north branch minnesota rural living: It is REAL wood fireplace! - 12/01/18 08:36 AM
Just what you always wanted.
A fireplace.  One that burns real wood, not those fancy gas contraptions.
But, before you get to excited think about  this...
Remember, Wood fireplace uses air from inside the home.
That air needs to be replaced, so the home needs to draw air from outside...COLD air.
So, when the outside temp gets below ZERO, You are drawing in  more cold than you are heating.
To combat that, check and see if the fireplace has a cold air vent to use.  It lowers the amount of cold air from infiltrating the rest of the home.
Where will you get the wood to burn.  If  you … (11 comments)

north branch minnesota rural living: Selling your home during Christmas... - 11/25/18 07:39 PM
So you are looking to sell during the holiday's.
But you also like to decorate.
So where do you draw the line?
Do you full out decorate?
Do you include ethenic decor?
How about  a religious motive?
These are very important decisions to make.
Think long and hard.
It could be the difference between a sale and just another showing.

north branch minnesota rural living: You need a trail camera in the rural living. - 11/25/18 03:23 PM
You need a trail camera, also called a game camera,
If  you live int the rural areas of out country.
What are they?
They are camera's that you fasten to a tree or other solid abject  to photograph
the wild life that comes into your area.
I have 5.
I use them to watch my bird feeders to see what is visiting.    (Raccoon's, possums and others including bear)
I set them up in the woods to see what game is there and if it frequents where I may set a hunting stand.
When I go away for a few days, all camera's are set up around my house and buildings to see if … (3 comments)

north branch minnesota rural living: A thought on your Turkey... - 11/17/18 08:23 AM
Our tradition is to raise our own.
This year we have a hen.
Her name is Mary.
Remember I am on old farm boy and some things die hard,.
So, Mary has been living the good life.
She is plump and ready for our meal.
The deed will be done on Tuesday.   There needs to be a couple of days for cool down and then
it is into the oven.
There is noting like a fresh non frozen bird for Thanksgiving.
Now if I can only find that darn bird.  Have not seen her in a couple of days.

north branch minnesota rural living: I was smelling the flowers - 11/04/18 07:59 PM
I woke up about 6 am.  I was smelling the flowers.
They were pretty and the fragrance was strong.
But when I looked out the was brown and grey.
There were no flowers or leaves on the trees.
No Hummingbirds or butterfly's
No, the world has no ended.
I will weather the changes until the flowers and leaves return

north branch minnesota rural living: Animals are preparing for winter...are you? - 10/28/18 06:57 AM
Yes, winter is soon upon us and there is a lot to do.
For me I believe it will hit us really soon.
The animals have been packing away the food.
Look at this little guy he can't get anymore in his cheeks to take back to his lair.
Other animals are packing on the calories.  Bears will be in hibernation in a very short time.
Deer are bulking up for the winter snow when food can sometimes be scarce.
So, are you getting ready for winter...
Or are you just playing couch potato?

north branch minnesota rural living: I am ready for the snow... - 10/24/18 09:07 AM
Winter hopefully is still a few weeks away.
But, never to soon to get ready.
Today I got the tractor ready to roll.
I use it for piling the snow when we get a lot.
I also make trails into the woods so I can get my wood out.
It looks cold I know.  I remember when I did this, it was about 15 below.
A tractor is a handy thing to have when you are living in a rural setting.

north branch minnesota rural living: These guys are not friendly... - 09/30/18 09:09 PM
Here is a nest of a black bee or what I believe is a wasp.
They build these nests with material that they get from plants and, well, spit.
One thing is these guys are not nice neighbors.
If they feel anything is a threat, they are all over them.
Not just one but sometimes  a dozen.
I saved this nest.
It is used for about 4 weeks and when I could
tell they were gone I cut the nest.
Please be careful...they can be mean!

north branch minnesota rural living: FaceBook Hacked...50 million far! - 09/28/18 06:35 PM
Well, it was bound to happen.
Facebook was hacked.
50 million users affected.
I have been told that I need to be on Facebook.
I have said is not necessary.
Well,  may be it would help, but there was to much personal
info that I cared to divulge.
It will be interesting to hear the excuses and the type of info people volunteered.
All I can say is I will sleep well tonight

north branch minnesota rural living: Control the stress... - 08/12/18 02:37 PM
In this fast paced society we have become we have created a lot of stress.
On is easy to resolve and some not so much.
But one thing for sure we cause much of it all ourselves.
Many times it is just by putting things off until later and then we need to rush to get done.
Under some stress? 
Take inventory of your habits and your life.
Most can be eliminated with a few life style changes.

