advice: Turn Key listings are hard to find. - 12/20/13 07:58 AM
Nice homes are becoming more and more rare.
If you find one be prepared to pay.
Most turn key homes will have multiple offers within days of hitting the market.
So what is the key to wining one of these homes?
1) Make sure you are pre-qualified.  (Qualified is better yet)
2) Get a showing to the home right away.
3) Be prepared to pay over the list price.
4) Having some money downand no closing costs could be a key thing.
5) Take your time while may not get a second chance.
6) Know what you want ahead … (6 comments)

advice: Smiles are hard to find... - 12/08/13 08:07 AM
AS of late, smiles are hard to find.
Most everywhere we go, all I see are frowns and grumpy people.
Yes it has been cold, but you make out of life what you put into it.
It is Christmas, It is a happy time of the year.
I guess I could say that it is just the non-believers that are that way, but there are way to many.
So, when you meet someone...give a smile..You may be surprised and get one back!


advice: An ounce of prevention... - 11/30/13 10:04 AM
Owning a home isn't just move in and sit on the sofa.
There is all kinds of maintenance.
A new neighbor called and said his wood stove would not burn.  He has been having issues with it for the last week.
I went over and took some tools of the trade with me.
"Did yo clean the chimney?"
NO, Why?
I was asked.
"Because, it is part of the maintenence that needs to be done to a wood buring chimney."
I got on the roof and found the chimney was nearly plugged.  That poses several problems including CO2 poisoning.

advice: Fall and Mother Nature's critters. - 09/21/13 10:07 AM
Fall is upon us up here in the Nort country!
That means that the critters are starting to get ready for the long winter nap.
Your house or cabin will be places they will look at if given the chance.
A few tips...
Make sure there is no food for them to eat.  ie;bird seed and such.
Keep areas like out building and boats as bright as possible. Discourages the critters who prefer the dark for their homes.
If you have the habit of leaving doors open...DON'T!
I use poison bait stations outside of buildings where pets can't get to … (5 comments)

advice: Did your contractor pull the required permits? - 08/03/13 12:25 AM
Most all cities or governing entities have some required building permits.
Some require permits only if an outsider does the work.
Some permits make a lot of sense and others are just a money maker if you ask this writer.
But, reguardless, do you know what needs a permit?  When talking with a contractor, do you ask if they are pulling the permits or if you have to.  (Many won't pull permits and some cities only allow the owner to pull the permit)
When doing any work on your home and better yet before even buying your home, check with the … (6 comments)

advice: Just put up a Neon sign above your door! - 01/03/13 06:27 AM
I am gone on Vacation!
Not really, but I hear about people doing this all the time.
A friend put it out on Face Book that he was leaving for a weeks vacation.  He put the dates and even where he was going.  upon returning from all the fun he found his home had been ransacked. 
Anything worth anything was taken.  the house sits off the road a ways and it appears by the tracks in the snow the burglars come back for more than none trip.
Going on vacation?  GREAT!!!  Tell me about it.  WHEN YOU GET BACK HOME!!!!

advice: It is vacation planning time. - 12/29/12 09:35 AM
From now until the end of the year, many destinations are offering discounts.
My wife and I set up two such vacations for the coming year and got discounts of close to 35% compared to 6 weeks ago.
Our Travel agent told us the prices will go up after the 1st of the year, so now is the time to book.  Our agent has done us well and gotten us some great deals. 
So, if you are thinking of that vacation, even towards mid summer, now is a great time to book a date.
It also makes you commit to … (6 comments)

advice: Are you courteous when using your cell phone in public? - 12/28/12 04:13 AM
When my phone rings and I am around people especially in an eating place, I speak softly or leave to another area.
 I hate when some loud mouth talks loud enough for me to hear easily.  I also hate when they have to keep the mundane conversation going for no real good reason but to hear themselves.
Here is a story that would make a few re-think their use...
After a long hard day, a commuter settled down into her seat and closed her eyes.
After the train pulled out of the station, the guy sitting next to her pulled out … (5 comments)

advice: Tech support gets really frustrated with my wife and I. - 12/16/12 12:40 PM
We call tech support a fair amount.  Not real great with computers, we need to call them often.

Most times the guys are real nice and understanding.  They should be they are getting paid to be!

But after a whuile they do wish they could hang up the phone.

We even had one ask my wife how long she had been using a computer.

After taling with these guys, I am always a bit more patient with some of the calls I get.   I know just how they feel when they call for information and help.


advice: Things go wrong at the most inconvenient times. - 12/11/12 08:57 AM
It seams things go wrong at the wrong times.  
Today is a good example.  This morning, my Mother-in -Laws furnace went out.  It was cold last night and the furnace worked a bit harder.
I talked with my auto mechanic and he said they were swamped...Cold weather and deferred Maintenance is the big culprit.
Air conditioners work great until you REALLY need them.
So. look at what the weather is and what you will be using and do the maintenance done before the problems come up.

advice: Did you Change YOUR batteries? - 11/11/12 08:10 AM
I got a call form my Mother-in-law at 3 am this morning.
"Bill, something is beeping and I can't find it.  I can't get back to sleep."
Luckily, she is only 1/2 mile away. I went over and found the culprit...A smoke detector.  "I thought you told me that you had someone change the batteries one Day light savings time."
Well, I didn't have enough to do them all!"

