america: Only in America! (Humor) - 10/03/10 03:21 AM
It is a beautiful day out.  The sun is shinning and I am in a great mood this morning...So Far!   Let's start the day with a smile!
Can a Pizza get to your home faster than an Ambulance.  (Jimmy Johns in Minnesota)
Are there Handicapped spaces in front of a skating rink.
Do drug stores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front counter.
Do people order a double cheeseburger and a Diet Coke!

Do banks leave both doors … (15 comments)

america: Buying American is to expensive! Is it really? - 07/27/10 02:10 PM
I hear this a lot from people.   Then in the next breath they say there are no jobs.  They send them all overseas!
I not going to get into the obvious banter of...buying American promotes jobs and taxes paid and a number of other things.  I am looking just at the products themselves.
First!  this is the hardest one for me.  Good quality tools cost a lot of money!  BUT, many are Made in the USA!   You can spend a dollar on a cheap imported 10" crescent wrench or pay $7 for a good well made USA made wrench.
For … (25 comments)

america: Just imagine... - 03/23/10 08:42 AM
This is just a passing thought...
Congress and the President have worked for nearly a year on this health care bill.  Congress and other presidents also worked on this for over 10 years before.  10's of thousands of hours have been used on this issue.
NOW...Just imagine...
What if congress and the Presidents had worked this hard to reduce the deficit. 
What if congress and the Presidents had worked this hare on educating our youth.
What if congress and the President had worked this hard on getting clean energy at a reasonable price and reduced our dependence on foreign oil.

america: Why do most new laws just apply the the average 'Joe'? - 01/12/10 02:49 PM
Now when I say Average Joe, I mean the American people.  Many laws come down, but our elected officials don't have to participate or sometimes abide by them.  if you are a foreign dignitary, many and most traffic laws don't apply. "Diplomatic Immunity" (BULL).  Here is a new. congress doesn't participate in Social security.  WHY?!  
Here is an Ammendment that should be invoked...

Congress shall make no laws that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to Senators/and or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators/and or … (13 comments)

america: Sometimes old thinking fits the today's life also. - 10/01/09 02:08 PM
Listen to the news and you will hear all kinds of ways to fix this great country.  Many will work, many will not. But there is one quote that really says it all it we really think about it.  It not only fits society in general...but even our own individual families in some ways.
You can not help the poor by destroying the rich.  You can not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  You can not bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.  You can not lift the wage earner up by pulling the wager payer down.  You can not further the … (16 comments)

america: I'MMM BAAACK! - 08/25/09 07:40 AM

Yea... I am back.  After 14 days of breathtaking scenes like this....I am sill in awe of the the wilds of Alaska!

My agents did a fantastic job of holding down the fort.  I was able to keep in touch part of the time and when I was unavailable they handled everything very professionally and I thank them for that.  (It is the same reason I brought them into my company)
I have been on the phone and computor for 6 hrs and have touched base in one way or another, with every client and professional that I felt … (11 comments)

america: U. S. Post office to close Apx 3200 locations! - 07/05/09 02:34 PM
All I can's about time!!!  I was in a small post office that has a town population of under 100.  Another close to my home has 78 people in town.  Now, I know there are more people than that, BUT...let's get real...Aside from the jobs that may be lost, something needs to be done.   Also with more and more people paying bills on-line and E-mail or txt-ing...cut out Sat. delivery.  I have said that for 20 years.
The also need to recall the new stamps they just issued...The have a pitures of lawyers on them and people can't figure out shich … (8 comments)

america: Memorial Weekend also marks the start of Bass fishing for Minnesota! - 05/26/09 09:49 AM
Not to take away from our hero's which I consider not just the ones who gave it their all but those that also returned home and tried to lead a 'natural' life.
I did a  lot of fishing over the weekend and did very well. (I will Post pics in the near future.)  I went to grave side services put on by the local legion members, when I came in off the lake.  I did this at a little church near the cabin.
It doesn't matter where you pay tribute, but it does matter taht we REMEMBER!
If you need some … (9 comments)

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