family: Happy birthday to My Dad - 06/10/14 08:31 AM
Dad turned 83 today.
He has been Physically handicapped for almost 7 years, caused by a brain aneurysm.
It also  touched his short term memory but otherwise sharp as a tack.

Dad's only sister who is 91 surprised him today with a visit.
The two of them were very close over the years.
Happy Birthday Dad!
Dad is and always has been my best friend even when I didn't know it!

family: Finally we are done! - 01/04/14 10:54 AM
My boys were over tonight for our Christmas.  Sounds late, but for us this is actually early this year.
WE had a very nice time and now early tomorrow...THE TREE COMES DOWN!!!
A strange year in our household this past year and we are looking forward to some normalcy.
Hope we find it.


family: There is nothing better than to see a smile on a child. - 12/26/13 02:41 AM
Christmas.  One of the easiest ways to put a smile on the face of a child.
But after the gifts are open is when the real happiness can occur.
Tearing at the paper is a fleeting moment, but spending time with a child is tops.
My Niece, who is 5, got a really near nail polish kit for Christmas.
"Can I paint your nails?'  She asked me.  I thought for a moment..."Sure, why not."
So, I sat on the floor and this 5 year old started to paint my nails. 
She did a really nice joband I feel I am … (5 comments)

family: It's Christmas! Please be safe. - 12/25/13 01:33 AM
Sadly during most Holiday's we are in a rush.
Nerves are on the short endand tempers will flare.
Sometimes, common sense leaves us.
Please be careful.
A friends was in an accident with his family.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.  But, they ended up being a lot later than if they had taken a deep breath and stayed safe.
It's a happy day...Please keep it that way.

family: ...and the Grandkids want to help decorate the tree. - 12/12/13 09:14 AM
Well, it is time to break out the NON-Breakable tree ornaments.
The grandkids want to help decorate the tree this year.
Hey, who cares what it will look like, but smiles we will get will be pretty enough for me.
This is the season for fun and laughter, what better way than to have the little ones around,.


family: Finally, Peace and Quiet - 11/29/13 11:05 AM
The house has been filled with love and laughter for the last 48 hours.
I have enjoyed the grandkids enormously, but I need a break.
Don't get me wrong, the kids are very well behaved, I am just old and not used to the noise.
It is quiet here in my officeand I am re-charging my batteries. 
Now it is back to the hustle and bustle of the evening.
I had a great photo, but I am not able to upload.

family: Thanksgiving....Country Style. - 11/26/13 08:41 AM
I remember back in my childhood, Yes I remember that far...OK OK I looked at my notes!
Mom would make the greatest Thanksgiving feast you can imagine.
Turkey was seldom on the menu.
Starting with a larger roaster, It would be a Wild Goose and a Wild Duck.
Followed by a couple of Pheasants, several Partridge (No pear Tree) and then a bunch of squab.  (Pigeon for you city folk).
In a separate pot would be a large venison roast.
Mom no longer has the time for this great meal.  Oh how I long for this just once more.


family: I wonder what the story behind this is? - 11/15/13 08:05 AM
I find very odd thing out in the woods while walking.
Today it was this.

I am walking the land of my in-laws.  My Father-in-law must have left it out here at some point.
He is gone nowand I know he had not been out to the woods for 7-8 years.
I walked past this spot just 15 feet away more time than I can count and never saw it until today.
But what would the reason for a flat shovel our in a woods full of trees and roots.
I guess I will never know!

family: Imagine Dragon's...A nightmare? - 10/01/13 11:01 AM
My Grand daughter announced she wanted to hear Imagine Dragon's.
Right away, fear started to set in.
"Why?" I asked   "All my friends also want to see them."  She replied.
Now I am really worried. What these kids up to.  what kind of a high are they getting at this tween age.
The last time I saw Dragons was back in the 70's when I got into some bad home made moonshine.  But even then I didn't hear them!
"I don't think you need to 'hear' Dragons."  I told her.
But Grandpa, even mom wants top hear them.
Now I am … (7 comments)

family: Rejoice...Rejoice...Rejoice! - 08/07/13 11:08 AM
I had a conversation with an elderly friend.  Not old just older than I.
He told me he just found out that he has stage 4 cancer.  2-3 months tops.
We had a long talk and laughed a bit.
"Bill, I have some advice for you and I hope you take it to heart."
Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.
After I bid him a see you soon...I thought about what he said.  I know I try, but I will now try even harder.