These things usually tell you when they are low battery when it is time to sleep.  Save yourself from this annoyance and maybe a life and change the batteries if you … (4 comments)

advice: It pays to watch your receipts on your Purchases. - 10/21/12 11:06 AM
I  get very regimented in checking my receipts for all purchases all year, but especially this time of the year.
I went into a local Big Box Store (My least favorite place to shop)  Found a good deal on some work boots.   Went to pay for them with some other stuff and it sounded high.
I had the teller check, and the boots didn't show up as on sale.  My wife was with me and had some of her own purchases and had a problem of the same kind.
Getting a deal is great if you actually get the deal.  … (4 comments)

advice: Yes I know that house down the street sold for Just $38,000 - 07/19/12 10:23 AM
My buyer was very near demanding why the house we were looking at was $99,900 when the house down the road was so much cheaper.
Apples and Oranges I told him.
"What do you mean?" he asked.
The house down the road was built in 1910.  Needed a complete remodel job.  Had a rock foundation and that is just the start of it.
The house we are looking at was built in 1973.  Block foundation, all the appliances, newer roof and siding.  Carpet is like new and the walls are not all banged up.
"How do you know what was wrong … (5 comments)

advice: Just do the job right! - 07/06/12 04:30 AM
Looking at a home with a clients, we found numerous items of concern.
The big concern is that the hack job fixing the issue took longer that if it had been done right.
Now, as I am preparing to write the offer, it will be a lot less than is the seller had done things right.
When all is said and done, my client is going to say something, but, I told him to bite his tounge until we are walking out the title companies door.

advice: It is HOT...Did you remember your Pets? - 07/05/12 05:53 AM
After several days of record heat...the one thing I have not heard on any News Station is the concern about our pets.
Here are just a few tips to help our pets out in this heat.
1)  Water!!  Lot's of water.
2) Shade.
3) An area where the breeze can reach them.
4) Inside a cool building if possible.
The easiest way is when you do something for yourself...Think if the pet needs the same.
Be Kind to you pals!

advice: Don't automatically trust that GPS. - 06/21/12 10:07 AM
Nope, I don't and won't.
I know people who travel the entire country using one.  They sear by it.  Well, I have seen way to many issue's not to be a bit cautious.
Rural properties are one of them.  Many of the agents I talke to cll and say the the GPS put them way out in no man's land.  "How do I get to the place?" They will call and ask.
"Umm, maybe follow the directions I gave?"  (Just a thought)
I have a rental in the own of North Branch.  When I had some work done 3 of the … (6 comments)

advice: Photo's from the sky. - 06/15/12 06:12 AM
Every year and this year is no exception, but I get a call or two about having an Ariel photo taken of my home.
This is a common thing in the rural areas of our Nation.
The price has bee anywhere from $125-over $200.  I even had these people show up trying to sell my the photo all framed.  When I say I am not interested, the price drops by over half.
The thing is, I can get a better photo right off Google Earth...and for a lot less money.
There are several places where you can order  overhead shots of … (11 comments)

advice: Do your clients have Plans made for moving? - 06/11/12 09:17 AM
I have seen this several times...A day or 3 before closing or worse yet, the day of, the seller are wondering how to get everything moved.
This is an area that I hit early on, and sometimes even at the time of listing.
I have moved many times in  my life, including entire farms when  I was a kid so I know how much work it is.
ASK:How are you movingWho is helping you moveWhen are you going to start packingAre you hiring a moving company and how much notice do they wantAre you planning on putting some stuff in storage.Are … (40 comments)

advice: Do you Broadcast your Location? - 06/08/12 05:25 AM
No, not talking business.
I have a cousin who is on Twitter all the time.  Part of her name is in Twitter.  She broadcasts her whereabouts all the time.
Store, Church, pool get the idea.
Well, she was broadcasting her trip to the west coast.  She was keeping everyone in the world up to date. know where I am going with this.
ROBBED!!!  Her house was hit and she was really cleaned out.  Her home sets on a private small acreage parcel and no one can see it from the road.  Let's just say that if she were actually … (10 comments)

advice: Think of the pets during your yard work. - 03/30/12 02:03 AM
This Post is for Pet owners and families of young kids.
Right now is one of the prime times in Minnesota, at least in my area, to fertilize the lawn and spray for weeds and bugs.
Please keep in mind your pets and the kids.  Read your directions as to when best to apply and how long before the area is safe for the kids and pets to return to that area.
Pets are especially vulnerable to the sprays as they get it on their paws and fur and them lick themselves and ingest the poison.
A bit of precaution can … (6 comments)

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