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It's a great joy living in coastal California! I along with my team find joy also in our passion for California real estate and we wish to bring that joy to many deserving clients.
According to to the most recent data, US oil production reached a record of 13.24 million barrels per day of output this past September.For those curious about the Europe situation (involving Russia), know this, the US is helping with shoring up Europe's crude oil needs along with Qatar supplying...
 Just want to bring light to this really amazing organization and a great cause in light of current events...Friends of Israel Defense Friends of Israel Defense Forces is an highly rated organization based in NYC, check out their credentials
10/09/2023  Having a bank issue? Instead of complaining on the many complaint sites, I find this website from the "Office of the Comptroller of the Currency" to be a valuable resource. Their number: 1-800-613-6743 (For national banks & federal savings associations)
Recruiting Sales Professionals for Major Pool CompanyMust have dependable vehicle, smart phone & commission only sales experience. After training, the ability to run credit qualified & pre-set appointments. 2-3 (4 on a rare occasion) appointments a day for 6 days a week.$25. for each presentation...
 Yes, eggs have gone up two to three times then what they were a few years ago, but with its nutrition packed content it's still worth the cost.An eggcellent point regarding the cost and beneficial value of eggs from Marte Cliff! Leave a comment on Marte Cliff's original post.  The price of eggs ...
It's all about the mindset, don't have a winning mindset? It's never too late to reset that mindset with purposeful determination. Just do it!A Lou Ludwig blast from the past... Belief Determines Behavior  “Since belief determines behavior, doesn’t it make sense  that we should be teaching ethica...
 My favorite YouTube mechanic does an amazing job in laying out some oil industry myths in an easy to follow video. As one who knows a little bit about the petroleum industry from past investment involvement, I highly recommend this video. A wiser you equals a better you!
A blast from the past from Lou Ludwig!Dreaming is the beginning of many great experiences. Though not all dreams become reality, normally it WILL lead to a positive return overall.Encourage others, especially those who are struggling to open up to the power of DREAMING! Dream to make small to mas...
I've been doing a tiny bit of coaching recently and can attest that belief is a critical ingredient in any success. Belief could turn a low paying sweatshop worker with plenty of stress into realizing a better life with great success if only they would believe. Belief in effective business/sales ...
Comedian JP Sears brings his unique take on the Olympics in this Special Report. Laugh or cringe, your choice! No discussion needed, just laugh, meditate and eat your cookies 🍪. Enjoy!

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