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Well it was a controlled chaos.The grand kids opening presents and having a ball.The highlights of all things were flannel sheets of their favorite cartoon character.Not that they didn't love most everything else, it is just something they connected to.For me, the best gift was the hugs of thank ...
 Christmas decor can cost a few dollars.Especially the first time you decorate.Usually you will buy during the height of the season.But the person with this tree incorporated grade school idea with night of gun.I am sure that some of this was an after thought.But i guess to each their own...     ...
We had just a small amount of snow overnight.I was driving down the freeway and it was a bit slick.Going to slow for some, I was passed by a guy doing at least 70.2 miles up the road he was upside down in the ditch along with 3 other cars.I don't know if anyone was hurt, as it had just happened a...
Well we were told to look for snow and we found it.Nothing like what PA got.But, this is a gentle reminder.Snow shoveling is a killer.So if you are shoveling, take frequent breaks.Stand up and stretch the back muscles.Remember to stay hydrated.When lifting the snow breath out, it is easier on the...
I have always liked he secondary Christmas's the best.Tonight it was with my boys.It was intimate and quiet.Great conversation and a lot of laughs.I very nice meal but no putting on the ritz.I wish I could get the main even to be so perfect. Maybe someday!
Reading signs we find some great ones.The designer either did not proof read or they just did not look at the message as others would.I am guilty at times of writing something with a thought in mind, only to have my wife laugh at me.In the attached photo, I understand what could be the message an...
Patience and wisdom.They go hand in hand.Some times it is the patience that comes first and other times it is wisdom.No matter which it is, as long as you strive for both you will be lesslikely to get yourself into trouble.Success is dependent on both of these.    
Many people still are or will be traveling during this cold spell.While I am wearing a medium coat and working outside, manyare freezingat 45 degrees.Those traveling in the colder regions need to prepare for the worst.Windchill is the worst enemy in the cold. If you have a car problem, stay in th...
Christmas Day night and all through the house.not a creature was stirring, not even Ma and Pa. that is right.Everyone is GONE!!Time for some quiet time. But it will not be for long. We still need to meet up with the grand kids out of state and my boys.But for tonight, it could just be nap time! 
WE talk about congress and how bad they are.But seldom does anything really tell us  in real words just h ow or what they are.This illustration should give everyone a better understanding as to how and why they are like they are.Let me know if you agree with me. 

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