doug rogers bayou propeties: Not All Drowning Agents Want In The Lifeboat - 07/24/12 12:01 PM

 "If you stop texting and log off Facebook for a moment, you may learn something". In adult education such a comment is equivalent to telling a middle school kid to take his finger out of his nose.
 The training I attended today was first rate. There were big wig agents from ReMax, Keller Williams, and a couple of independents. The speakers were sharing their insights and tricks of the trade. Frankly if I could have written with two hands I would have left with twice the notes. The material was first rate from state to finish, a rare bird indeed.

doug rogers bayou propeties: Is It Fall Yet? - 06/21/12 12:53 PM

 Take a look at this lovely Fall picture. The grass is dormant, there was a chill in the air, and the day mercifully ended before 8 pm.
 I type this lovely post at 945pm. The first call came in at 8:03 this morning (required an Iphone scroll to look up), and hopefully the last one just ended. There were showings, property management, a listing call, pretty much a real estate buffet.
 Am I complaining? Nope, sure beats NOT being busy. But i'm sweaty, my head hurts, and there is no beer in the house so I have a right to … (6 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Another One Sold! Pineville Investment Property 71360 - 05/05/12 01:48 PM

 Bayou Properties Realty represented the buyer on this investment home purchase. This 3 bedroom home in the heart of Pineville closed for only 40,000 dollars! With a fenced backyard and two full bathrooms 114 Reagan should be a great investment for our client.
 After some fresh paint and minor updating the property should command from 800-850 per month in rent. Closing was late Friday and the celebration crawfish boil was this evening.

 Want to learn why Bayou Properties Realty closing crawfish taste so sweet? Put the gator to work for you! Call Doug Rogers with Bayou Properties Realty today … (1 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Common Questions Concerning Real Estate Deposits - 04/30/12 12:12 AM

 The ink on the contract to purchase is not even dry and already that agent is asking for money! Something about good faith money for this man named "Ernest"? Let's look at some common questions concerning your Louisiana home deposit.
1) I thought we had 100% no money financing, what are you trying to pull?-- The deposit demonstrates two things two the seller A) that you are serious and B) you are not broke. An affirmative response to both is needed for a smooth transaction.
2) Where will my money go? Are those new rims on your Jeep?-- Your money … (3 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Have You Sneezed On Someone Today? - 03/22/12 06:16 AM

 I will never forget getting sneezed on as a kid. I turned the hall corner just as my principle let out a giant sneeze. While riding out Hurricane Gustav a few years back this memory surfaced. Not sure which event got me more wet...
 In both instances the coverage was total. There was no doubt that I was a different person after each event. Much like hurricane winds (or snot) our attitude can change those around us. With all the craziness in real estate world, we need to treat those around us with good cheer.
 I have seen a simple … (3 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Would You Pay to Attend an Old School Raincamp in 2012? - 03/09/12 11:12 AM

 I am still reaping benefits from the Raincamp I attended in 2010. Over my professional life I have attended dozens of conventions. Sadly, most were forgotten not long after my plane landed at Alexandria International Airport. There was always a nagging sense of regret for spending so much money for so little in return.
 Raincamp was just the opposite. The speakers were great, and the information was first rate. I remember watching the clock with dread that afternoon realizing the training would soon come to an end.
 Due to logistical/financial constraints Raincamp had to go virtual. And while I … (3 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Crawfish--The Working Man's Lobster - 02/29/12 11:43 AM

 Can you believe that in some cultures they use these treasures as bait? Down in Alexandria, Louisiana we understand that these little critters make a handsome meal. Here are some common questions outsiders have when faced with a tray of pleasure.
1) How Are They cooked-- Though you can get them fried or in etouffee (think a thick soup), true Alexandria natives know crawfish were made to be boiled.
2) Are they hot-- Depends on the seasoning blend your crawfish chef uses. Normally the crawfish get more spicy the closer you get to the bottom of the tray. Those babies … (8 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: My Old College Buddy Wants Real Estate Advice From 1,000 Miles Away - 02/28/12 11:47 AM

