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We are only a few days into 2010 and we are already seeing an uptick in relocation activity for many cities around the United States. Although the post-holiday increase is significant, even in the best years January is normally one of the slower months. Normally we see a significant increase in e...
It seems like everyday I hear about new "green shoots" indicating that the economy may have finally reached bottom. And, then there are the talking head experts on the financial news channels that continue to forecast that we may not be there yet, that the recovery will be "W" shaped, or that the...
Sunday one of my media contacts told me that he had found out that credit card companies have already started reducing their customers' available credit based upon their shopping patterns.  He said that card issuing banks are looking at where you use your card.  If they determine that other custo...
Spend Ten to Jump Start Our Economy It's time that we take back our economy. We've been waiting too long for someone to do something. Banks are failing, jobless claims are up, and homes are foreclosing in record numbers. Bailouts have occurred and economic stimulus is on the way - eventually. Me...
Explaining Charlotte NC Growth Between 2002 and 2007 Charlotte population grew by an amazing 17.4 percent.  This was compared to national growth of 4.8% during the same period.  The move of banking giant Wachovia - recently acquired by Wells Fargo - from Winston-Salem, a proactive, pro-business a...
Here's some great online marketing ideas: Forums The forums just got activated today. So, content is only starting to build up. However, this new feature is integral with the larger project which has almost half a million Web pages and is rapidly growing ...
The Lowcountry Housing Trust, which is also known as the Trust or LHT, is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists other non-profit corporations, private developers, and governments in the development of affordable housing in the Tri-County area around Charleston.  The Trust evolved from ...
  Finally there is a little tidbit of good news.  Everyone has been focused on December GDP data, January home starts and existing home sales, and weekly unemployment filings.  As you know those numbers have been pretty bleak.  Well, this morning the Commerce Department announced that in personal...
Strangely enough the sleepy little city of Asheville, North Carolina is a popular relocation destination.  While population growth is no where near that of Charlotte or Raleigh, over the past 10 years it has sustained a steady 3 to 4% growth. Known to many as the home of Biltmore Estates, a touri...
The top twenty real estate relocation cities in the US according to our recent traffic are:   Charlotte, NC Willmington, NC Atlanta, GA Jacksonvllle, FL Raleigh, NC Chattanooga, TN Greensboro, NC Asheville, NC Grand Junction, CO Tampa, FL Cary, NC Savannah, GA Nashville, TN San Antonio, TX Maryvi...

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