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Hunting seasons all across the Nation are starting.Now is the time to start to prepare.Especially those still thinking of buying land for hunting.It takes 3-5 weeks to close on a property.Many land owners will not let you do anything until the sale is final.WE ae starting to push the envelope on ...
Yes, I know that it isn't fall yet, but many of the fall flowers are starting to bloom.\It is great to see what survived the winter.But with the glowers blooming a bit early, I am looking for an early fall/winter.Acorns have fallen and that is about 2 weeks early.There are a lot of old wives tale...
The caller said...I want a house and 2 or 3 acres.I dug deeper...Any reason for the land I asked.Yes, I want to have a horse or two. OK now we are getting somewhere.Here is the issue.Unless you are going to buy all the feed all year long, even 5 acres is barely enough.A pasture with a good growth...
I am in a good mood.I have a full day starting as soon as I finish my coffee.So I thought I would share a funny with you... A couple walking down he street.Husband says..."Look at that drunk."Wife replies..."I know that drunk.  He proposed to me 10 years ago."Husband: "Oh My God...and he is still...
Well it was National dog day.Nothing compared to a the fun of a new puppy.And it is also important that you new best friend.They also need some extra sleep.They are after all babies.So, make sure that your  new puppy can stay healthy and they get enough rest.  
I was talking with a client this evening who said he had to put of buying a larger home.Costs for private ins has gone through the roof and it is not looking better for the coming years.So, some procedures will be figured out to be cheaper to perform.The vasectomy is an example.   
The squirrel is a comical but also a thief when you talk to bird lovers.They are masters at getting into bird feeders.Some people look at these varmints and then come up with ideas to rid their feeders of these guys.Some trap and release miles away.The issue there is that may be how they got to t...
One of the great past times in Minnesota is Fishing.It is easy and requires a very minimal investment.I hear people ask how was fishing.Some say great others say terrible. Well, that can vary form person to person.There is actually 2 separates aspects of this activity we call fishing. There is th...
It is not unusual to hear.I hear people talking about how the bubble is nearly upon us.I hear that sales are dropping fast. Well,  I am going to tell you that I do not see that happening.Sales are still strong and so is the economy. There is a faction of people who can only make money at others m...
Our late summer flowers are blooming and the flower beds look very pretty.I love my wife's flowers.  If it were not for her love of flowers I do not know if I would have any.But now that we have the flowers, I will always do my best to make sure she can do her thing 

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