flowers: Another sign of fall... - 09/15/13 09:31 AM
It is another sign of fall, my tiger Lillie's are on their last legs.
This photo is from when they first opened.  It is to depressing to show today's photo as it is one of a DEAD plant.

But, right now it the time to prepare the flowers for spring.
Making sure the ground is moist and the proper fertilizer is applied.
Doing so will bring great results next year.

flowers: An Orchid is a flower...But not all are created equal. - 08/16/13 08:45 AM
Love the song.
But this is about the flower itself.
Actually, 2 flowers.
I was at out local Home Depot buying paint.  When checking out I saw this display with Orchids.

This picture is very close to the actual size.  It is a bit smaller.
I have seen many Orchids in my day, but never anything so big.
This little guy was also in the same pot.  Had not seen two different ones in the same pot before.
But, I bought one and my wife loved it.  Maybe I can go fishing this weekend!

flowers: Just to make you smile! - 08/04/13 07:19 AM
Sometimes it does not take much make us smile and enjoy the moment.

So for today, I am hoping this brings a smile and a bit of sunshine into your homes.  It is a great day in my world I hope that I have passed on a bit of my day to you.

flowers: A lily in lace? - 07/13/13 12:17 AM
A Lily in Lace or is it feathered?
I had not seen a lily with the ruffled edges like this one.
The light was low and I could not get my wife to buy this one.  (To expensive.)
In real it was much prettier.   I guess I may just have to stop and buy this one myself!


flowers: I love our flowers this time of the year. - 07/12/13 10:06 AM
Our hard work pays off at this time of the year.
Some of my favorite ones bloom now.

We have many different lilies that bloom now.  Many are still just budding.

I love the dark colored ones the most.

Most butterfly's will show up best on this yellow one.

Ok, so it isn't a flower, but it still holds some of Natures beauty.

flowers: My Bleeding Heart. - 06/01/13 09:19 PM
Now that spring has finally arrived, I am taking it all in for winter could be here soon.
I have not had much time to play with my camera, but here are a couple of photo's of a bleeding heart in my yard.

It had just rained and small drops were still on the blossoms.

flowers: ...and after the rain! - 05/23/13 12:27 AM
5-6 days of rain and I am ready for the sun.
So are the various gardens I have.  the Veggie garden sprung to life this morning in the sun.
The flowers are also happy.

These pretty purple blossoms are from a bush near the house.  In a week they will be gone.

This is a Tulip, although just looking at it is resembles a rose.

I like how the sun was showing through the petal.  The photo is a bit dark, but I love that contrast.
Have a great one everyone!

flowers: So short lived. - 05/22/13 10:53 AM
Our flowering Crab trees are blooming. 
Oh so pretty, but just for a few days.   I seems like every time they bloom we get rain.  This year, they are just starting to bloom as the rain is stopping.
Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them this year for more than just a couple days.


flowers: Something colorful for a cloudy day. - 03/23/13 09:23 AM
WE had clouds this morning and then a bit of sun.  Now as evening approaches, the cloud cover is very heavy and a dullness envelopes us.
Looking through my vacation pics, I found one that brightens the room.
I rremember this flower was all by itself, sorta a lone and out of place.


flowers: Pure as the wind blown breeze. - 03/16/13 11:53 AM
These white Orchids do not have a spot on them. 
They are nearly perfect just like a small child in our eyes.
It took 3 days for the light to be right for this photo (at lest in my eyes).
Just a bit more of what Nature has for us to enjoy.


flowers: Real Flowers of the Christmas Season and beyond. - 01/06/13 07:33 AM
WE all get used to the flowers most of the year that bloom form spring right into fall.
At least us in the Nort country do.  We relish the blossoms for as long as the frost stays away.
Then the snow comes and we see only the cut flowers for the most part.
BUT, then there is the Amaryllis.  A beautiful flower that is a very large blossom that lasts about a week or so.  We happen to have two in our home they were a breath of fresh air for the holiday season.

Now it is time to … (5 comments)

flowers: And another country heard from... - 06/20/12 04:18 AM
As we roll into summer, new flowers bloom.

We have hundreds of these all along the ditch in our yard.   They are wild and with all the moisture this year are looking good as even

Not sure what these are, but the hummingbirds really like them.   Something my wife planted this spring.
Even with the beauty the flowers give, I would still like to trade some warm drier days for my wet ones for the areas that need the moisture to fight some of the fires.

flowers: My Wife and I love our Volunteers. - 05/02/12 11:56 AM
Now, first off, I want to say this is not about the HUMAN volunteers.  There are many other kinds, but these are the ones that we see most every year.
They show up where ever and when ever they want, bu they are always welcome.

This guy was one of the first showing up in mid march.

We have these wild violets all over the place.

These guys popped up where we had piled some of the leaves from last fall.

Not sure what this one is but we see it along the edges of our … (8 comments)

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