charlotte vermont: Charlotte Vermont Real Estate Annual Market Data & Trends for all of 2009 - 01/29/10 02:11 AM
January 27th, 2009
Charlotte VT
Based upon information provided by the Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors (NVBR) as of today for all of 2009, there were 29 single family residential and condominium unitssold within Charlotte Vermont with a total sold volume of $19,493,197.
These numbers represent a 61.61% increase in the number of units sold from the same time period one year earlier (1/1/09-12/31/09). Divide this number by the units sold (29) and you get an average sale price of $672,179. These numbers represent a 10.84% decrease in the average sales price from the same time period one year earlier (1/1/09-12/31/09).
Average days … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: Free Home Energy Assessments Coming to Charlotte VT and Shelburne Vermont - 01/24/10 03:25 AM
January 22nd, 2010
Shelburne VT and Charlotte VT
The Vermont Community Energy Mobilization (VCEM) Project sponsored conjunction with the Charlotte VT Energy Committee, the Shelburne VT Energy Committee, Transition Town Charlotte and Transition Town Shelburne have ALL joined arms to provide free in home energy assessments. The goals of the project are to:
Achieve quantifiable reductions in home energy use; Increase awareness and understanding by Vermonters of home energy savings opportunities and resources; and, Demonstrate that a community-based, volunteer program can be a successful model for achieving home energy savings and raising awareness of Vermonters on home energy savings. Last night … (1 comments)

charlotte vermont: 2009 Summer Fun List for Charlotte Vermont - 06/18/09 08:17 AM
The return of warm weather makes hangin' out on my front porch with its eye popping views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains dreamy. Lazing and pondering ALL that we have to fit in before the inevitable return of YOU KNOW WHAT...
Here we go with my biased and utterly incomplete Fun List of things to do in Charlotte VT this summer. Oh, this really is THE BEST time of year in this amazing little town:
Wow, this little gem is worth the price of admission. Right now. Don't miss out! For the next two weeks, you have to see it to … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: Charlotte Vermont to Shelburne Vermont: A Friendship That Matters… - 02/19/09 11:57 PM
My 17 year old son wrote this essay about his dear friend, David. He read it aloud to my daughter and I after dinner a few nights ago and we were floored (okay I admit to bias here). We both loved it so much I decided to share it as a reminder as to the incredible, wonderful importance of friendship. Enjoy!
The Person I Know
            I have never seen somebody so unhappy after waking up in the morning. Whether its two in the afternoon or at the crack of dawn, the expression is still the same, grief. He keeps his words … (1 comments)

charlotte vermont: A New Life for an Old Friend in Charlotte Vermont - 02/04/09 01:32 AM

The Old Brick Store is being resurrected!
Charlotters can now rejoice at the current transformation of our cherished, historic store. New owners, Carrie MacKillop and Shannon Straight, encourage anyone to stop in to see all the goings on currently underway. The space is being opened up to maximize its natural beauty - the wood floors, the brick, the big windows.
The "new" Old Brick Store will be providing all the basic staples but they'll be offering products that are both conventional or organic and sustainable. The owners hope customers will want to be informed about their food sources and the degree to … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: Inward Toward Hearth and Home - 12/04/08 02:52 AM

Deep into November, the only color found exists in the sky at dusk. Sunsets, this time of year, and sunrises for that matter too can be just sensational. But do we notice in our hurried, frenetic holiday modes???
This year we all have a lot on our minds...
An historic election now yields to an upcoming historic inauguration for all of us to rejoice and celebrate. Hopes our nation will discover her unfolding new identity, resolve to tackle our personal and at-large challenges with unrelenting determination. We share all this as we collectively focus inward.
For those of us in … (1 comments)

charlotte vermont: Ry’s Sunset in Charlotte Vermont - 11/12/08 02:28 AM

Four nights ago, while driving from Williston through Shelburne on my way home to Charlotte at dusk, I was blown away by a stunning, mad November sunset unfolding from north to south along the upper ridges of the Adirondack Mountains illuminating Lake Champlain in an other worldiness of color.
While craning my neck and driving perilously close to the edge of the road, I reached instinctively for my camera to capture these rare, intense moments. Jesus, I thought. It's not here. It's at home! Mon Dieu!!
Seconds later, my cell phone rang. It was my 17 year old son excitedly asking me if I … (2 comments)

charlotte vermont: Summer of 2008 Storm Photographs of Lake Champlain in Charlotte Vermont - 08/28/08 02:00 AM

