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It is Halloween and the kids are excited.Costumes are ready and anticipation of their bounty is high.Many have their route all planned out.Others may just go to a private  party. It doesn't matter what you are doing, party or handing out the goodies,  be safe and watch out for the goblins in the ...
I blogged about the snow the other day.Well, not everyone was happy with the snow or it's characters.So when I saw this I understood the feelings of many of my neighbors.As for me, I don't mind but I keep those feelings to myself so that I stay healthy.  
 Minnesota Deer Hunters  are you ready?Are you responsible? I see it every year.   Hunters wait until the last day or so to get a ll geared up.Some even buy rifles the night before.  How do yo know how the gun fires and if it sighted in?The majority of hunters are good responsible people.As in an...
The call came very early this morning.My Dear Friend of 98 passed in the night.Henry was a friend to all.I know of not one person who did not care for Henry.At his age, he still lived alone in the same house of over 70 years.I learned many things about life from him.He will be missed by all! God ...
For many years in an area where I lived we did a trcik and drink with the neighbors.There were no kids around and so we make our own fun.What was supposed to be a one drink per stop got to be a few extra on occasion.Well, it was mostly harmless
I know that this is a question more for the cold states.But with us being pounded with energy saving ideas all the time we sometimes get caught up in the hype.I feel the biggest mis-information is the wood fireplace.Unless set up right (with a cold outside air intake)  they really are not efficie...
Yes, it is not unusual to see snow in Minnesota.I am amazed that so often the first snow is a larger amount.Today about 5-6 inches.Last year it was over 9 inches and 6+ the year before.But, it will most often all melt as the ground is not frozen.But for today, it is very pretty!   The bird feeder...
I have seen many a fall decorations and I find those that are simple are the one people like the best.I see many over done that are just cluttered.I am not talking Halloween.Just the normal pumpkins and corn stalks are most liked.But, go ahead and decorate, but remember, not everyone will like a ...
I have been reading blogs and just ran into my 3rd blog that the bottom half is Gone!I thought it must be just a new issue, but I am seeing several blogs so it is re-occurring.I don't think that the agents know about it.Anyone seeing this on their blogs?  
I am one that calls around to check on a larger purchase as to where to go for a good price.I like to talk to someone in person and ask question.I was told "Try the Internet"  It is faster. Yes, I tried but, I found that I was not able to get answers as fast as I wanted.So, I will go back to my t...

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