north branch minnesota rural living: Farm kids made their own fun... - 08/11/18 09:52 AM
Us farm kids made our own fun.
Granted that was  ____  years ago!
When chores were done we disappeared.  If we didn't MOM would find something for us to do.
WE didn't have money to buy the things many city kids had, like a scooter.
But we did have sling shots and other cool stuff.
I guess what I am getting at, we had imaginations.
If you feel your kids need to expand their horizon's...Check out the farm scene.
No, it may not be glamorous but we did learn a lot!!!
And we did find things to ride...

north branch minnesota rural living: City living~Rural living - 08/08/18 07:21 PM
Not long ago I was visiting a friend in the city.
We sat out on the balcony and looked at the world.
There goes a truck and another truck.
There goes a red car and now a white ca and a green one.
Whoa there goes a another white car.
There was revving motors, horns and exhaust smell.
Now at home on my deck.
I see in a short span no less than 12 varieties of birds.
The local raccoon is at the pond looking for a frog.
There are squirrels, and a myriad of other small animals.
In an hour the dear will be here.
The air is smooth and fresh.  I hear birds chirping and the … (13 comments)

north branch minnesota rural living: So, you claim you are busy as a Bee! - 08/04/18 10:04 PM
Ok, so you claim to be as busy as a Bee.
But the question is are you accomplishing as much as a bee.
We have a new nest built on the side of one of our sheds.
The Bee's (I believe to be a black hornet)
has made some great strides in building their home.
They built this in about 4 days! Did you get as much done as these bees!?

north branch minnesota rural living: Get to know the neighbors... - 08/04/18 08:11 PM
Tonight we got to meet many of our neighbors.
One of them hosted a BBQ.
We met people who just moved in and others that have been here for a long time.
We got to know the kids and even found a couple to do some odd painting jobs and a few other chores.
This is a night we will do again!
What is a BBQ without a good camp fire!

north branch minnesota rural living: A fun camp fire. - 07/29/18 07:04 AM

Here is a fun way to have a camp fire.
Start a fire and then put  3 small bricks in the fire.
Take a hollow piece of wood and set on top of the block and let the fire come up the hollow
like a chimney.
A great way to roast marsh mellows and hot dogs.
It also directs the heat up when it is very warm out side.

north branch minnesota rural living: I understand now... - 07/21/18 02:18 PM
The political arena is up and running...FULL SPEED!
They are talking about their public service records.
Bragging how good they.
But for me, I have been confused about the word service.
But I do with this illustration that I now understand the word
service more now than ever.
Take a look and tell me if you agree!!!

north branch minnesota rural living: It is Friday and time to play! - 07/20/18 04:00 AM
Growing up on the farm we didn't have a lot.
We had to go and make us some fun.
Many times it would be in the cow yard.
We would find a young cow, 3-4 months and see how long we could ride before we fell off.
Why we never broke anything is beyond me.
Oh, we didn't have a saddle either!
Kids now days don't know how to get outside and have fun in the sun.

north branch minnesota rural living: A gentle thought - 07/15/18 03:26 AM
WE go about our daily chores with a few thoughts in our minds.
WE pray at times that everything will be great.
We want everything to be perfect.
But this is not a perfect world.
And we stress out because of it.
There is little that we can do about it.
So we just need to find that comfort that allows us to relax.

north branch minnesota rural living: Whew...we survived! - 07/14/18 04:15 AM
Yesterday was Friday the 13th.
No big deal for me.
But, I know a few people who did not even leave their homes because of their superstition.
Now, I may be wrong.
I may have been lucky.
But I didn't trip, fall, or get run over.
Nothing fell from the sky and hit my head. (Unless you count the stuff from that damn bird!)
WE survived another catastrophe!!!

north branch minnesota rural living: And the weekend continues... - 07/05/18 06:03 AM
With the 4th in the middle of the week it gives people a chance to have a long weekend.
Some will have taken Monday and Tuesday off.
That would give them at least 5 days off.
The rest will take off Thursday ad Friday.   Again 5 days off.
And some will take off the entire week.  Gives them 9 days.
It matters very little.
The point is there is and will be a lot of traffic.
A lot of people out playing. for those not paying attention.
Let's try and keep it a safe holiday
This is the wrong way to spend your vacation!

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