What an amazing summer for storms! Sometimes 4 and 5 in a day. Some would come from across Lake Champlain from the west. Some from the south. Some from the northwest. The drama was spectacular as it unfolded from my porch beside Mount Philo State Park with its pastoral westerly views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Let's not forget the spectacular lightning display of a week ago. It even brought my teenage son with his three friends out from behind their video game, "Call of Duty", to witness the awesome power. How's that for jaded 16 year old boys?Record rainfall. … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: L is G in VT - 07/31/08 06:25 AM
It’s as green as green gets now. The countryside, the bluish purplish mountains and lakes pull on our Irish heart strings. The fireflies have all but come and gone for another year. Oh, but what a year it was. Katrina-like rains of a week ago have wrung themselves out to beautious warm summer days we long for - that we looooooong for. Bright planets go unnamed in the night’s sky. Some red. Mars maybe? Big Dipper tipping to the north. Cassiopeia. They’re all there for another summer. Comforting like old friends on the front porch at night.
How can we turn our … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: Praise for the Charlotte Vermont Land Trust - 03/11/08 04:27 AM
Christmas has come early this year. I was rejoicing reading the Free Press this morning about the successful efforts of the Charlotte Land Trust to preserve 40 acres of open land west of Mount Philo, near State Park Road. A three year effort has paid off and I would like to express my deep gratitude to all who had a hand in making this preservation of important land a reality.
The Charlotte Land Trust recognized two main purposes for conserving this land. The first was for the property's prime agricultural value and the second was for preserving expansive westerly viewsheds from atop Mount Philo.
Who … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: The Mother of All Sledding Hills - Charlotte VT - 01/07/08 01:11 AM
Can we possibly be any luckier than we are?
Living in the shadow of mighty Mount Philo, we don't even have to get into our car to reach the mother of all sledding hills.
For those of you looking for the best sledding on the planet, look no further! When our glorious state park, which has won awards as Vermont's best in past years, closes its gate after the last leaves have fallen, those in the know start getting really, really itchy. There's a buzz in our house.
Questions begin their annual percolation. Past year's memorable runs generate laughter and anticipation... Will we have a great snowy … (0 comments)

charlotte vermont: The Driveway From Hell - 01/02/08 12:00 AM
Let's face it. My driveway in Charlotte Vermont was not designed by the Army Corps of Engineers (hmmmm or maybe it WAS...). Winter poses its challenges turning fancy schmancy SUV's into helpless sleds. In my third winter, I've learned a few tricks. But last night, our driveway claimed her first casualty of the ‘07-'08 campaign.
I've known since winter one I must clear the driveway of snow early each morning in the hopes of catching the late day sun's warmth from our western exposure. Works like a charm really. When mother nature cooperates, that is.
Goes like this. Snowblow driveway. Sun melts snow. Spotless driveway! Simple. That's nice! Seems easy. Right?
It's … (2 comments)

charlotte vermont: My Front Porch in Charlotte Vermont - 12/13/07 09:45 AM
It's winter (though my calendar technically reminds me we have 8 days yet until her official start on the winter solstice).
I miss the summer days on my front porch in Charlotte Vermont.
Now, I'm forced to walk past my porch determined to get out of the biting winds. I barely allow myself to linger though in my mind I'm still there. In my mind, I remember watching the storms advancing from the west, high in the Adirondack Mts which I see clearly and up close. I see Lake Champlain. Thompson's Point. I hear the distant train whistle. Miss working on the front porch. making my … (0 comments)

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