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I got a call to do a market on a home. The owner had been trying to sell by themselves.First off, they were over priced.But the real issues are the problem they had. The owner showed the home to a couple.  When the couple walked in they went different ways.Well you can almost guess.The seller fou...
I was sitting in  a restaurant with a client.We were talking about both buying and selling. WE were sitting in a corner as to not bother others.All of a sudden a lady walks past out table and drops a paper napkinon the table. "I want to sell my house, please call me."   WE didn't think that we ha...
The flu has been bad this year, ask anyone who has had it.Many lives lost again.The best defense is protecting yourself.Washing hand often and thoroughly is the best.Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose is also a good idea.People who get it the 2nd time say it is worse than the first. The 2nd ...
The biggest snow storm of the year for our area is heading our way.10-14 inches and maybe more.It is time to get ready.Shovels.  More than one in case one breaks.Warm clothes and hand warmers.Does the snow blower work?Do you have gas.Did you check the fluids. A great tip...If the snow is sticking...
WE have had two light weight snow falls.It was very easy to move.But we as humans get spoiled.This next snow will be heavier and harder to shovel.Don't try and do it all at once.Take a few breaks.  Heart attacks are killers.One good tip is when shoveling, exhale when lifting.It puts a lot less st...
I blogged not long ago that we could use some snow.Snow to help septics from freezing.Some people wanted snow so they could snowmobile. Well, we have gotten the snow and looking at about another foot overthe weekend. So for those of you who have been praying for snow...YOU CAN STOP NOW!!!!  Going...
Here in Minnesota garden seeds are all over the place.Although, outside planting is  2 and 1/2 months away.Some will start some plants inside like tomato's. I love going out to my garden and grabbing something and eating it right there.Anyone else plant a garden?  Anyone wish they could? It is ve...
I should clarify some...Does the local weather influence where you buy in a local.Here in North Branch, Minnesota, the majority of people work 1/2 hour or more away from home.Snow storms can make travel terrible and take a lot longer.But there is also the issue of getting in and out of your drive...
The short answer is yes if you want to buy the home.It is most important for the buyer to be at the closing as that is where all the papers and loan information is signed. The seller, well not as important as they can sign early, but still it is better for them to be there, just in case of any is...
With the proper notification they certainly can.But why?Do they know Electrical, Plumbing, Hvac.How about water issues, and roofing or siding.Cracks in the foundation.Will they check the outlets to see that they are working.Can they tell if the circuit boxis wired right? I believe that dad or you...

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