 I met Brent in line at the dorm cafeteria waaay back in the day. "Hello, my name is Brent and I'm from Vernon,Texas. Where you from"? How could I not became friends with someone like that? We became fast friends and had more fun in those few years than most folks have in a lifetime.
 Sadly, our time at Stephen F Austin State University soon came to a close. By some miracle, both of us left town with a degree! I went East he went West and we soon lost touch. Fast forward 16 years...
  About a month ago … (2 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: I'm Not Paying That Much To Live in This Neighborhood! - 10/16/11 02:46 PM

 Nobody wants to pay too much for a home. After all, with the economy still uncertain the last thing a family needs is to be burdened with a home they cannot sell.
 But in their zest not to get burned, some buyers are left out cold in the home buying process. Generally speaking, similar homes in similar areas sell for similar prices. It's just that easy. The three bedroom ranch at 123 Maple is worth pretty close to the three bedroom ranch at 126 Maple.
 So how does a buyer know what to offer? In most cases your agent will provide comparable … (3 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: The Perils Of The Lease Purchase Arrangement - 10/15/11 02:11 PM

 In a perfect world every home purchase would be a 100% cash deal. But since our world is anything but perfect, at times we must get creative with home financing. One method that is becoming more popular is the lease-purchase arrangement.
 Simply put, the buyer will enter into a contract to lease a property until such time that they can purchase the home using traditional financing. Though it sounds simple, the Devil truly is in the details. Here are some things to be aware of going in.
1) Will my credit improve enough during the lease term to purchase the … (3 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Got the Flu? No Home Tour For You! - 10/11/11 02:59 PM

 I have awesome clients. Perhaps this has to do with luck, or maybe birds of a feather merely flock together. Either way, I am fortunate to work with some neat people.
 One of my sellers called last night to cancel a home showing. Though the market is pretty steady, a showing is not something to dismiss without good reason. Why did she cancel? It seems her family is suffering from a nasty stomach virus!
 As the father of four, I am a veteran of many such calamities. Before the virus is gone the whole family gets hit. Between illness and caring … (6 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Homes For Sale In Ball La - 10/10/11 08:53 AM
Homes For Sale in Ball, LA--

 Located on the outskirts of Alexandria and Pineville, Ball is centrally located to major employers including Procter & Gamble as well as Camp Beauregard. Residents of Ball, La can choose  from a wide range of home styles at a variety of price points. 
 Homes in Ball,La typically qualify for 100%Rural development financing. This means qualified buyers can purchase a home with little or no money down. Good luck finding a home to rent with nothing out of pocket!
 Currently there are 32 homes for sale in Ball, La ranging in price from 60k-299k. Need … (0 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: The Only Thing Better Than The Tea Was The Customer Service - 10/09/11 04:23 PM

 Quality customer service in my market is sort of like the Mumps. Rare, but you know it when you see it. Frankly my service expectations were pretty low. I simply needed to run into the store and buy a book on the way home.
 The evening did not begin on a positive note. On my way into the grocery store I had to navigate through a group of employees smoking near the interest. Nothing screams I don't give a dam like blowing 2nd hand smoke all over the customer. Just a quick jog into the bookstore and my evening shopping … (7 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Homes For Sale in Pinebrook Estates Ball, La - 10/07/11 04:05 AM
Homes For Sale in Pinebrook Estates Ball, La--
  First time buyers are often looking for affordable housing that represents a sound investment. Yes, it is possible to purchase a "cheap" house, but will such accommodations be a sound investment in the long run? Homes for sale in Pinebrook Estate in Ball, La represent a great value for the price.
 Homes in Pinebrook Estate vary from 975-1400 heated square feet. The typical floor plan includes three bedrooms and 1 or 1.5 bathrooms. What really makes these homes a great value are their lots. Some lots approach .5 acres! … (1 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Homes for Sale In Bayou Oaks Subdivision Alexandria LA - 10/06/11 05:20 AM
Homes for Sale In Bayou Oaks Subdivision Alexandria LA--

