christmas: Is it over yet? - 12/23/13 10:22 AM
I do enjoy the Christmas season.
The best part is seeing the family that you only get to see once in awhile.
Seeing old friends around while shopping.
But, the planning gets to be overwhelming at times.
This year we are about 2 weeks behind schedule.
So, much of our decor is staying in boxes.
But there is a bright side to that...Less to put away for next year.


christmas: How do you know you really did a great job? - 12/16/13 07:50 AM
Referrals is one way, but I am not just talking Real Estate.
Last year I did a Solo at church.
No background music, but my bare voice.
I had NEVER done a solo before let alone without music accompaniment.
After our service, most everyone told me what a great job I did.  Most said they would not have the guts to do it.
I took most of it with a grain of salt.
Well, this week I got an E-Mail from our Pastor wondering if I was doing a solo this year.  I also had 2 members ask me the same … (10 comments)

christmas: Santa doesn't forget the naughty! - 12/13/13 02:03 AM
I was doing some shopping and a small boy was being a bit unruly.
It was lateand he was tired.  The parent told him that if he didn't behave that Santa would pass him by.
This did very little.  I felt sorry for the child.  I am not putting down the parent, they may work all dayand this may have been the only time they had to shop.
But, Santa doesn't forget the naughty...


christmas: Am I the only one? - 11/21/13 12:02 PM
Am I the nly one that is already tired of the same old commercials on TV about...
The same old commercials.
It starts early and just doens't seam to stop.  It would be great if the ads would only start after Thanksgiving and went until Christmas Eve.
But I understand the marketing and the reason.  I guess it is just the way I feel.
For some, a longer Christmas season is what many people like.

christmas: Cold weather states are decorating for Christmas. - 11/13/13 08:01 AM
Up here in the Nort land, we are starting to get our Christmas Decor out.
My wife was pounding in stakes.  Ground is not froze yetand it is much easier and faster to get it done now.
Some of the hanging garland will go up next week on the first warm day.
I know people think we may be pushing the season, but it is more out of self defense.

This is from a couple of years ago, They looked out of place and will look like that this year also for a couple of weeks.

christmas: You have to be there for the kids! - 12/16/12 12:18 PM
It was a Christmas play at church. 
Our Grand Daughter asked if we were coming to watch.
I told her that we wouldn't miss it for the world.
The kids put on a great skit and the entire Sunday School class sang songs.

We drove 4 hours one way today just to be there for her.  The smile when she seen us was worth every bump in the road we hit.
These are the impressionable years and now is the time to make a good one.
Oh...Yea, we drove the 4 hours home today also!

christmas: Mother Nature is Trying! - 12/23/11 05:12 AM
Most of Minnesota is Brown.  Yes, where the Nation expects a white Christmas...It is brown all around.
But, over the last few days including today, Mom Nature has been trying.
A white Christmas is defined by having "1" inch of snow on the ground.
Today it looked like this...

While it did snow hard for a short time, less than a 1/2 inch fell.  Technically not a white Christmas...But not totally brown either!

christmas: We are ready for the onslaught of people. - 12/21/11 10:10 AM
My wife put in  a lot of hard work.
I am the grunt and she is the Mastermind.
The decorations took a long time this year as we were unindated with all kinds of issues outside of our own home.
But, with just a few presents to wrap, we are sitting good.   In a few days, we we have this room full of Love and Laughter along with 20+ bodies waiting for the fat guy to arrive.
Then when it is over we shall colapse inexhaustion with smiles on our faces!


christmas: I'm Dreaming of a..."BROWN" Christmas! - 12/18/11 06:09 AM
You heard it right folks.  Minnesota, at least in my part will have a BROWN Christmas.

There are a lot of happy people but just as many sad ones also.  No Snow does give the feeling of a shorter winter.
But it is also problems for others.  Lost revenue, frozen water lines are just 2 of the things we will endure.

Snowmen Decorations just don't look right on a "BROWN" ground.  But we will make the best of it as the Weathermen do not look for any snow for at least 10 days.  We will see.

christmas: If you have not seen a kids Christmas are missing a lot. - 12/17/11 09:28 AM
I love the Christmas programs the kids put on.  Now days (and a sad reality) God is not allowed in our schools so we don't get to see many Christmas programs that our kids could be in.
Instead we go to several of the church programs.  The kids try so hard and do a great job for the most part.
It is a learning process for them, but the entire idea is to bring us back to what "Christmas" is all about.
Take one evening, a couple of hours and go to a play.  You just may be glad you did!

christmas: It isn't Chritsmas yet, but look who thinks it is.... - 12/11/11 01:29 AM
I like our decorations and all the hoop-lah, but one of my favorite things is our Christmas Cactus.

