north branch minnesota living: So, what do we do with all that snow... - 03/11/19 05:56 AM
Living in Minne-snowta, you need a sense of humor.
I hear people complain from the first snow flake to the last one that melts,
and then they complain about the heat.
But, for most of us we embrace the snow.
We get outside and play.
Oh sure, the shoveling is a pain, but just do it.
Here is a great example of embracing the snow!

north branch minnesota living: No Mail...President's Day... - 02/18/19 05:53 PM
It was great.
No snail mail today.
I always enjoy when this happens.
But let's take this a bit farther.
Because there is no snail mail, would it
 not be great if we had no "E-MAIL" today also.
Now that would be a great reliefs on my part.
Even for a couple days

north branch minnesota living: Minnesota winter fun... - 02/14/19 05:45 PM
My wife and I stopped by Gooseberry Falls in northern Minnesota.
The falls look frozen but you could hear the water under the ice.
Very pretty and also a bit dangerous.
Beside the slipping on the ice the ice could break and you could fall in.
Yet we still adventure out

north branch minnesota living: My wife is like an old car. - 01/30/19 08:00 PM
Yes it is true. My wife is like an old car.
Late summer she had some major dental work.
Next in November she had complete knee surgery.
Today she had catarac surgery in the first eye.
In a  couple of weeks she will have the other one done.
Next it will be the bunions and hammer toes. (By her admission she wore heels to  long.
And then the second knee.
See, just like an old car. Once you start fixing it is a continuous job
Now, after all of this I will get her a new paint job and...good as new!

north branch minnesota living: It's FRIDAY!!! - 11/30/18 02:43 AM
Yes it is the start of the weekend.
It should be a busy one on many fronts.
A good amount of showings all set.
Some shopping to get done before the final push.
And, some outdoor chores to finish as the weather will be nice.
Then maybe some time with the grand kids.
Have a great weekend!
The sun is coming up and it is going to be a great day!

north branch minnesota living: Black Friday...Madhouse. - 11/18/18 07:29 PM
Black Friday shopping is almost upon us.
I for one don't get it.
People will stand in line for hours to get into a store only to find they ran out of the item they wanted.
There a is pushing and running and even a few fights.
All for a few dollars saved.
Sorry, I will keep my head buried under my covers!
And if it snows???

north branch minnesota living: And Chicken Little says...the sky is falling!!!! - 11/06/18 07:18 PM
The election is almost over, it is just the kiss and cry area that needs to finish up their work.
Some people are talking doom and gloom and others are saying they will change the world.
One thing is for sure.  The sun will come up tomorrow.
We will go back to work  and things will look much the same.
Yes, in the future things may change but for the immediate future the sun domes up
in the morning and set in the evening.
I will sleep well tonight!

north branch minnesota living: The Minnesota growing season is coming to an end - 09/22/18 08:12 PM
It was very chilly last night.
39 degrees this morning.
the average first frost in North Branch, Mn. is this week.
The weather needs to stay nice for the farmer
Although,  NO freeze is best.
We can only hope that the weather holds out for them.
For now be ready to bring in the harvest before the frost hits it;
The harvest will last longer

north branch minnesota living: An evening relaxing...take two! - 09/15/18 06:42 PM
WEll, I will try this one more time.
WE all need some down time.
Mine and my wife's is a sunset on the water.
This was last Saturday.
We sat on the shore and just quietly listened to the sounds  of nature and some human made noise also.
WE put up with the human noise, just so we can get a glimpse of nature.

