exclusive buyer agent: More Happy Homebuyers: 5 Tanzi Lane, Rockland, MA - 09/07/15 05:22 AM
More Satisfied Buyers: Congratulations to my clients who closed at the end of May on their purchase of 5 Tanzi Lane in Rockland, MA.  
These clients contacted me in the spring, looking to purchase their first home in advance of their planned October wedding.  They were hoping to buy a home in the Canton area.  However, with very tight inventory, they decided to expand their search outside of the Canton area so they could find exactly what they wanted in their price range. 
Our search brought us to the south shore community of Rockland MA. Still within commuting distance by car and by train to both of their … (0 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Buyers Brokers Only, LLC Earns a 2014 Angie's List Super Service Award - 03/16/15 12:31 AM
Buyers Brokers Only, LLC, a Massachusetts & New Hampshire Exclusive Buyer Agency is the proud recipient of a  2014 Angie's List Super Service Award. This is the third year in a row (and fourth year since 2010) that we have earned a Super Service Award.

According to Angie's List, "The Super Service Award is completely free and is the highest honor given annually to the top 5% of qualifying businesses on Angie's List."
The best thing about the Super Service Award is that it is based completely on customer reviews.  Angie's List verifies all the reviews to make sure they are true.  
It is … (4 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Buyer Letters...What You Don't Know May Hurt You - 10/24/14 01:41 AM
As an exclusive buyer agent, homebuyers ask me all the time about buyer letters.  You know the letters I mean.....the ones where the buyers write about how much they love the house and why they or their family or their kids will love living there and why the Sellers should pick their offer.  The question usually comes to me as "My friend told me I should write a letter....she said it worked for her" or "I read online that I should write a letter when I submit an offer....what do you think?".
I'm really not a huge fan of the letters to … (88 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Congratulations to the New Owners of 424 John Mahar Hwy, Unit 109, Braintree, MA - 07/23/14 09:24 AM
Another Satisfied Client: Congratulations to the New Owners of 424 John Mahar Highway, Unit 109, Braintree, MA
Congratulations to my clients who closed on the purchase of a new condo at Jonathan's Landing in Braintree a couple of weeks ago.   Jonathan's Landing is a new luxury condominium development in Braintree.  It is conveniently located near shopping, major highways and the MBTA Red Line into Boston.  It is a short drive to the city to the north and to beaches to the south.  Combined with access to good schools and town services, this was a great option for my clients.
These clients found me after … (4 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Congratulations to the New Owners of 32 Union Street, Norfolk, MA - 05/18/14 06:13 AM
Another Satisfied Homebuyer: Congratulations to the New Owners of 32 Union Street, Norfolk, MA
  These home buyers were referred to me by previous satsified clients.  I am always honored to have a former client think so much of my services that they refer me to someone else.    They had a house to sell and the house had already been listed for sale.  They had worked with their listing agent to also assist with buying a home, but that had not worked so well for them.  They felt that the listing agent was not giving them the information they needed on … (2 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Does Your Buyer Agent Keep Your Information Confidential? - 02/16/14 03:42 AM
It should go without saying....a buyer's agent owes a fiduciary duty to his or her client at all times.  That means that the agent should be acting in his or her client's best interests at all times.  Among other things, the buyers confidential information should remain confidential....until or unless the Buyer authorizes the agent to disclose it.
A listng agent or a seller's agent owes the same duty to their seller.  
That's why there are some things I generally do not ask a listing agent - among them is "why is the Seller selling the house?"  I don't ask because … (28 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Congratulations to the New Owner of 50 S. Washington St., Norton, MA - 06/21/13 06:05 AM
Another Satisfied Homebuyer: Congratulations to the New Owner of 50 S. Washington St., Norton, MA 
Congratulations to my buyer who closed last week on the purchase of a home in Norton MA.     This buyer was a young single guy, looking to buy his first home.  His girlfriend helped with the search process but the purchase was all his.   He was willing to look a little further out from the city in order to find a home in his price range.  I got him preapproved with a great lender and we started looking.     We looked at a number of … (0 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Congratulations to the New Owners of 4 Parkview Lane, Avon, MA - 11/21/12 12:25 AM
Another Satisfied Homebuyer: Congratulations to the New Owners of 4 Parkview Lane, Avon, MA
  Congratulations to my buyers who closed last week on their purchase of 4 Parkview Lane in Avon, MA.   These clients found me through the great reviews of Buyers Brokers Only on Angie's List.  They were great clients - they did their research and knew what they wanted - towns, type of house, price range, etc.  They wanted new or newer construction and we looked at a variety of homes.   They settled on this new construction house in Avon MA.  We saw this home after the framing was done … (6 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Congratulations to the New Owners of 58 Solaris Road Dedham MA - 10/31/12 12:50 AM
Another Satisfied Homebuyer: Congratulations to the New Owners of 58 Solaris Road, Dedham, MA
  Congratulations to my buyers who closed earlier this month on their purchase of 58 Solaris Road, Dedham, MA.   These clients found me through the great reviews of Buyers Brokers Only on Angie's List.   We looked at many homes but these buyers really wanted either a new construction or newly renovated home.  These two busy professionals did not have the time to take on a renovation project.  We finally looked at this newly constructed home in Dedham MA that had been sitting on the market for a while. … (2 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Top 8 Reasons to Choose an Exclusive Buyer Agent - 04/15/12 08:20 AM
Excellent list by William True of Sarasota FL!  He gives a great rundown of why buyers should work with an exclusive buyer agent.
Looking for an exclusive buyer agent in the Canton MA area?  Contact your Canton MA Buyer Broker.

