lessons learned: The 'Ugh' Factor - 06/21/13 07:59 AM
It was late in the day and I was famished.  Having run my fanny off all week showing property and providing CMA's, I had reached my saturation level of exhaustion.  So, when a good friend (and fellow Realtor) invited me to dinner, I gladly accepted.
We decided to try out a new restaurant in Grants Pass, Oregon.  After we settled in our booth and ordered drinks and appetizers, the conversation flowed freely.  We exchanged personal stories (as good friends often do) and we commiserated over difficult clients and transactions that have chapped our hides of late.
An hour had easily passed as our conversation jumped from … (25 comments)

lessons learned: A Magical Moment in Time - 06/22/12 08:45 AM
A Magical Moment in Time.  You know them well.  They come to us through incredibly special people in unforgettable places throughout our lives.  I had a few magical moments this past weekend that I will cherish forever.   
I had the lovely pleasure of hanging out with my 82 yr old dad on Father's Day.  His name is Mel (too) but most people call him Rusty... I call him Pops.  He's a simple guy who likes to tinker with projects around his 10-acre yard.  He moves a little slower these days and he's becoming a little more forgetful too, which is why I cherish every magical moment between us.  
I also had the lovely honor of spending the … (20 comments)

lessons learned: Trashing Trust - 04/05/12 10:04 AM
Trashing Trust.  People often say... 'Trust me,' yet it seems to be those very individuals who do things to violate our trust.  After repeat offenses, it's easy to become jaded and skeptical of those individuals.  So, how do we forgive those who have trashed our trust?
I've spent a lifetime forgiving those who have violated my trust.  From the babysitter who sexually abused me when I six, to the step-father who beat me for sport, to a brother who needed anger management counseling, to a landlord who screwed me on a commercial lease, and more recently, to some colleagues who stole my intellectual property... the list goes on. 
How do you find it in your heart to forgive those … (26 comments)

lessons learned: Yes They're Fake... My Real Ones Tried to Kill Me! - 03/26/12 09:25 AM
These past couple of months have been tough, really tough.  My tenacious spirit has been stretched beyond limits.  I've been knocked down, defeated, and even depressed at times (which is just not me).  And while I wouldn't invite such troubles into my life, they've managed to slip through an open door without my consent.  My human frailty has risen to the top like cream and it's spilling over into every area of my life.   
Last week, I was on needles and pins.  After my biopsy, it was time to drive back from CA to Oregon for a quiet reprieve.  I've always found comfort in familiarity.  My surroundings provide a sense of peace, and my cushy bed and … (122 comments)

lessons learned: If The Shoe Fits... You Damn Better Put It On and Wear It! - 01/25/12 06:25 AM
If The Shoe Fits... You Damn Better Put It On and Wear It!  Twelve years ago, I moved from Southern California to Oregon and tried my hand at a new career in real estate.  I didn't know a single soul in Grants Pass except the Realtor who helped me buy my home.  After getting my real estate license, I decided to go to work for her as a buyer's agent.  I had some doubts about our compatibility (she was an arm-twister and I'm a relationship builder), but I said yes anyway.  It took less than a week for me to regret my decision.  The next six months … (24 comments)

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