north branch minnesota real estate: Hi Uncle Charlie... - 10/14/18 06:30 AM
HI, Uncle Charlie...I am going to buy a house and was wondering if
 you could recommend a Realtor.
YOU DON'T NEED A REALTOR!!!  I  will tell you everything you know!
This scenario plays out all the time, although it may be uncle Fred or the neighbor over the back yard fence!
Real Estate regulations are so different from town to town that you NEED someone who knows the ins and outs.
Even in the last year there has been changes that I have had to deal with.
Not hiring a Professional could cost you dearly.
Would uncle Charlie pay for the mistake?

north branch minnesota real estate: A bumper crop.. - 09/25/18 07:00 PM
It's a bumper crop of apples is just one of fruits that did so well this year.
It is great in some ways and in others not so much.
The bumper crop has brought about lower prices.
So although the growers had a bumper crop, income won't be much different.
We are also seeing much the same with farm crops.
Great yields, but lower prices.
Real Estate is much the same.
shortage of homes right now brings higher prices.
When the shortage becomes an abundance Prices are lower.
For now, let's just enjoy all the fruits.

north branch minnesota real estate: A 50/50 chance... - 09/19/18 04:46 PM
Have you ever noticed that when you have a 50/50 chance
your guess will be wrong about 75% of the time?
If we have a 50% chance of rain and you have a party, it
is likely to be a 75% chance it will rain.
OR...if you need the rain you will have  a 75% chance it will not rain.
So, what is the point?
Playing the guessing game with Real Estate is not a scientific process.
We check out the known and do our best to be 100% right.
Will we be?
Most likely not 100%, but it will be much better than 50/50.
WE have about a 50% chance of rain later tonight...I … (13 comments)

north branch minnesota real estate: When the going got rough, they jumped ship. - 12/02/17 09:41 PM
Lately I have seen agents that dropped out during tough times getting back in.
They want in while the money is easier to get.
These agents don't care about you the consumer, only themselves.
Ask yourself this...
If you are buying or selling do you want an agent that knows how to work hard and stay with it...or
An agent the runs when the going gets tough...

north branch minnesota real estate: Minnesota Twins are back on WCCO! - 11/17/17 08:01 AM
When the Minnesota Twins Baseball team come to Minnesota, you could catch the game son WCCO radio.
It had been like that for years.
Then a few years ago, The Minnesota Twins were not on 'CCO.
Traveling around the state we had to search and search for a station that carried them.
But, now the are back for the 2018 season.
Baseball will be more fun this year!

north branch minnesota real estate: Is fall arriving early this year? - 09/11/17 08:39 PM
I am noticing that many of the trees seem to be a bit early.
I may be wrong and say this every year, but leaves are turning fast.
If things continue to turn fall like I would bet on seeing snow in October.
But it is still in the 80's so I don't see snow for a long while!

north branch minnesota real estate: Are you sure your agent is competent? - 07/16/17 07:35 PM
Is your agent competent?
Did you go with the first agent you talked to when you saw their listing?
Did you ask friends and co-workers about this or any other agent?
Just because the agent is new does not make them in-competent.
Just because the agent is seasoned (In the business for many years) Does not make them competent.
Because the market is hot, I am over hearing many people talk about just buying a house and not real happy with the agent they had for a variety of reasons.
Most reasons were because of lack of follow up on the contract details and items not being … (8 comments)

north branch minnesota real estate: What are SMART sellers doing on a Sunday? - 07/09/17 07:27 AM
This is really a simple question to answer.
There are  2 types of sellers.
Those who have already listed their home for sale and those that are going to list.
The sellers on the market already are getting ready for the showings that will happen this week.   (some will happen today)
These sellers are picking up and straightening out the home.  Washing windows and mirrors. Vacuuming  and washing floors. They will clean the refrigerator (Yes buyers will look in there).  A bad odor will turn a buyer off to a  home
These sellers will also be fixing any minor issue they see so they will be ready for a … (10 comments)

north branch minnesota real estate: We don't need a Realtor... - 07/08/17 08:33 PM
My wife and I were having dinner and I over heard the guy in the booth next to me...
Honey, we don't need a Realtor, I can sell the home myself.  My dad did it so can I.So I turned in my booth and I asked the man if he had a house to sell.
"Yes I do".
So I asked some questions about the house and determined it wold be a fit for my client.
So I asked..."When can my client see it and when will you have disclosures."
I don't have to do disclosures. He replied.
"Actually, you need the buyer to do a waiver … (13 comments)