Here are our top 8 reasons to choose an Exclusive Buyer Agent to represent your interests when buying a home or real estate investment.
1. EBAs, who work solely for buyers, are 100% loyal to you from the onset of the relationship through the closing.
2. EBAs, who represent only 1% of all real estate firms nationwide, are true … (2 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Dual Agency....Who Benefits Financially? Not The Buyer or The Seller!!! - 02/26/12 06:37 AM
An important post about dual agency by a listing agent, Barbara Todaro of the Kudney-Todaro Team in Franklin MA.
Barbara is right, it is not the buyer or the seller who benefits from dual agency...it is only the agent.
If you are a buyer, you should have your own representation.  Work with an Exclusive Buyer Agent who will represent your interests only.
I just read a “members only” post about dual agency, and I thought I’d express my opinion on this topic.  The author of this post was not adverse to dual agency, and I was somewhat surprised because this person … (10 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: If a New Home is Your 2012 Goal, Hire a Buyer Agent First - 12/27/11 11:50 PM
If you are buying a new home in 2012, hire a buyer agent first.  I could not have said it better myself!  In the post below J. Philip Faranda, a listing agent, explains why it is so important to hire an experienced buyer agent if you are thinking about buying a house in 2012.  Rather than jumping in without looking first, do some research, find a buyer agent that will put your interests first and help you through the process and plan out a strategy to help you buy that new home.  
Get your plan in order, make sure you are … (13 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Buyers Have the Right to their Own Representation - 12/22/11 09:37 AM
Buyers Have the Right to their Own Representation
There have been a couple of blogs recently - and one not so recently - that I have been meaning to re-blog.  They all deal with agency issues, disclosure & the right to buyer representation.  Rather than re-blogging each one, I decided to tie them all together in one blog post.  Please read the original posts.  They are all excellent.

Most recently, there was Carol Ann Palmieri's It Is Always Your Choice Who to Use as Your Realtor where Carol tells of a "friend" who emailed her to apologize because she was buying … (33 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Should You List Your Home During the Holidays? My Answer May Surprise You. - 12/08/11 01:18 PM
Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?  My Answer May Surprise You.
Much has been written about whether someone should list their home for sale during the holidays.  I am an exclusive buyer agent so I generally do not give advice to Sellers.  However, from a buyers perspective my answer is that yes, many buyers are out there looking.  They are serious buyers and many have looked at many of the homes that have been on the market and are finding the inventory lacking. I am working with a number of buyers right now in this situation.
However........(there is always a … (6 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Easton MA Offering First Time Homebuyer Assistance - 11/18/11 09:09 AM
Easton MA Offering First Time Homebuyer Assistance
The Town of Easton Affordable Housing Trust has announced a grant program to provide financial assistance to qualified first time home buyers.
With some exceptions, applicants for the grant program must be first time home buyers (with a few exceptions) and must meet the following income limitations:
The grants are intended to offset the purchase price, so that the buyer can take out a lower, more affordable mortgage.  In return for this assistance, an Affordability Rider will be attached to the deed, so that the house remains as affordable housing.  This program can be … (5 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Canton MA Buyer Broker - 10/31/11 12:50 PM
Canton MA Buyer Broker
So, you've always wanted to know what an Exclusive Buyer Agent had to offer? What was the cost? What was the benefit? Well.....here you go!
Hi my name is Christine Smith. I’m an Exclusive Buyer Agent at Buyers Brokers Only.  An Exclusive Buyer Agent means that neither I nor anyone else in our company represents Sellers.  We don’t take listings.  We only work for you, the Buyer 100% of the time.  I work with my Buyers and advocate for them so that you receive the home that best fits your needs at the lowest possible price.  I’m with you through the entire transaction from searching … (15 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: What Will Your Buyer Agent Do for You? - 10/30/11 04:56 PM
What Will Your Buyer Agent Do for You?
The general public still has many misconceptions about real estate agents in general and buyer agents in particular.  Some think that all buyer agents do is show the buyers the property.  While that is one small part of the buyer agent responsibilities, there is a lot more to it than that.  If you understand what a buyer agent can do for you, it will help you find a great buyer agent to help you buy your home.  
After all, this is likely the biggest purchase of your life, don't you deserve the … (7 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Are You A Listing Agent Who Caves To Greed?? - 10/22/11 01:38 AM
In the post below, Barbara Todaro of The Kuney-Todaro Team in Franklin MA gives a great case for why Buyers AND Sellers should each have their own representation.  Barabara's team is one of the most successful listing agents in the area so it is great to see this perspective from a listing agent, not just a buyer's agent. If I were a Seller, I do not think I would want my agent to be representing the buyer as well.
Buyers who are searching for a home in the Canton area and who want their own, independent representation, can just contact me, an Exclusive … (2 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Canton MA Market Report for Third Quarter of 2011 - 10/10/11 10:36 AM
Canton MA Market Report for the Third Quarter of 2011
With September drawing to a close, we came to the end of the third quarter of 2011. The end of a quarter is a good time to look back and see how the real estate market performed both over the quarter and year to date. All data below was obtained from the MLS Property Information Network, Inc.
For the period of July 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011, there were 47 homes sold in Canton MA. Year to date through September 30, 2011, there have been 107 homes sold in Canton MA. The average number of … (14 comments)

exclusive buyer agent: Put the Client First and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself - 09/07/11 03:37 PM
Put the Client First and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself
That is the short version of my customer service philosophy.
I was recently having a discussion with a new client. He raised the issue of conflict of interest. His point was that although I represent the buyer, and it is my job to get the lowest price for my buyer (among other things) yet the lower the price, the less I get paid. He didn't think that was fair but also wanted to know how I reconciled it.
First of all, I take fiduciary duty pretty seriously. The client's … (62 comments)

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