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Yes all three of the grand kids are here.We don't get to see them often and when we do we make the most of it.WE were all up late last night.Not sure who was more wound up, the kids or Grandma.Today we have all three by ourselves.8, 6 and 4.  they keep us going. Hopefully I may get to take a nap!...
The 4th of July , like so many other holidays have lost their meaning. But for me, I will NEVER forget.My family since WWI has lost 17 family members,   12 in WWI alone.This is nothing compared to our forefathers who first fought to make  us free.My Grandfather was the sole living male of his fam...
I ran across this puzzle from some time back.I thought some of us oldies would enjoy it and many newbies would scratch their heads at it.So, now go ahead and read the below statement.Did you find the mistake?If not, read t again, only slower.If you still have not found it...sorry, can't help you.  
Friday.It sounds like this will be a bad one.96+ and high humidity.Heat index of over 110+ is possible.Stay hydrated!Watch those out working and or playing.And...do NOT forget the pets!!!!Make sure they have water and some shade at minimum.Be prepared for storms to follow.  It could be a rough ni...
We have taken a day trip.It was near 90 hen we left yesterday.Today we awoken to 51?.Did I over sleep by 3 months?Well that is Minnesoto for you.If you do it like the weather just wait a day.Ow well, There s still work to be done.Have a great day.
I hear people talk ab out college all the time.How far in debt they are.There is a segment of the population that needs help.The trades.Electrician.Plumbers.CarpentersMasonry.and a lot more.These are had work jobs that will py very very well and not cause you to borrow 10's of thousands.Many buil...
This morning I was out and about just to look at the area.Needed some inspiration for a few new photo's.The sun was just  coming over the horizon.I found the public access and stopped top watch.  What a great way to start the weekend off.Make it a fun one.
I was watching the news they talked about permit parking. This is not a free permit.You would need to get a permit for visitors. This is just  not what I want my clients to deal with.But it seems to be a way of life. So, living in the rural areas allows you to park where ever there is an open spo...
So you want to receive great customer service.Well there is one thing you need to do.We have all seen the person that has yelled at the person they are asking help from. So here it is...1. smile2. nicely explain your situation.3. be patient4. DON'T YELL5. Remember the store has policies.  (polici...
Boating a a great warm weather fun.Load up the boat and go fishing.or maybe skiing.Some like to pull an inner tube of sort with people on them.What ever the activity boating is fun.But it is also one of the injury activity.The ball on the back of he vehicle causes a lot of pain!So much so that a ...

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