humor: Ever forget something important? - 05/21/17 08:19 PM
I think we have all been there.
Walked out of the House without our keys.
Forgot the Birthday of a good friend.
Forgot to get gas for the car.
Forgot to set out the garbage.
We do forget things during most every day.
So, can you imagine this poor guys problem?

humor: Some decisisons need to be re-thought. (Humor) - 09/03/14 03:13 AM
Some of our decisions in life need to be re-examined.
Case in point...
Ole bought Lena a Piano for her birthday.  A few weeks later Lars asked...
Ole, how is Lena doing with the piano?
Oh, I got her to svitch to the clarinet.
How come...asked Lars.
Vell...Ole answered...because with the clarinet she can't sing.
Sometimes in our lives good intentions lead to unintended actions.
Good ideas need to be thought through just a little bit.
Ear Plugs anyone?

humor: Hunters beware! - 08/17/14 12:57 PM
I went to a conventioncenter this weekend toa hunting show.
I was surprised about what I have seen.
The water fowl are getting very clever.
WE have heard of a few hunters being shot accidentaly, but now that is getting to be a 2 nd thougt.
Why is that.
Well...look at the illustration.

Need I say more?!

humor: From a lowly paper bag... - 08/01/14 01:03 PM
My Grand Daughter has a great imagination.
She took one of the shopping bags and put it over her head...You can't see me now! She proudly proclaimed.
Next thing she is drawing a face and saying she is making her Halloween costume.
She is 5.
Except for some scissor work...she did this all by herself.  All the planning.
Imagine what adults could get done if they let their imaginations run wild.


humor: Understanding Minnesotan...Part 3? - 08/01/14 04:45 AM
This is sort of a 3 rd part about understanding Minnesota.
Technology is very easy when you understand the language.  
For Example...
Log on: Making the wood stove hotter.
log off: Don't add more wood.
Monitor: Keeping an eye on the wood.
Download: Getting the wood off the truck.
Mega Hertz: When you are not carful getting teh firewood.
Ram: That thing that splits the wood.
Hard Drive: Getting home in the winter time in the deep snow.
Prompt: That is when the mail ain'tin in the winter time.
Windows: That you shut when it is … (11 comments)

humor: How to speak Minnesotan...part two - 07/30/14 11:43 AM
As I said in part one, most people don't understand us when we speak.
Getting out of bed in the morning with a backache.
Waking yourself up in church with your own snoring.
Forgetting your Mother-in-Laws first name.
When 2 steady girlfriends find out about each other.  (double UFF DA)
Noticing Non-Minnesotan's at a church dinner usig lefse for a napkin.
Eating a delicious sandwich only to find out the spread isn't Spam!
When your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles on top.
Not being Minnesotan....UFF DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

humor: Understanding Minnesotan... - 07/25/14 03:24 AM
I keep hearing people say they don't understand us. WE don't talk any different, but I know when I hear the rest of the country talking I don't understand them.
So, here is a better understanding of us...
Trying to dance the Polka to Rock and Roll.
Looking in the mirror and seeing that you are not getting better ...just older!
Mailing your bills and finding out the checks are still in your check book.
Having Swedish Meatballs at a Lutefisk supper.
Spending 2 hours cleaning up my room only to have mom come in and say...UFF DA!
Driving to … (12 comments)

humor: Success...isn't done alone. - 07/24/14 12:36 PM
I think we have heard the old saying ...Behind every successful man is a woman.
Nowdays with a lot more women in the upper seats of the work place
Today the saying is...behind every successful woman there is a man wondering how she got there.
But there is a different saying that my wife subscfibes to...
If at first you don't succeed...Do it like your wife said.
I am pleading the 5th!

humor: It has been a long hard day. - 07/17/14 12:37 PM
Sometimes it does not matter what you do it will be wrong...even if it really isn't.
When this happens, I need to make sure the parties know what is right and get them back on track.
This can take some time.  And when it is done...MILLER TIME!
I allow myself one beer to indulge myself.

