motivation: What’s Your Superpower? Hope - 10/31/18 08:12 AM
When we originally craft our dreams, we’re hopeful about achieving them. We construct goals and plans around them to improve our chances of success. Then, along the way, we experience a setback or two, we miss a milestone, an outcome doesn’t quite live up to our expectations, we begin to complain that we’re not reaching our goals fast enough – we want it NOW – and then we become so wrapped up in our current circumstances that we don’t plan for the future, we jump from trend to trend instead of sticking with the tried-and-true basics, we step on and over … (2 comments)

motivation: What’s Your Philosophy? - 10/26/18 08:17 AM
by Brian Buffini
Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Your thoughts have power. If you have a positive mindset and seek out positivity, it’ll give you confidence in your abilities and knowledge. When you’re confident, anything can happen. The reverse is true, too. You can set the grandest goals and intentions, but if you’re afflicted with negativity and self-doubt, you won’t reach them. The good news is, there’s hope. I’ve said it many times: if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. That’s right, success boils down to adopting … (1 comments)

motivation: How to Recover After Multiples Setbacks - 10/23/18 02:11 PM
We all experience setbacks from time to time. One setback is frustrating; however, when we experience more than one at the same time, it can make us feel like the world’s biggest failure. At this point, many people feel tempted to give up.
In his new book, Finish First: Winning Changes Everything, Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton makes the case for failure and offers his best advice for recovering after multiple setbacks. First, he explains that failure is feedback. It’s not personal; it’s helping you refine your process so you can achieve lasting success. Second, it’s important to lean into your talents and … (1 comments)

motivation: Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage? - 10/16/18 08:02 AM
Homeownership is considered a “safe” long-term investment, which is part of the reason many people aspire to purchase a home in the first place. Mortgages allow people to achieve their goal of homeownership much sooner than if they had to save the entire amount upfront. For some homeowners, once they achieve the goal of purchasing a home, their next goal is to pay it off as soon as they can. But, should they?
Why you should consider paying off your mortgage early:
There are numerous reasons to pay off your mortgage before your amortization period is up. If you own your home free … (1 comments)

motivation: Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life - 10/09/18 11:09 AM
Have you ever made a mistake and dwelled on it, focusing on what you could have done differently and beating yourself up for not making the right choice? We’ve all done it from time to time. Perhaps you didn’t get that highly coveted listing whose commission would’ve allowed you to meet your financial goals for the year. In this situation, many of us would beat ourselves up and say, “I should’ve prepared better” or “I should have arrived a few minutes earlier instead of stopping at the coffee shop for a caffeine pick-me-up.” We replay different scenarios in our heads as … (3 comments)

motivation: What is Your Energy Gauge Telling You? - 10/02/18 03:31 PM
Humans are naturally intuitive, and while we may not rely on our intuition as much these days to help us survive, we may use it in smaller ways each day without realizing it. One of the most recognizable ways is in the energy we feel daily when going places, meeting people or doing certain activities that either make us more energized or deplete us.
Does it energize you or deplete you?
This is a question to ask yourself when faced with any kind of decision in your career or in your personal life. It applies to the places you go, the people you … (2 comments)

motivation: Get Motivated to Finish the Year Right - 09/28/18 04:25 PM
Only three months left of 2018: Are you on track to achieve your goals? Here are several Buffini & Company events that are sure to motivate you to surpass your 2018 goals and start thinking about your 2019 goals.
Mining for diamonds in Monterey
Brian Buffini’s Success Tour™ is off to Monterey, CA on October 24th and 25th for two days of strategy and motivation at the Monterey Conference Center. Join Brian Buffini, Joe Niego, Dave McGhee and J’aime Nowak as they share timeless tips and strategies to increase production and build a business that lasts. Special guest Nick Vujicic, the president and … (1 comments)

motivation: 3 Questions to Boost Your Self-Belief - 09/27/18 08:02 AM
Did you know the number one thing that plagues people is self-doubt? When you don’t believe in yourself, your abilities and/or your future it can have terrible consequences to your self-esteem, your relationships and even your productivity and performance. How do you know you’re suffering from low self-esteem? The signs are simple and may appear as envy, arrogance, being too eager please or being hypercritical of others. Additionally, low self-esteem is often accompanied by insecurity, which is the ultimate dream killer. Insecurity forces us to listen to that nagging voice in our heads that thrives on fear.
When we believe in ourselves, … (1 comments)

motivation: Achieve Your Goals in 7 Steps - 09/20/18 04:48 PM
by Joe Niego
The fourth quarter of the year is almost here—how close are you to achieving your goals? Many agents set goals in January, only to forget all about them long before the final quarter of the year. The reason? They likely became inspired to set goals at the beginning of the year, but the goals they set weren’t realistic or they set goals they thought they should set without thinking about whether it would be right for their business.
The goals you set should be elusive, personal to you and life-enhancing. It’s important to have a personal stake in achieving … (1 comments)

motivation: How to Increase Your Personal Value - 09/18/18 04:13 PM
Did you know you’re a diamond? A diamond in the rough perhaps, but a diamond nonetheless. In our day and age, technology gives us all the information we could ever imagine, but we’re starving for true wisdom. Unfortunately, in order to reveal the diamond, we have to cultivate wisdom. That’s where personal growth comes in. If you want to increase your value as a person and a professional, the first place to start is with self-development.
It all began with Russell Conwell, who wrote the book, “Acres of Diamonds.” He influenced other legends of personal development such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, … (2 comments)