  Located off Twin Bridges road, Bayou Oaks Subdivision is within minutes of shopping, major employers, and Alexandria International Airport.
 Residents of Bayou Oaks Subdivision enjoy newer homes on large, spacious lots. The neighborhood is enclosed, resulting in zero through traffic. This make the neighborhood perfect for walkers or anyone wishing to avoid the noise of a busy street.
 So how much does this peaceful lifestyle cost? Currently there are three homes for sale in Bayou Oaks Subdivision. Prices range from 169000-178500. With low interest rates owning a home is … (0 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: When Purchasing A Home in Pineville, LA Don't Forget the Home Warranty - 10/03/11 05:57 AM
When Purchasing A Home in Pineville, LA Don't Forget the Home Warranty--

 I like my neighbors, so when they were outside Friday I took the opportunity to say hello. Sadly, all was not right on Woodwind Drive. It seems their AC unit decided that it had enough of this world. In a shower of oil, the unit was no more.
 A less than helpful service tech had just delivered the bad news. A little over 6,000 bucks would be required to make their home comfortable again. Imagine spending 6 grand in this economy?
 Did I mention they let their … (1 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Happy Birthday To Me! - 10/01/11 04:27 AM

 The Facebook greetings started coming in at 5am (Who's on Facebook at 5am anyway), by 830 my daughters had made me an "interesting" breakfast. Thank goodness for extra strength Pepto-Bismal!
 Today marks the start of my 37th year on Earth. I have a great wife, four amazing daughters, and a pug that likes belly rubs. All in all not a bad life by any measure.
 Business wise things are going well enough. At the beginning of the year I left my franchise brokerage and opened a firm with a partner. Though at times stressful, we stay busy enough to pay … (10 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: So What Does Village Green Subdivision Have to Offer? - 08/22/11 06:02 AM

 Looking for a place to call home in Pineville Louisiana? Take a moment and discover what Village Green Subdivision has to offer!

 Village Green living is all about the lifestyle. In addition to spacious homes on large lots, owners get the benefit of many resort like features!
 Kids want a pool but you are worried about the costs? Take a swim in the Village Green community pool. This Olympic sized pool features a lifeguard on duty for added security. Sick of wasting money on the Chucky Cheese birthday experience? Imagine a cookout around this giant pool!
 Ready … (0 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: Life's A Jungle, Your Flowerbed Should Not Be - 08/18/11 03:42 AM

  Take a Spring time tour of any Pineville Louisiana neighborhood and you will find families sprucing up their yards. Fresh mulch, neatly trimmed lawns, and colorful flowers will likely greet you.
  Sadly, a late Summer tour of the same Pineville Louisiana neighborhood would paint a very different picture. Yellowed-lawns, dead shrubs, and weeds galore become the calling card of most homes. At some point in July most Pineville residents stop struggling with the sun.
  The oppressive heat, coupled with a lack of rain, spells doom to most lawns. Sadly as a Pineville Louisiana real estate agent I … (7 comments)

doug rogers bayou propeties: A Snap Shot of the Alexandria Louisiana Housing Market for First Time Buyers - 08/09/11 08:44 AM

 Making the transition from renter to Alexandria Louisiana homeowner can be confusing. Should I buy in this market? Is owning a home in Alexandria Louisiana a good idea? Making the decision to become a homeowner is not something to be taken lightly. Let's examine the entry level housing market in Alexandria, Louisiana.
Number of homes currently for sale-- 108
Average days on the market-- 87
Average transaction price-- 100k
Number of sold homes in the past six months--56
 In general terms, any fewer than 180 days on the market points to a seller's market. With an average of 87 days … (1 comments)

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