funny story: I don't know about your world, but in mine Ice Floats! - 03/16/12 06:18 AM
I was at my local watering hole today.  I needed to get my bet in on when the ice out would be.  We can bet on a day and a 4 hour period.
A few of us were talking and finally a lady overhearing us asked what we were talking about the lake ice melting.
"Ice on the lakes doesn't melt."  She said. (In total seriousness)
"Really?" said one of the patrons..."Then what happens to it?"
She said with a straight face.."It sinks to the bottom of the lake." 
This brought on a whoop of laughter.  "You are kidding..." Said … (5 comments)

funny story: Many of us are spelling challanged. - 09/09/11 03:27 PM
I believe that many of us here in hte Rain are spelling challenged.  I am also big fingered challenged.  I can hit 3-4 keys with one finger.  So, I am doubly handi capped.  So is my good friend...
"911 Operator...What is your emergency?"
"It's Lena" said Ole, "She has died."  "Could you send someone for her."
"I sure will, where do you live?" asked the 911 operator.
"1234 Eucalyptus street." said Ole.
"Can you spell that?" asked the 911 operator.
"U-k-a-l, I tell you what, I will drag her over to oak street and you can pick her up der!
I … (9 comments)

funny story: A great dog is still a real find. Humor - 08/21/11 01:51 PM
It is time for a bit of humor.  It has again been a long week and weekend, but things are looking up...tomorrow is Monday!
A man tells the clerk..."Well, it is for my mother -in-law." as tells his Doberman DOWN! and tightens the leash.
"I have to watch him close, he actually killed my Mother-in-law."
"I am sorry to hear that," says the clerk.  "But, is there any way I could borrow you dog for a day?" the clerk asks.
"The man motions over his shoulder and says..."Get in line!"
I know that it's terrible, but we must laugh at ourselves … (6 comments)

funny story: Need a laugh...check it out! - 06/08/11 12:06 PM
If I can't laugh, then you better put me in the ground. 
2 Minnesotan's were fishing in their Ice shanty...
"Fred", Joe said quietly not to scare the fish..."I am thinking of getting a divorce. Sharon hasn't talked to me in over 2 months now."
Fred thinking thoughtfully replied..."Joe, you better think twice about that, women like that are hard to find!"
Some thruths are hard to ignore.  Have a great night!

funny story: Tis the time for a YARD SALE! - 05/01/11 12:38 PM
It seams that every block you go down on now has a Yard or a Garage Sale.  It is another sign of spring.  Well, the other day...
I was walking down the street and I came to this very nice home in a upscale neighborhood.   I looked around and there was a couple on the front lawn making out.
Back behind the tree, was another couple making love.  Along side the hedge was another couple engaged.
So I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell.  A very nice looking lady came to the door.  "Can I help you."

funny story: A Catholic Heart Attack. (Humor) - 04/23/11 09:58 AM
I grew up Catholic so I find many of these stories very humorous.
A man had a very serious Heart Attack and had by-pass surgery.  When he woke from the surgery, he found himself in a Catholic hospital and in the care of nuns.
As he became more coherent, one of the nuns asked the man how he was going to pay for his care.
"Do you have health ins.?" asked the nun
"Do you have cash in the bank?"
"Do you have a relative that could help you out?" pressed the nun.
"No, all I have is a … (9 comments)

funny story: I should not have been Drinking - 04/22/11 02:36 PM
Many of us have done it...but this is my last time.
I was heading home after a guys night out and I was half drunk at the time.   I was driving a bit fast as it was late and soon I could see flashing lights behind me.
The cop came up to my window and said..."Where are you going in such a hurry?"
I replied..."I am going to a lecture about Alcohol Abuse and the ill effects on the human body."
Politely the officer asked me..."Who would be giving a lecture like that at 3AM in the morning?"
I looked at … (11 comments)

funny story: It was a Dark Cold Rainy night.... - 04/20/11 09:54 AM
This Story happened in a little town in Minnesota...
It was a very dark and rainy night.  The wind was blowing and it was frigid out.  An out of state traveler was hitchhiking, but for several hours not one car went by as he waited in the pounding thunderstorm.
As time passed car moving slowly appeared in the dark. Approaching slowly and quietly it seamed like a ghost car.  Not a light was visible.   Unsure of what the story was with this car and wanting a ride so badly to get out of the weather, he jumped in.  It was only … (13 comments)

funny story: It's Saturday night and it's been a great day. - 02/12/11 11:19 AM
A great and profitable day was today.  So let's end it with a bit of humor...
A lady walks into to psychiatrists office and lies down on the sofa.
"What seams to be the problem" the Doc asks.
" Well, I think I' m a nymphomaniac, " she replied.
"Well, I think I can help you, but I must tell you that my fee is $80 an hour."
"That's reasonable", says the lady..."How much for all night?"
Have a great night all!