This thing thinks it is Christmas already.  It started blooming just before Thanksgiving and is now starting to gear up for it's big show.  In about 3 weeks the flowering will peak on this one. 
I love how this brings a bit of spring in the cold of winter.
We also have one that is totally mixed up and blooms in September.
Have a great day!

christmas: I love Christmas Lights! - 11/26/11 01:44 AM
Yes I do!  The brightly colored and white lights that twinkle around every corner.
But the one thing they also remind me of is...
They all hang together.
Half the suckers don't work, and
The ones that do are not that bright!
I know, I know...I take the fun out of everything!


christmas: One of the highlights of the Christmas Season. - 12/19/10 06:10 AM
KIDS!  Yes, it it the kids that make the season.  The smiles and laughter on Christmas eve running all through the next day and more.
But my favorite are the Christmas programs.  The Sunday school put on their rendition of the Christmas story filled with song. 

I love how some of the kid's voices range about the others, in tune or not.  They are proud to bring the story to us and we are proud to hear it yet again!

christmas: My Greatest Emotional Christmas gift ever! - 01/10/10 01:21 PM
This weekend, we celebrated our last Christmas group of the year.   My Stepson and his family were here over the weekend.  We all exchanged gifts and when I opened my gift from him...I was near Speechless.  I was given my first personal Bible.
We have plenty of Bibles in our home, but not one I would call 'my own'.  I was looking at buying one after Christmas as I had told my wife.  But, I was surprised instead. 

There are some deep personal reasons for my emotion that I won't bore anyone with.  But, having my Step-son playing a major … (5 comments)

christmas: Minnesota has done gone soft..... - 12/23/09 05:51 AM
Yup, it is hardy souls no longer can tough it out.  Let's qualify that....
I am a bit embarrassed about it.  We uses to be known as the toughest people around because of our cold winters and a lot of snow.  HA!!! Not any more.  You should hear the complaining.  The media is burning up the air waves talking about a storm coming in with the likes we haven't seen since the Halloween Blizzard of '91.  ( A, yes...back in the good ol' 1900's ;-}  )

Now I do agree that the timing is a bit off.  I do … (9 comments)

christmas: Another Christmas program with even more meaning.... - 12/20/09 10:48 AM
My Granddaughter had her Sunday School Christmas program today.  This small group of kids did a remarkable job.  This was also a highlight for her as she received her first Bible during this time also.
  Today was very memorable as she was waiting with high anticipation for her Bible.  One that she could call her own.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to make one's heart fill with joy!

christmas: School Christmas programs...what a delight!!! - 12/19/09 11:29 AM
Last night we attended a School Christmas program where my grand daughter goes to school.  These are always fun, but even more so when you go for several years in a row and see all the kids change.

There are times when these programs are set at a time that is not real convenient and you may think that they are not all that important.
But, Look at the faces of the kids and tell them that this is not important.  I just DARE you!

christmas: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...... - 12/18/09 02:22 PM
I received an E-Mail today from an AR friend.   Basically stating..."Bill, you haven't posted any good Christmas Funnies yet."   HMMM I thought I had, but I have been a bit busy.  So in response to a 'FAN'  HA goes...
A young man walks into a Pet Shop looking to buy a Parrot.  The shop owner only had one left.  "His name is Chester and he is a very special bird."
"Well, for $2000 he had better be." replied the young man.
The shop owner said. " Here I will show you."  He lit a match and put it under Chester's left … (13 comments)

christmas: Redneck Gingerbread House. - 12/11/09 11:58 AM
Yup...WE is picking on dose poor soudern boys agin.  
Truth be told...they only copied us Good Ol' Boys from up here in the Nort land.  Must be why we get along so well! 
A tradition in many homes and groups is to every year see who can build the best Ginger breadhouse.  Well, I have seen some pretty nice ones and some that should have been eaten before they were put together.
This is one that I have not seen...

Merry Christmas and First prize to my Southern cousins!!!

christmas: Christmas decorating is on it's way. - 12/07/09 09:09 AM
I have had several people ask me if we were decorating this year.  Many remember the scaled down version of last year.
  Well here is just a portion of the boxes we display.  Now...I should qualify that.  My wife is the brains of the decorating and I am the braun.  It looks better than this today.  I will post some of her 400+ snowmen she shows off.
Anyone else do anything close to this magnitude, or are we th eonly really crazy ones.  over 50 totes for the inside alone!

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