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After the third day of sitting in Real Estate CE class today, the hours seemed to pass a little more quickly. Part of todays schedule was on measuring Residential Real Estate. We got a few of our "handy little tape measures" (see below) and divided into teams and we started working on the buildin...
Finally... getting my post licensing completed. Not that I've put it off to the last minute, I still have a while to go, but it needs to be out of the way for my peace of mind. You never know what could happen at the last minute, not to mention you may not get registered for the class..... And it...
The weather has turned and it's beginning to look a little like Fall here in South Carolina. The swimming pool temp was down to 72 degrees. Brrrr..... (Too cold for me!!!). Since I was working from home today I decided it was a good day to whip up a batch of homemade chili. My family really likes...
LET'S HOPE NOT!!! If your in Real Estate it seems that this could happen very easily. Especially the agents that happen to be sitting on Duty Call or at the New Home Communities representing that local Builder. The phones are not ringing like they once were. The prospective Buyers are not shoppin...
Can you believe I have heard this phrase twice in the last three days. In two different scenarios. One Real Estate related and one personal. Seems like in my Real Estate career I have been getting a lot of feathers lately. You sit onsite part time and not one visitor stops by and that does tend g...
I mean when your getting off work at 5:30 PM Friday evening and you need to fill your gas tank up for the weekend's work, (sure we've heard the news and weather about hurricane Ike coming ashore) and you drive to your local gas station and it's pump handles are covered. (but the first clue was th...
Seems we just can't win. right about the time when gasoline prices were declining and the Real Estate market is picking up....along comes "IKE". The last week or so seemed to be pretty enlightening as the loan market is in a jumbo and the interest rates were dropping and people are "sticking thei...
If you could have seen me today you probably would have laughed. I looked like something from the movie Ghost Busters. You see, we have these beautiful Leyland Cypress trees lining both sides of our 2 acre property. Well, guess what, they have been invaded by an insect called a "bagworm". And to ...
At least some of them can be that way. In fact you can say some may be almost nauseateing!!! I visited one yesterday where the smell wasn't so bad as some but it looked like someone had taken revenge or just plain ole trashed the place. Now we're talking in a fairly decent neighborhood. Should ha...
I'm speaking of a certain couple in particular. These folks originally came to me in the middle of June 08. They explained their lease would be up the 1st of August. So we had about six weeks for a search. Good enough....but just as I get them to the Mortgage office for approval they informed me ...

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