maya angelou: Toxic Dump - Cheap Rent - 05/30/12 10:53 AM
Toxic Dump - Cheap Rent.  Everyone and everything has a price.  And sometimes we sell our soul to the devil for just pennies on the dollar.
It's taken me a number of years to clearly identify toxic people upon first meet.  Sometimes, they elude you with their sweet charm and knifing debonair.  Eventually, a leopard always shows its spots.  Maya Angelou offers some great advice about such folks...
'When people reveal themselves to you... believe them the first time!'
If you're letting a negative/toxic person rent space in your head, life or business... Raise the rent and kick them out!  Life is short.  I don't know about you, … (25 comments)

maya angelou: Trashing Trust - 04/05/12 10:04 AM
Trashing Trust.  People often say... 'Trust me,' yet it seems to be those very individuals who do things to violate our trust.  After repeat offenses, it's easy to become jaded and skeptical of those individuals.  So, how do we forgive those who have trashed our trust?
I've spent a lifetime forgiving those who have violated my trust.  From the babysitter who sexually abused me when I six, to the step-father who beat me for sport, to a brother who needed anger management counseling, to a landlord who screwed me on a commercial lease, and more recently, to some colleagues who stole my intellectual property... the list goes on. 
How do you find it in your heart to forgive those … (26 comments)

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