good business: And the other agents client is calling me! - 07/02/14 07:26 AM
No, not a tale of a bad agent.
In fact, this closing went well.
But, the other agent was not from my area and had no idea of where anything was.
I told the bother party of the transaction that he could call me if he had questions.   He has called 6 times.
We are actually getting to know each other some.
We are going fishing in a few weeks once he gets settled.
Sometimes, being the good agent means reaching out to others just to be nice.


good business: Rain Delay's needed house work. - 06/25/14 12:09 PM
I feel sorry for those who are dealing with the flooding.
I have had some very minor water issues, but I am not complaining.
But, there is one other segment we have not heard about.
Rain making it hard to get repairs done before closing.
WE have had so much rain that the contractors can't get the work done that is needed and we had 6 weeks.
If the weather holds out tomorrow, we will be done, in time for Friday's close.
I don't like cutting it so close, but at least we are not under water.


good business: GET OFF that fence. - 05/18/14 01:38 PM
I had a possible buyer that asked me if the value's of homes had hit bottom yet.
My first thought you live under a rock?
We are at least 3 years past that point and values are already 20% higher than 3 years ago and interest rates are up nearly 1%
If you are still sitting on the fence...GET OFF!

good business: Making your home presentable for showings. - 05/08/14 11:11 AM
You go into a home and everything looks nice.
But there are the little things...acouple dirty dishes, a towel on the floor.
A bathroom mirror with smudge marks.
These don't make the house bad, but puts a bad light on a good home.
Underware, lingerie and other undergarmets left around can have an ill effect.
Don't let the little things kill your perfect home.


good business: Trulia says the listing is only worth... - 12/20/13 12:46 PM
I hear this often.
"Trulia says the listing is only worth about 75% of your list price."
I am sorry, but I don't care what TRULIA has to say.
"But it has to be right, it's on the internet!"
Well, they are wrong, again!
I ave this conversation way to often.  One way to fight this baloney is to ask...
Do you have your current home listed?
"Yes, Why?"
What does Trulia say your home is worth?
"I don't know, I never checked."
Well, check and call me back.  At this point, many don't call back.  Most will call and … (7 comments)

good business: Yes...I will be on Duty!!! - 11/27/13 07:58 AM
I received a call today...
"Hi, I was wondering if you can show me a house on Friday?"
Abosolutely!I told her.
We have a bunch of company for the weekend, but they know and understand my job.
Besides...Most of them will be out shopping.  Spending my money before I can make it!
I know some people will take the next 4 days off, but I have worked jobs all my life that had me working on all the holidays, so this is no big deal.
So, let the phone ring...I will be on duty!

good business: Just because the seller didn't take you offer, doesn't mean they mad - 11/07/13 05:27 AM
A few months back i had an agent ask if the sellers were mad. 
No why, I asked.
Well, they didn't take our offer and countered on the high side.
Hmmmm, As I had searched the current market value and found our counter was about 5% below market, my seller didn't think they were on the high side.
Besides, You have not talked with my seller, how would you know if they were mad or not.
Just because you gave a generous offer, at least in your eyes, doesn't always translate into a generous offer for the seller.


good business: Don't let anyone view your home! - 10/10/13 09:27 AM
At least not without talking to me first about an appointment, I tell my sellers.
I was visiting with a fellow agent.  
"My client let someone who was really interested in his home walk through.  Him and his wife went into different rooms.  When they were done, they thanked him and left.  When my clients were getting ready to retire for the evening, they foundmedication missing.  Can you believe that?"   The agent asked me.
Well, yes I can.  It happened to my client in my first year.
Ever since, I tell my sellers...DO NOT let anyone view your home … (3 comments)

good business: An Expert is an Expert is an Expert...or are they? - 07/25/13 12:35 PM
Need to paint one of our Rental houses.  (Yes, I do my own Maint.)
On some things we don't skimp.  Paint for the outside is one of those places.
I went to pick out the paint..."Are you the paint expert?" I asked.
No, he is.The young lad said.
I explained to him what I was doing and asked if this was the best for the job.  Yes Sir.  He replied.  (SIR?   Brat!)
He was just about to mix the paint when another person came along and was speaking to him...Sir, (There is the OLD word again) what is your project again?
I … (4 comments)

good business: Know when to write and when to wait. - 07/11/13 09:22 AM
A friend of mine asked me to talk with him and his mom.  Getting up in years, she thought she had everything in order.
She thought she had signed over the home to the kids, but she had done a Life Estate.  Trying to protect her small amount of equity, I told her that I didn't think she had.
I ALSO told her I was not an attorney and she needed to talk to one.
"I am going to do that.  so what do I sign for you to sell this?"
I explained that there were some issues that she needed … (6 comments)

good business: This was a first for a Twins game for me. - 05/19/13 11:17 AM
Playing inside the dome for years, we never worried about rain outs.
Today, we had a major rain delay.  I have not been to a  came that was delayed before.
While that in itself is not extraordinaire, it was the team work of the grounds crew.
When the rain come down, the field was covered in just a few minutes with everyone having a certain job and knowing what to do when.
A lot can get done with good team work and that goes for many facets of our lives.