north branch minnesota real estate: There is nothing worse than a hungry salesperson. - 06/23/17 07:41 PM
I am looking at buying a different car.
The first place we stopped to look we had 2 salespeople approach from different directions.  They were nearly fighting over us.   We left.
Next place we stopped and we drove one care and the guy had the contract waiting for us to sign.  He had the price already filled in (Lower than listed).
A couple more disastrous stops and we stopped closer to home.
Very friendly, the salesperson I recognized from working with him before.
Let us drive several cars and even had us take one home for the night...(to see how it would look in our garage.)
WE didn't buy one today … (4 comments)

north branch minnesota real estate: It was a great day in North Branch, Minnesota. - 06/20/17 08:57 PM
Yes, it was a great day in North Branch, Minnesota.
Mid 70's allowed for a very nice day to get some of the chores done without
sweating like a wort hog.
But, it is also giving us some dry conditions.
We are not near a drought, but a little liquid would be great.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy what Nature has provided us with...

Looking for  a great place to live, North Branch, Minnesota is the palce to be.

north branch minnesota real estate: Still time... - 06/19/17 06:43 PM
Still time to find that weekend get away.
It does not need to be expensive.
It doesn't have to be on water.
Just a place to go and unwind.
I have just the place.  15 acres just a few miles from several lakes and town.
Mostly open so setting up camp will be very easy.
Located just out of Sturgeon Lake Minnesota.
Interested in a get away place a call to me will get you all you need to know.
Call me ar 651-675-5999  or
email at

north branch minnesota real estate: One for fun. - 06/11/17 10:11 PM
It has just passed midnight.
Time for bed, but one more blog for fun.
Nothing earth shattering, just a pretty picture.
This was taken in Duluth Minnesota.  It is a garden overlooking Lake  Superior.
If  you ever have the chance to visit Duluth, take some time to visit the harbor at night...a spectacular site

north branch minnesota real estate: Inspector says...You got moles! - 06/10/17 10:09 PM
Spring and late summer seem to be the big time for moles.
This spring has bee no different.
They burrow just under the top o the grass roots eating all the grub ad worms.
This leaves a bumpy mess in the yard.
Poison or traps are the only way.
For poison you need to ind the main runway    and put the poison in that spot.
Otherwise, you will be wasting time.
But i will say that I will take the moles over this stinky guy!

north branch minnesota real estate: Mom Living alone in North Branch, Minnesota? - 05/14/17 07:11 PM
Or, it could be anytown U.S. A.
This weekend would have been a great time to talk about this.
I know now my mom is alone we have talked about downsizing next yeat.
She says she has to go through a lot of stuff....Dad was  a bit of a pack rat.
Approach it gently.
If you tell Mom she HAS to move it will not happen.
Make is sound like her idea and you can call me tomorrow to help with the process.

north branch minnesota real estate: Everyone knows your name.... - 04/02/17 05:53 PM
When a client calls our office...Everyone knows their name.
No we are not Cheers, But we know your name.
I worked at a larger firm when I first started.
Even after a couple of years, I never knew all the clients and certainly didn't
know all the agents.
At Whispering Pines Realty, we know every clients name and their property. 
You are not just a number to us.
If you want personal service and feel like everyone knows your
Whispering Pines Realty at 651-674-5999.
We will not call you a number!!!

north branch minnesota real estate: Slow and steady... - 03/24/17 08:08 PM
I have a client who is a nervous Nellie.
Everything bothers him.
So much that he can't remember calling me or what he asked the  last time I talked t him.
For this client, patience is the key.  Try to explain fast and simple only confuses him.
But, really for many people...patience is the way to handle them with care!

north branch minnesota real estate: I had to have my computer Neutured! - 03/18/17 11:37 AM
Yes, I had to have my computer to the Dr.
Diagnosis was it needed to be nuertured.
It also need all the injections that have been installed are free from any virus.
It is great little lap top.
Sits so nicely in my lap as I watch TV and do some work.
Seldom, ever so seldom does it give me any problems.
I need to leave it until Monday morning...
I hope it will be just like new again!

north branch minnesota real estate: North Branch, Minnesota...It might help to have a drink first! - 02/19/17 07:19 PM
Take a look at the illustration below.
At first glance the wheels look like they are turning
But a second look looks like they are stationary, but still on the other side they are moving.
The harder you concentrate, the more they seem to move.
Look very close and you will see they are stationary...or...are they?

north branch minnesota real estate: Not all Attorney's know Real Estate Disclosure laws. - 01/22/17 03:55 PM
It is true, many do not know ALL the laws on disclosure.
Have a networking breakfast with some other local agents one told about a past client that decided his attorney was cheaper.
The attorney failed to advise his client about ALL the disclosures that are mandatory in a Real Estate transaction.
The client was being sued by the buyer for failing to disclose work done on the septic.
The that was done was sub-par and in this cold weather the costs was high to have it fixed.
Moral of the story...
Make sure if you are using an attorney to do your real Estate deal that … (4 comments)

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