north branch minnesota humor: This world is funny - 04/03/19 05:26 AM
Yes, this world is funny.
What is the law one day is not really the same the next.
WE fight over water rights.
WE fight over the solar collectors.
WE are told not to cut down a tree and the that w HAVE to cut one down.
This leads to one more the Government has mandated...

north branch minnesota humor: A funny for a sunday... - 03/17/19 05:44 AM
My family has always been one to celebrate special dates.
And  one of the ways we did was to roast the person of honor.
We have l ways been a group that loves to laugh.
We pick on each other without anyone getting mad.
The roasts were normally handled by myself.
Mostly because I was the one who could come up with new stuff.
Now day so many of the family has passed.
I so miss them day.

north branch minnesota humor: Bet you can't. - 03/16/19 06:08 AM
Here is a challenge.
You must look at the saying and read it ot loud.
But I bet you can't get it right the first time.
I could be wrong, but for most I will bet the farm.
So, Scroll down and don't study it.
Just read it out loud.

north branch minnesota humor: 3-17-19 is nearly upon us. - 03/15/19 07:23 PM
Yes, St. Patty's day is nearly on us.
All kinds of corned beef and cabbage dinners are being served.
Sadly, One is about all I can eat.
I wish they would do them more spread out.
Although my wife disagrees.
But, green beer will be part of the dinner...maybe more than a couple.
Be safe!

north branch minnesota humor: It's Father times fault! - 03/14/19 03:10 AM
Well most of the Northern States residents are blaming the rodent for the late spring.
He got everyone's hopes up and now they are..not happy.
But it may not be all of his fault.
Things may not always be the way they appear.
With that being said,
Here may be a twist on the issue of spring not being in sight.

north branch minnesota humor: A funny to end the day and week. - 03/03/19 07:13 PM
I am waiting for the snow and ice to go away so I can try out some new lures.
Although I do not go with a bunch fo guys, I am a loner most times.
Now, the story is cute and I will tell you that if this were me...I would do the same thing!


north branch minnesota humor: Minnesota winter issues. - 02/20/19 08:16 PM
Well, Minnesota is back to it's normal.
It had been cold this year.
It has not been severe cold but cold.
and I feel for the wild life.
With the extra snow we have this year the animals are starting to struggle.
Food is hared to find under 2+ feet of snow.
 So if you can spare a little feed they wildlife will appreciated it!

north branch minnesota humor: One last funny for the evening... - 02/17/19 03:56 PM
Sadly, this is an issue that I am afraid I me get to.
It would be great to get to this age but the issue that come with it are not so great.
But, I will enjoy what I have and try not to complain!
Have a good evening and a great week ahead!

north branch minnesota humor: Advice for MEN on Valentines Day! - 02/10/19 07:24 PM
Well guys we sometimes need help.
So, I have some help.
This example was designed for the guy getting married.
But, I have found that this example works for guys during most any celebration.
So, do your self a favor and read and learn.
This example could save you a lot of grief even when you did nothing wrong.

north branch minnesota humor: Racing fans...Place your Bets! ( humor ) - 02/09/19 07:34 AM
Racing is big business.
It makes no matter what it can be.
It could even be turtles!
So for the betting person it doesn't make a lot of difference.
Just show me where to put my money down.
So in this race it is between 2 racers.
My money is on number 2.
This should be a great race to watch...

north branch minnesota humor: Minnesota...poetic! - 02/05/19 04:05 AM
WE have a wide array of people on this site.
They come from all walks of life and all area of this country.
I have talked to many but fo me I have not found anyone with our sense of humor.
We have learned to laugh at ourselves.  (Not that the P.C. police likes that.)
But here is an example of that  humor...

north branch minnesota humor: Don't believe it...(Humor) - 02/02/19 05:28 PM
One day my wife told me to do as I want,
So I went fishing all day.
Well, when I got home I was asked where I was.
I told her and she said I didn't say diappear all day.
Well, that was not in the order.
So, I am now much more careful when  I am giving free range.

north branch minnesota humor: Most all of has seen this. - 01/22/19 05:02 PM
Most all of us has seen this or had it happen to us.
We are rolling along the blvd when...Bubble gum lights in the rear view.
Right away we try and have a good excuse, of which is  usually ignored.
But most likely it is to no avail.
But I still say...

north branch minnesota humor: WE are over the hump. - 01/17/19 04:01 AM
It is Thursday  and that means we are over the hump.
The weekend is in view and I have a big one.
With that in mind I thought I would start the weekend a bit early with a funny.
Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend yourselves.
Don't forget to hug your loved ones.
It is the best part of the day!

north branch minnesota humor: Press one for... - 01/13/19 06:41 AM

One of the worst things invented was the answering service.
You know, where you  are greeted by a phony voice.
Then  you are instructed to listen to options.
Then y ou can hopefully pick the right one for you
only to be put on hold for an extended time.
Meanwhile the operator is most likely sitting right there filing her nails!
Sorry, this started out as a bit of humor...

north branch minnesota humor: Attitude. - 01/12/19 07:37 AM
Your attitude plays a lot more into your life than just seeing the positive.
It spills over into much of your personal lives also.
It can even have an affect on the people you  know and love.
But, we must be careful not to let the attitude get out of hand.
To much and you could chase people away.

north branch minnesota humor: Wash your hands!!!! - 01/10/19 05:46 PM
WE are seeing a few cases of the flu in the area.
Many different strains of the common cold.
It has been said to wash your hands time and time again.
I see many hand sanitizers all over the desks of people.
How ever you do it, keep your hands clean!

north branch minnesota humor: It's hump day! - 01/09/19 04:04 AM
Not that this day is much different from any day.
There are few days that I am not with a client.
But, be that as it may I felt a chuckle is in order to start the day.
Hope this brought a smile to  your face.
Make it a great day.

north branch minnesota humor: A funny to end the day.... - 01/06/19 08:22 PM
WEll, it was as fun night.
WE had dinner with some friends.
They are a hoot.
They pick back and forth all the time...All in good fun.
But the funniest is when he started talking about her driving.
Once,she was backing out of the garage and backed right into his brothers truck.  $2500.
The one day she backed  up and didn't open the garage door.   $500.
He said he would not even talk about her getting stuck in the pond in the yard...
A story for another day!

north branch minnesota humor: Some humor for Sarurday night - 01/05/19 02:14 PM
Just Google it I hear all the time.
If you need to know something, you don't need to research it.
The hard part has already been done.
Done and categorized  waiting for the call.
Now days you can hardly go to the bathroom without Google knowing about it.
I wonder if God is using it today?

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