This should just about get me by.

humor: Time for a little humor - 07/02/14 07:55 AM
Well, I have not posted a cartoon for some time.
This was a card I got one time.
I had been fly fishing for the first time and spent most of my time unhooking myself and the trees on the shore.
Hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.


humor: The reason I Fish Alone at times. - 06/07/14 01:03 PM
Actually I don't need a reason.
But it is good to have one once in a while so that when you just feel like taking the boat out it isn't like you don't have a reason all  the time.
My Aunt sent this to me today.

My Aunt...she looks out for me.

humor: OH NO..Internet is down. - 05/23/14 06:44 AM
I received a frantic call from a friend.
Her internet was down..."What an I going to do?!"
Well, ther is spending quality time with others like actually taling one on one.
but for those that really can't handle it her are some really good ideas...

I just laugh when this happens.  What will people do when it happens for more than 10 minutes.

humor: A cartoon that is close to being right on... - 05/22/14 04:33 AM
It has been no secrete of my dislike of the ACA  or Obama Care as it is so lovingly  called.
From Higher premiums for people like me to having to carry insurance for stuff we can't get...(I have to carry maternity care and I am past the child bearing age)

Many things are happening with our coverage that are either directly or indirectly mandated buy ACA.
Sadly...the cartoon is not very far off.

humor: The Test of Three... - 05/16/14 11:43 AM
This is a joke.
It is cutebut it should make you think also.
The entire writing makes a lot of sense and we could use most of it in our daily lives.
It is just the last line that really makes this a bit humorous.
Read it and then think about how true it is!


humor: Finally...we got some rain. - 05/12/14 01:42 PM
Well, about 2 inches of rain fell in the last 2 days.
WE really needed it.
This is what my yard looked like about 14 days ago...

Since this photo we have seen a rain fall of 7.5 inches and then about 3.25 and then what we had the last few days.
So, now my yard looks like this...

Yes, it is the same photo.  My yard looks the same.
I am so glad we have more rain coming because my feet are growing a webbing and I want to be able to try them out before it dries … (15 comments)

humor: Today is a day to treat a Mom extra nice. - 05/11/14 09:44 AM
Well that is true, but we should treat Mom and everyone extra nice all the time.
Can you imagine if the world did that!
Of course if we actually did that we may not realize it was extra nice and not appreciate the treatment.
So for now, we treat our Mom's and spouses and others extra nice for at least one day.
is not quite what  I had in mind!

This is not what I had in mind.   

humor: Making your home presentable for showings. - 05/08/14 11:11 AM
You go into a home and everything looks nice.
But there are the little things...acouple dirty dishes, a towel on the floor.
A bathroom mirror with smudge marks.
These don't make the house bad, but puts a bad light on a good home.
Underware, lingerie and other undergarmets left around can have an ill effect.
Don't let the little things kill your perfect home.


humor: Gardening...get those potato's in! - 05/07/14 09:11 AM
Even in my area many of the 'Root' plants need to be planted.
Potato's are sometimes a source of frustration for people.
Poor growth from what seemed like great seed.
Well I have the answer...
You must wrap the potato in newspaper before planting.
My grandfather had me do this and they potato's grew great.
Why newspaper.   Well, Grandpa told me that it was to keep the dirt out of the eyes so that they could see where to grow.
It has worked for me.  But the commercial planters don't do this so I sometimes wonder if Grandpa was just making … (10 comments)

humor: I am not a Techy person... - 05/01/14 04:41 AM
Nope, not tech savvy at all.
That is why when my computer went down, I didn't try and fix it at first.
I called my Tech guy and he told me my dinosaur is a bit out of date and I should just get a new one.
I did, but I have very little idea of how to get my programs going.
So, I did what any intelligent senior would do...I called my neighbor and had him send over his 10 year old son.
Problem fixed.
Then I went and fixed my old one...


humor: Minnesota Fishing opener just a couple weeks away. - 04/27/14 10:15 AM
I don't know about anyone else, but I have been ready for over a month.
I have changed lines sharpened hooks, charged batteries and a host of other chores as to be ready for the big day.
Fishing is a family tradition for me.  I fish in the very early morning for me and then take the family out and make sure they have fun.  It seems that one person always has trouble getting a bite.
I wonder in the olden days it was like that?????


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