family: A night of Fishing? - 08/05/13 12:59 PM
Decided to take an evening and go fising with my parents and sister.
I showed up at the time and we headed for the lake.
We dropped the boat in the water and pushed off.
Well, It took only a few seconds for my sister to tell me that the motor was not working."Didn't you check it at home before we left.
Ummm, no!
WE were already afloat so some paddling to get back to the dock and determine that, we were heading home.
We had a great laugh and being with family made it all worth while.


family: Fishing and laughing go together. - 07/15/13 07:52 AM
I too a rare afternoon for myself and took my son fishing.
We have been trying to do this for a couple of years, but our schedules always clash.
We had a good time.  Caught some good eating size fish and a bunch of throw backs.
Most importantly...we laughed.


family: The suit cases are packed... - 12/26/12 07:03 AM
It has been a great time with the Grand Kids around for Christmas.  But, Now they are packed loaded and on their way home and it is a lot more quiet.
I am enjoying the first 30 minutes of this Peace.  It isn't that we were tired of them, but all good things must end and Grandpa and Grandma need a nap!
But, we have a trip already planned to go see them in a 3 or 4 weeks.  By that time, I will be ready to run and play again...even if it is just for a short time.


family: You have to be there for the kids! - 12/16/12 12:18 PM
It was a Christmas play at church. 
Our Grand Daughter asked if we were coming to watch.
I told her that we wouldn't miss it for the world.
The kids put on a great skit and the entire Sunday School class sang songs.

We drove 4 hours one way today just to be there for her.  The smile when she seen us was worth every bump in the road we hit.
These are the impressionable years and now is the time to make a good one.
Oh...Yea, we drove the 4 hours home today also!

family: Do you want to feel rich? - 10/07/12 11:30 AM
Being Rich is a debate that will have many answers.  But, what is wealth?
Is it Monetary?  Is it possession's?  Maybe Both.
This is probably the best description I have heard and it puts me in the  1% group!

If you want to feel rich, Just count all the things you have that MONEY CAN NOT buy!

I can't think of a better way and I feel as rich as anyone! most valued gift I have!

family: 60 years ago today... - 07/29/12 09:06 AM
I was not even a glint in my Dad's eye, but My future Mother was.
Yes, 60 years ago to day, Mom and Dad tied the knot. 
For 60 years they fought, yelled, cried, disagreed, laughed, and LOVED.  They loved us all.  It was not always easy, but they battled through it.
For the last almost 6 years, Mom has been at Dad's side as his primary care giver, (along with my sister)
Dad's mind is still good, but the body has some issue's after a stroke.
Dad should probably be in a nursing home, but Mom won't have it … (8 comments)

family: Looking deep down inside. - 07/27/12 12:22 PM
As business picks up, we seam (or at least I am ) fighting for time enough to do all the work I have and still give time to the family that they have become accustom to.
I am lucky that my kids are grown, so that is not an issue, but I think about the younger ones here that have young children.  Being away all day and into the night is a hard one for the kids to understand.
There are the bills to pay, so I understand long hours more than you think.
But, do yourself a favor and your … (7 comments)

family: Sellers need to keep their emotions out! - 05/31/12 11:12 AM
At least that is what I hear a lot. 
"Sellers must let go and get on with their lives."
That is very hard for some people to do.  My wife for one would not be able to separate her emotions from the sale.  But, is that really bad?
Is it really harmful?
If we think about what is a is Love and all the emotions of raising a family or growing old with the one you love.
So, I ask...which is easier to sell? 
A house? or a Home?

I will take a home for a listing … (11 comments)

family: Catching up with long lost relatives. - 04/29/12 02:08 PM
My wife and I had a chance to catch up with some of her cousins not seen in years.
Why is it so many times we only get together at funerals when we get older.   We had a family reunion today and saw people she had not seen in 30 years.
With a bit of prodding, I got several of them to sit down and set a date for one in jsut over a year.
Such very good times were had...why do it only once every eon!

family: Going to Vegas...Humor! - 04/13/12 06:05 AM
Talking with other married couples I find that most everyone has much of the same stuff to talk or complain about.
The Kids, the bills the pets...Never financial status....SEX...Yeah, the American preoccupation.  At least for some of us!

The husband walks into the bedroom to find his wife packing...
"Where are you going?" he asks.
"I am going to Vegas!  I just found out I can get $400 for what I give you for nothing!" she said.
The husband grabs a suitcase and starts to pack.
"What do you think you are doing?"   The wife asks.
"I am going … (9 comments)

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