habits: Get Ready for Your Best Year Ever - 01/08/18 04:47 PM
It’s a new year—what better time to put your goals into action and have your best year ever? It’s not enough to declare it and wish with all of your might, though. In order to have your best year, it’s essential to include these four things in your overall plan:
Prepare to succeed. Preparation is essential to help you handle the unexpected things that occur in your day. When you’re prepared, you’ll be more comfortable to deal with it without getting anxious or letting it distract you from the priorities on your to-do list. What’s the best preparation? Practice. Practice your dialogs … (4 comments)

habits: Change Up Your Game in 2018 - 11/21/17 07:27 AM
by Joe Niego
Do you have a game plan for 2018? If you’re like most agents, you may not begin to think about it until January 1. However, if you want to be successful, don’t wait; now is the time to not only outline your plan, but also begin to put the pieces into action. Here are five strategies that are sure to help you change up your game and plan for a successful 2018.
Change your mindset. Your mindset often determines your success. Adopt the givers-gain mindset and you’ll shower the clients in your database with attention, especially your top referring … (1 comments)

habits: How to Be More Effective in the Coming Year - 11/14/17 08:23 AM
Is one of you goals to become even more successful in 2018? Now is when many agents and brokers begin to think about what they’d like to achieve in the coming year. Whether or not you’ll succeed in achieving those goals depends on the habits you’ve developed over your career. Your habits do more than help you succeed; they also decide how effective and efficient you are as an agent. If you want to improve, look at your habits first.
1. Wake up earlier. One of the things the most successful people have in common is they wake up early each morning. … (3 comments)

habits: Want to Boost Your Productivity? Change Your Habits - 09/05/17 08:08 AM
It’s no secret that the most productive people in business are more productive than others. How do they do it? It’s all down to their daily habits. Over time, they’ve cultivated the smart habits that lead to success. What are these habits? Here are a few that will help you become more efficient with your time so you can increase your productivity.
1. Prioritize your day. Don’t waste precious time wondering what task to tackle next. When you know your priorities, you’ll know exactly what to do. Look at your to-do list and pick the top one or two activities that have … (6 comments)

habits: Tap Into Your Potential and Thrive - 08/18/17 03:58 PM
by Joe Niego
One question Brian and I always ask whenever we present is, “How many of you, by a show of hands, possess untapped potential?” Nearly every hand in the room goes up. Many of us know we have untapped potential, but we’re not sure how to reach it. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your talent.
1. How are you wired? We’re all wired differently. When you understand the fundamental structure of your personality, you can maximize your natural gifts and develop the skills you need to complement these gifts. To figure out how … (2 comments)

habits: The Importance of Being Consistent - 04/04/17 09:31 AM
We’ve said it before—consistency is the key to success. In order to consistently succeed, you have to be consistent and deliberate with your lead generating activities. The most successful real estate professionals understand the benefits of being consistent, especially if you want to grow and develop the relationships you have with your clients. When you work by referral, it’s all about your relationships. Here are some benefits of being consistent:
It builds trust. When you send your Marketing Flyers and eReports, call your database, write your personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys to your clients, you’ll build continue to build trust. Trust builds … (1 comments)

habits: Don’t Let Your Habits Hold You Back - 03/16/17 10:24 AM
by Joe Niego
People get into real estate for many reasons, but one of the most common ones is freedom—they want to be their own boss. The downside of this freedom is that you have to be your own boss; that is, you have to adopt the habits and structure that boost your productivity and lead to success. Here are a few tips to follow, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into the business.
1. Show up. Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” You can’t succeed unless you show up to work each day. But that’s … (1 comments)

habits: Small Changes Make Big Differences in Your Business - 10/31/16 01:05 AM

By Brian Buffini
My mentor, Zig Ziglar, once said, “Hurricanes and earthquakes get all of the publicity, but termites do more damage and they take such little bitty bites!” One tiny change can make all the difference whether you’re trying to adopt new habits, manage your business more effectively or reach your goals.
When you make a small change, it’s creates a ripple effect. You become motivated to make another small change and then another. When I interviewed Zig’s son, Tom for my podcast, we discussed the impact of making small changes. He broke it down for listeners, saying if you make a … (5 comments)

habits: Improve Your Habits with These Tips from Tom Ziglar - 07/05/16 12:39 AM
It’s tough to fill the shoes of world-renowned motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, but his son, Tom has fit into the role in his own way. Honoring his father’s legacy while carving his own niche, Tom has become a leadership expert and speaker in his own right. In the 12th episode of his podcast, Brian Buffini interviews Tom to discuss his father’s legacy and outline tips and strategies for forming better habits.
Tom reveals that, like many things, the key to changing your habits is your mindset. He quotes his father, saying “You are what you are because of what’s gone into your … (1 comments)

habits: How to Manage Yourself & Get More Done! - 02/03/16 08:43 AM
Many of us became real estate professionals because we wanted to be our own bosses. However, the downside of being your own boss is that you may become the most difficult person to manage. Your success becomes dependent upon the choices you make each day, and if you make the wrong choices or foster the wrong habits, it can impede your progress. Here are three ways to make managing yourself easier.
“The key to success is the choices that we make.”
-Brian Buffini
What are your strengths? We’re all good at something. The key is to find what you’re good at and nurture it. Many … (38 comments)

habits: 5 Ways to Develop Better Habits - 02/03/16 08:33 AM
Identifying bad habits is the easy part. The hard part is developing good habits to replace them. After all, it takes time and practice to develop a habit, whereas it doesn’t take much to create a bad one. Make this the year you revamp your habits with these tips:
1. Make a plan. If you want to change your life with better habits, it’s essential to create a plan.
• Visualize the life you want to lead and don’t leave out a detail.
• Write down what you see, and what you must do to make it a reality.
• Write down the steps you need to take. … (2 comments)