motivation: Honor: The Salve for Healing Division - 09/11/18 03:33 PM
In today’s uber-connected, media-saturated world, it seems everywhere we turn we encounter divisiveness. We divide ourselves into “us” versus “them” and villainize those who are different. Add to that, our culture is more entitled than ever; we focus more on “me” than “we.” BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way.
In his new book, “The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation,” retired NFL star and pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, Miles McPherson, suggests what’s missing from the conversation: Honor. He explains that instead of focusing on what divides us, we should focus on what we have … (0 comments)

motivation: 3 Questions to Help You Define Your Purpose - 09/05/18 09:03 AM
While some people are confident in knowing their purpose, many of us will spend our lives trying to figure it out. The good news is, we all have the same basic purpose in life: To serve others. Although the specifics may vary based on our talents and experiences, the underlying current is always service.
You may be saying, “If I was ‘Oprah rich,’ I would spend my life serving others, but I’m struggling to make ends meet as it is.” Oprah may be known for being extremely generous and giving away cars and vacations; however, she was generous long before she was … (1 comments)

motivation: Are You Living an On-Purpose Life? - 08/28/18 02:05 PM
When you live an on-purpose life, you’re happier and more motivated than your peers who may be struggling to find their purpose. How do you know if you’re living an on-purpose life? Take this short quiz:
1. Your neighbor is making a career change and would like help sprucing up his resume. What do you do?
a. Not only review his resume, but also connect him with a friend from college who works in his desired field.
b. Say, “I’m just so busy. Oh dear, is that the time?” while looking at your empty wrist and walking away.
2. How would you rate your energy … (1 comments)

motivation: Success Lessons from 5 of Brian Buffini's Favorite Podcast Episodes - 08/27/18 03:41 PM
My mentor, Zig Ziglar, famously said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Our attitudes are often the result of what we put in. That being true, if you want to cultivate a positive outlook, it’s important to feast on positive information and surround yourself with positive people. One of the best ways to do this is to commit to continuous personal development.
My own success is a byproduct of this commitment. Over the past 32 years, I’ve listened and relistened to cassettes and CDs (now podcasts and MP3s!), read and reread books, and attended events to keep my mind … (0 comments)

motivation: How to Succeed in an Ever-Changing Industry - 08/21/18 08:56 AM
The world is changing quickly, and no industry has experienced as much upheaval as retail. Companies, including former giants of the industry, such as Sears and Kmart, make headlines with announcements of store closures around the country. Many pin the blame on the rise of online shopping; however, the root of the problem is likely deeper than that—many companies stop connecting with their customers after they reach their zenith, and many customers simply walk away. What can real estate learn from the mistakes of former retail giants?
Connect with your clients
According to Mason Ludlow, the companies who continue to listen to their … (1 comments)

motivation: Managing the Toughest Person You’ll Ever Deal With: YOU - 08/20/18 09:19 AM
by Joe Niego
In life, we are pulled in so many directions. If we don’t manage ourselves, we will drift through our years and accomplish nothing…or… worse yet, live the life someone else thinks we should live.
Managing yourself personally is hard enough, but as a real estate pro, you must also manage yourself professionally. The real estate business is unique. In this business, it’s like you sort of have a boss, but sort of don’t. It’s like you sort of have a job, but sort of don’t. It’s like you sort of have a paycheck, but sort of don’t. I know, it’s … (2 comments)

motivation: Resilience: A Crucial Element of Success - 08/14/18 10:51 AM
Although there’s a very slim chance you may never experience failure as a business owner—that all the businesses you touch will turn to billion-dollar gold—the reality is you’re likely to experience rejection or fall flat on your face at some point. When this happens, will you quit or dust yourself off and try again?
General George S. Patton said, “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” Those who hit bottom and bounce, dusting themselves off along the way, are resilient. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly after facing … (1 comments)

motivation: Find Your Niche; Achieve Success - 08/07/18 09:06 AM
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start a business is trying to be everything to everyone. Instead of focusing on one or two things that will get them to the next level, they spread themselves too thin and end up burning out. According to former NBA player and notable motivational speaker, Walter Bond, “It’s important to own a niche.”
When Walter left the NBA and started his own business, he fell into the same trap. As a result, he felt really scattered. His wife encouraged him to find one thing he enjoyed and focus on that. Over the course … (1 comments)

motivation: Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back? - 07/24/18 03:20 PM
Success involves more than hard work; in fact, our thoughts have more influence over success than we realize or will even admit. You can work yourself to the bone in pursuit of success, but you won’t get there if you think you’ll fail or your idea is terrible or you’re just not smart/rich/lucky enough to succeed in the first place. Although we seek to change our circumstances, we often don’t want to put in the work necessary to change our lives, and that “work” involves changing our thoughts. Why?
We’re too busy. Between work and personal commitments, we’re too busy rushing around … (1 comments)

motivation: Sustain Your Most Precious Resource: Your Energy - 04/24/18 08:36 AM
How would you rate your energy in your business and life: are you feeling empty or is your tank half full or three-quarters full? In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel drained of energy. The most common energy drains include fear and worry and drama. Worry is the interest you pay on the debt you don’t owe. Many of us become consumed with worry, specifically about the future; we want to control what happens and since we can’t, we dwell on what may happen instead. Add to the equation an addiction to drama—both in our lives and on television—and you … (0 comments)