good business: Why is it so hard to figure out? - 05/01/13 08:09 AM
NO Contingent offers!
As any agent that is selling a foreclosure or a short sale and all will tell you that the lender will NOT take a contingent offer.
We tell our clients this.  We explain that looking at a bank owned property is not helping them when they can't buy one anyway. I got this again today.  My clients have to sell their home before they can buy the next one.
It is really simple...if your offer is contingent on you selling your other words you have to sell the current home or you can't afford to buy the … (8 comments)

good business: Don't be petty in your Purchase Agreement. - 02/25/13 08:10 AM
You found a home you love.  It isn't perfect, but the issues are not hard to fix.
You write an offer and include some of the non-deal breaking issues. 
Now the seller is wondering what the problem is.  There is nothing wrong with the issues, you just don't like them.
There is nothing that puts with odds with a seller than to nit pick something that really is not an issue. 

"I don't like where the Flower Garden is".
"The rope swing is an eye sore."
"I wish that maple tree was a flowering crab."

Issues like … (6 comments)

good business: One simple way to help sell your home in the winter. - 02/09/13 03:37 AM
We get snow for the winter season.
Many people are afraid to try and sell during the winter with snow on the ground.
It isn't so hare.  Most buyers wonder what the yard looks like.  Is there junk all over the place.
The simple answer is to set out photo's of the yard.  Use spring summer and fall photo's to give the buyer an idea of how nice it looks.  It takes only  a few minute's to do this but can help a buyer decide much quicker.


good business: Service is where it is at! - 10/05/12 03:22 AM
I have said it before and I will say it again...I am not a Techy.
My cell phone provider understands that and when I walk into his storefront he says...
Hi Bill...What is your problem today.
I don't take this as an insult, because I am in there often.  While I am explaining the problem he is already working on it.  Today, I knew what needed to be done, just could not figure it out.
I have been told that other providers could save me money, but my guys at Verizon drop everything when I walk in the door.   They … (8 comments)

good business: A New roof does not mean all the Problems are gone. - 08/08/12 11:39 AM
Showing my client a home and the home owner was there.   The home had some water spots on the ceiling.
"Yea, I had some water issues with the old roof, but all the problems are gone now with the new roof."
I told my client that this still needs to be checked out.
"Why, the roof is new?"
"Yes, but is the insulation dry?  Is there mold growing on the wet spots? Is the sheet rock still solid in those areas?"
Yes, there may be a new roof, but the old issues could still be lingering.  A GOOD home inspection is … (8 comments)

good business: Calling a half hour late Doesn't build confidence. - 08/01/12 10:52 AM
I have seen this a number of times.  A client calls saying that they are running late or can't make it.
Running late?  DUH!  pretty obvious. Being a half hour late when you call does not build confidence that you will perform on your part.
Some of these clients were small business owners who also asked for  referral business. 
Now, I re-guard my list of referred businesses highly reputable.  If you are running late and don't call before your appointment time to say so...What makes you think I am going to refer you to one of my valued customers.
Your … (10 comments)

good business: My 'List' isn't automatic! - 07/22/12 12:38 PM
"I understand you have list for your clients for when they need work done."
"Yes I do, do you need someone?"  I asked the caller.
"Well, my name is Mr. Smith and I am a handyman.  My number is555-.... Put me on your list, thanks." "Click"
No Please.  No Qualifications.  NO References.  No Nothing.
This guy just expected to be put on my list of numbers to hand out.  He didn't even give me a chance to ask him anything let alone where he was from.
My List for references is a very guarded list. 
You don't just get put … (8 comments)

good business: What kind of a person do I have to be tomorrow for my clients? - 06/03/12 09:37 AM
Every client is different.  The sooner we figure out what the client needs as far as care goes...the sooner we make a good connection.
Tomorrow's clients are elderly.  Selling a home they have lived in for of 40 years.  
I am willing I will have to be slightly sentimental to start with and somehow roll into a realist.
I will need to sit back for a bit ans then slowly take the reins and lead on.
Last week, it was the other direction.    Get in, tell them what they needed to do and what to expect.  They had no time … (14 comments)

good business: Mr. and Mrs Seller...just because it is good enough for you... - 02/16/12 05:23 AM
I run into this a lot especially from the older gen.
"It has been good enough for us for 30 years, it is good enough!
Yes, that may be true, but it isn't 'good enough' to attract today's buyers at the price you think it is worth.
Many people live with an issue that has been there for years and think nothing of it.  many times it is even a code violation or even dangerous.
Making sure that everything is up to snuff is very important if you want your price.  That is why I am telling you this.
You are … (11 comments)

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