tight, but we could...
And the sun rises for another day.I stop and look at the wonder of this vast ball of dirt.How it is such a balance that helps to keep things going.How man seems to be destined to ruin his domain.But, for today, I am just glad to see one more sunrise.And with any luck, a sunset also... 
I am lucky to have my own well and plenty of water.But that does not mean I waste it.WE have many flowers and flower gardens and a small veggie garden.WE much of our watering at late evening and or early morning.We hand water using a hose and a sprayer.The water is not shot up in the air to be pa...
Some people have a bright mind. They think fast on their feet. Some have a bright mind but think much slower. Well, anyways.  Here is one that made me think for a second...(Getting slow in my old age.) Some people look at life in a whole different dimension. So, here goes...  
I was asked this by a closing agent last week.He was telling me that business is down by nearly 50%.He knows that inventory is down, but thought sales were still going to be high. Speaking only for the area that I work...sales are down, but not because people have quit looking...there are a few o...
I love mornings.I am up early and normally alone.It is quiet and...peaceful.In this world of hecticness, we don't have enough quiet time.For me, the only way is to be up early before the rest of he world screws up my day.Take time and smell the flowers! 
Yesterday we went to a local carnival.It is amazing the rides people will do for a thrill.Funny thing is that people are screaming on these rides and then do it again!   Here some young kids are enjoying a ride that is much more my speed.I must be getting old or something!!!
I often here that buyers want to be in a certain school district.I always ask what the reason is for their choice.I am told many reasons...Football programHockey programother sports.  I almost never hear...Academics program.Availability of college courses  while in high school.Extra curricular st...
Just a bit of humor for this evening. It was during a 'Wedding reception'.Someone stood up called for attention."Men, please go stand by the person that makes your life worth living."The Bartender was nearly crushed to death... I hope that this brought a smile and a sense of family and friends. 

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