north branch minnesota living: Flashback, 1966 - 09/15/18 06:32 PM
Today I was talking with an elderly client.
We started talking about the days we had to make our own fun.
Days where we ran out of the house and didn't return until supper.
Those days are long gone.
But for a giggle, I wonder how many people know the connection, or better
yet have done this themselves

north branch minnesota living: Are people scared of math? - 07/28/18 04:56 AM
It happened again.
I went into a fast food joint for a cold drink.
My total was .97.
I gave the teller $1.
Then I dug out  2 pennies and gave it to the teller..."Here's 2 pennies."
What for?
"So you can just give me a nickle back instead of 3 pennies."
I can't do that, it will mess  up my till.
No mater how I explained it she could not get it through her head.
I finally gave up.
There is a study that found...
4 out of 3 people have a hard time with Math!

north branch minnesota living: Why not learn a trade? - 06/22/18 09:08 PM
I hear people talk ab out college all the time.
How far in debt they are.
There is a segment of the population that needs help.
The trades.
and a lot more.
These are had work jobs that will py very very well and not cause you to borrow 10's of thousands.
Many builders and craftsmen will even train you without you going to school.
Think about learning a trade!  It could be a great life choice!

north branch minnesota living: This old hen is mad - 06/15/18 07:22 PM
Animals are funny.
We see all kinds of things in our rural setting.
I was checking out a farm and I interrupted the chickens while they were eating.
I thought no big deal...they eat all the time.
We, I guess this old hen thought different for if looks could kill...
Looking to get out of the pavement rat race...Just contact me and lets start you a better life!

north branch minnesota living: Grandkids... - 06/03/18 05:07 AM
I love to see the grand kids.
It is only 3-4 times a year so when they show up it is special.
Of course, Grandma, always makes the visit special for them.
My wife is the typical...spoil them and then send them home...kind of grandma.
I heard a great saying that makes a lot of sense...
Children are often spoiled because no one will spank grandma!
Oh how true this is!
2 of our super hero's

north branch minnesota living: OK, so I was a day off! - 05/31/18 07:47 PM
Well, this week has been a challenge.
I have not been able to keep my days straight.
I was packing my car to head to the cabin.
My wife came along and told me..It was only Thursday.
I was nearly devastated as the weather at my favorite fishing hole will be perfect.
Ok, one more day!

north branch minnesota living: I can have one... - 05/23/18 01:53 AM
Well, we are forecasted to have some hotter weather.
90's in the coming days.
That kind of heat can make a man's throat parched.
My wife knows that and understands that.
So the kind heart that she has allows me to stop at the local watering hole.
She said I can have just one!
Bless her heart
"I will be home soon my dear!"

north branch minnesota living: 20 acres of Minnesota seclusion. - 05/22/18 06:22 AM
Looking for a secluded piece of acreage but not totally isolated?
Look no further.  20 acres of woods, low and rolling.
Room to build, hunt, hike or just hide.
Property  located just north of Stark, Mn.
Many many options for this land, you just need to use your imagination.
Great deal at $59,900.
Call me at 651-674-5999

north branch minnesota living: Another special day comes to a close - 05/13/18 08:07 PM
Today was Mothers Day.
It was a day to pay special homage to our mom's.
For some it was only by memory, others are lucky to still say I Love You although they may not understand.
Basically, it reminds us that time fly's by so fast.
WE may have shown our love for our mom's but let's not forge the rest of our loved ones!

north branch minnesota living: Do you give your information freely? - 05/03/18 02:23 AM
In today's world of spam and scams, putting  personal info on the web can be costly,
and dangerous.
Today's teen's are big contributors of this info.
They think nothing of giving complete personal information to complete strangers.
There are no secrets now days.
There is also no such thing as a secure account.
Just look at some of the social sites that have been hacked that claimed to be so secure.

north branch minnesota living: It is a new day and the sun is shinning... - 04/24/18 06:33 AM
After a sad ending to yesterday, My wife and I got up
this morning with a sad heart.
But today is a new beginning and life moves on.
Life throws us curve balls all the time.
This is not our first heartache and it will no be our last.
WE cherish the times we had but now it is time to move on to new memories.
Stop sometime today and remember someone special you had not thought about in
a long time.  I could brighten your day!
The dawning of a new day!

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