funny story: The Doctor's in! - 02/11/11 08:16 AM
After just having been to the Dr. for a check up this hit me funny...Like a lot of things do.
A Dr. in Duluth Minnesota decided to take a day off.  But he didn't want to close the clinic...So, he said to his apprentice...
"Ole, I am going to be gone tomorrow.  I want you to keep the clinic open.  This is your BIG chance!"
At the end of the day, the Dr. showed up at the clinic at closing to see how things went.
"Well, I had 3 people come in," Ole said.  The had a Headache, so I gave … (7 comments)

funny story: Is it my turn to pick on the Blonde's? - 02/04/11 12:53 PM
Now you have to remember, if you follow any of my humor blogs, I am also very Blonde.  I some how feel Blessed.  ( Or was that Cursed?).  Anyway, this one tickled me.  It must be the extra libation I had!
The tragedy unfolded early in the morning. 2 Blonde ladies were found froze to death at a Drive in Movie.
The had gone to see...
It has been a harsh winter for some.  ;-}


funny story: The iPod Series has come so far! - 01/29/11 02:01 AM
I am not a big Techy, although I think I am crawling into the 2000's now.  I at least know what the iPod is and does.  A friend of mine has helped me understand the iPod Series...
It all began with the iPhone...
This past March, for my son we got him an iPhone.  He loved it.  Who wouldn't!
I celebrated my Birthday in July and my wife bought me an iPad.

In August, for my Daughters Birthday I gave her an iPod touch.

In October, my wife's Birthday rolled along and I bought her an iRon.

funny story: It has been a hard day for some of my AR Friends...So a smile for you! - 01/10/11 11:51 AM
I know some of my friends are down with the weather being so bad, especially in the south.  So, here is a bit of Nortern simple humor to brighten your night.
Da End Iss Near!
Ole is the Pastor at the Norwegian Lutheran Church, and Sven is teh Pastor at the Swedish covenent Church across the road.  One day they are seen pounding a sign into the road...
A car speeds by and the driver leans out the window and yells...Leave me alone you scandahoovien nuts!
From the … (13 comments)

funny story: Snow Emergency...Please move your car to the... - 12/05/10 07:44 AM
For those of you who do not understand the term Snow Emergency, it is used by cities when snow removal is needed in order to keep the narrow streets passable.   The news stations will give the warning as to which streets and where to park. 
After a snowfall, Fred was listening to the news.  "The snow removal will be from 8pm to 4am. Please park your car on the even side of the street."
Fred gets up and puts his coat on and moves his car to the even side of the street. 
Later that week after another snowfall, Fred … (9 comments)

funny story: It isn't hard to get a good nights sleep....(Humor) - 10/24/10 02:13 PM
Deer camp is place that a bunch of smelly men gather to laugh, lie and tell jokes.  Once in a while a bit of hunting gets in the way also.  Now, have you ever listened to a room full of guys sleeping.  Yea...The snoring will be dangerous to the naked ear.  But, I solved it one year...
No one wanted to bunk with BOB.  His snoring was so bad it kept anyone who slept in the same room with him awake all day.  Everyone agreed it was not fair to make just one person go without sleep the entire hunt, so … (16 comments)

funny story: It's my second favorite Season..Hunting! Time for a bit of humor! - 10/06/10 02:05 PM
Hunting seasons are starting up all over the country and it doesn't matter if you agree with it or not...some funny stories do come out of it. Like this one.
Fred was a dedicated hunter.  Seldom did he join in with others.  He did his own thing and didn't have to worry about anyone else that was with him.
One night during a elixir filled evening, Fred agreed to take his New Brother-in-law Deer hunting with him on Opening Day!   Bill never forgot and reminded Fred often.    So, being the true sportsman he was, Fred started to teach Bill everything he knew … (16 comments)

funny story: Today's play on words - 08/17/10 02:44 AM
This one brought a smile to my face.  With the recent news about some test tube babies not knowing both sides of there true families.   Enjoy!
An Egyptian lady had to give up her twins for adoption. She gave them names, Amal and Juan, and handed them over to the adoptive parents.
20 years later, now married she receives a letter and a picture from Juan.   She was so happy to see what he looked like now grown and that he was doing fine.
She sighed and said to her husband..."I wish I would get a picture from my other son so that … (16 comments)

funny story: My Strangest catch yet! - 08/15/10 05:46 AM
It was a beautiful morning Sat. as I floated onto the lake at 5am. NO ONE else around.  There was barely a hint of a breeze.  I was surprised as the weather man said 'Heavy fog in the morning'. 
  Well, he was wrong, 'Again'.
Then all of a sudden in minutes...
 The fog rolled in as thick as a horror movie.  It nearly blocked out the rising sun in seconds.  The morning took on a completely new quietness with the new impending darkness.
  Then, as quickly as it rolled in, it was clearing.  The world was waking up.  … (11 comments)

funny story: There is a difference! - 08/11/10 04:46 PM
I worked in corrections for many years so I do understand the difference.   Please let me know if I am wrong!
A man in a new sports car was stopped by the police for running a stop sign.
"But office, I slowed down.  There was no one coming!  What's the difference if I stopped or not?
The officer took out his billy club and started to hit the driver on the head..."now tell you want me to slow down or stop!?"
Now there is logic I can understand.

funny story: It's friday and time to shut down for the day, but one last laugh first! - 08/06/10 09:58 AM
The owner of a Drud Store arrived at his store and seen a man leaning heavily against the wall.
"What's up with him? asked the owner.
"OH, he came in with a cough and wanted something to stop it."
"And" asked the owner.
"And, I gave him some laxatives and told him to take them all at once."
"You idiot!  Laxatives won't stop a cough!" Roared the owner.
"They sure did," replied the druggist.  "Look, he's afraid to cough!"
Some cures are very simple when you really think about it.   So goes with the Real Estate industry.  we often make things … (11 comments)

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