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Here's our latest prospect. it's located in Gainesville, FL. The owner of this property has vacated and it is scheduled for auction next week! We intent to make a last second request to the bank for an extension to be filed, so that we can offer to buy it. Of course, we will make an 'as-is' / al...
Did you see this one? "An essay contest about 'Why I Believe In Miracles', charging an entry fee, with the award being the home and land located at..." This caught my attention yesterday in my local newspaper, which is about ten states away! I did a Google search and found the details at HouseWi...
Commentary: I frequently see blog posts written by ignorant whistle blowers that don't know the difference between 'creative' and 'fraudulent'. If too many people don't learn the difference, then the real estate industry risks becoming paranoid and defensive. This could translate into regulations...
This past weekend I was attracted to the annual Spring Promenade, which is a fundraiser for the Thomas Center gardens in Gainesville. The center sold tickets to tour six historic houses in the Duck Pond area. After seeing the first home and walking around at a snail's pace due to the crowd, I dec...
Does anybody know: why did Activerain  stop giving points for uploading photos to Localism? Earning points is fun and good incentive for adding new material. One of my hobbies is taking photos, so I am admittedly a little bummed out that they aren't worth anything now. It's my understanding that...
Folks, this is the best deal for miles (in my biased opinion). The owners are VERY motivated. this is my second blog entry in regards to this property, but I've included a few additional photos with this one. The asking price has been reduced again to an astounding $399,000. The property appraise...
How close can you guess: where in Alachua County is this property?I have driven by this property a hundred times and thought to myself, "I wish I had my camera!"  HINT: it is not on the side of some hidden dirt road. I was also amazed to discover that someone actually lives here. Just as well, it...
Three more people made verbal commitments to join our team today: Susan, Mike, and Sam. They join myself, Dixie, and Sharrod. We need many more - so if you are interested in learning to buy and sell real estate as an investor, right here in Gainesville, then give me a call 352-213-4663. Our comp...
Is it just me, or is something seriously wrong with this sign? I've been in Gainesville almost 15 years and the round-a-bout phenomenon has really started spreading throughout certain residential areas in the last few years. So, if we are going to continue with this trend, maybe we should reconsi...
  Beware of the famous GUARANTEE! Here is a group in the news for making false statements to homeowners in foreclosure. According to the FTC they were advertising, “We have all the funds available to pay your bills and save your home from foreclosure. GUARANTEED!” The Federal Trade Commission is ...

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