doug rogers century 21 millennium: Are Your Facebook Friends Costing You Business? - 12/30/12 01:55 AM

While birds of a feather do flock together, occasionally one parrot will be a little more colorful than the flock. And living in the times we do, soon this critter will show up on your Facebook friend list.
 But what happens when this pretty bird starts posting crazy stuff (and pictures) on your wall? Do you simply ignore it, since after all YOU did not post the material? Surely consumers are smart enough to assign blame to the offending party, right?
Think again. When a car-load of teenagers knock over a mail box we don't simply blame the one with … (3 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Land For Sale In Deville Louisiana - 12/08/12 02:42 AM
Land For Sale In Deville Louisiana--

Call Doug Rogers (318) 613-1994, your Deville, La real estate expert. Click Deville Property for sale to search all the land currently for sale in Deville Louisiana.
Located on Hwy 1207 in Deville, this lot features 1.43 acres of flat land ready for your new home. Want to be near Buckeye Schools? YOU CAN SEE THEM FROM HERE!!

 For only 24,500 dollars, you can own a piece of the Deville lifestyle. World-class hunting, fishing, and nature all mintues from the city. Call today to secure this prime property.
Not sure if land is … (2 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Selling Your Marksville Louisiana Home - 10/26/12 05:05 AM
Selling Your Marksville Louisiana Home--

Fall can be a great time to sell your home in Marksville Louisiana. With Summer heat a distant memory and historically low interest rates, buyers are certainly out there. Let's examine what do do when you are ready to sell.
Research The Market
Real Estate is a local game. Even from parish to parish housing trends can vary. Currently there are 62 homes listed for sale in Avoyelles Parish. Within the last 90 days 13 homes have sold in Greater Marksville La. Take a peek at the competition at Marksville Homes For Sale.
Spruce Up … (4 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: It's 1045pm On Saturday Night And I'm Returning Client Emails - 10/20/12 01:55 PM

The joys of the internet age. As I'm unwinding from the day I notice two client emails come across the old IPhone. Without even thinking about it, I look up the information and shoot a reply.
Would this have happened ten years ago? Probably not. Email would have involved "unplugging the phone" and calling up AOL. With sleeping children that awful connection sound was a no-no.Instead I would be watching a bland episode of Saturday Night Live. At least some things never change...
 Do I like this age of instant connection? In some ways yes. Sometimes answering a simple question … (25 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: You Want Feedback? The House Smells Like A Giant Cigarette! - 10/20/12 12:48 PM

 The house was just outside my buyer's target zone, not to mention a few thousand over budget. But the pictures looked great, the neighborhood was nice, so she was willing to pay a premium.
I was a little excited when we pulled up. Like a shark getting his first whiff of seal blood, I could smell a transaction. Perhaps I would be agent of the month for November? Confidence was in the air, then we opened the front door...
I was immediately taken back to Christmas 1986.  What better way to share Yuletide cheer than to put thirty chain-smokers in … (38 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Homes For Sale in Pineville Louisiana--Move In By Thanksgiving! - 10/10/12 07:00 AM
Homes For Sale in Pineville Louisiana--Move In By Thanksgiving!--
Call Doug Rogers (318) 613-1994, your Pineville Louisiana real estate expert. Click Pineville Homes For Sale  to search the Central Louisiana MLS for free.
With the arrival of Fall looking at homes has become a more pleasant prospect. Gone are the 100 degree days and humidity high enough to make Venus seem appealing. What better way to start the 2012 Holiday Season than with a new house? Act now and I should be able to find you the perfect Pineville Louisiana home before Thanksgiving!
Fill out the form to search homes for … (0 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Should Our Kids Tag Along When We Tour Houses? - 10/08/12 02:13 PM

Children are a major reason why we buy homes. After all, without the need for more space, wouldn't we live in our cute little starter homes forever? But even though they may be the catalyst for the move, let's examine why it is smart not to bring them on tour.
1) Home provides a sense of security-- I can't count the times I have had to pick up one of my kids from a sleepover before daylight. There's nothing like the feeling of sleeping in "your room". Imagine the confusion when the small child is forced to tour multiple homes? … (10 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Who Doesn't Need A Fan In The Can? - 09/09/12 02:06 AM

This modest home had a gourmet kitchen and a MASSIVE outdoor BBQ station. Perhaps that explains why they installed a ceiling fan over the toilet! Self preservation. There is no such thing as a boring home tour!


doug rogers century 21 millennium: Hey Agent, Give Me Your Commission And We Have A Deal! - 09/09/12 01:37 AM
Hey Agent, Give Me Your Commission And We Have A Deal!
Sue Mercado's recent blog post brought up a sore point concerning client's requesting commission reductions once the deal is in escrow. In a real sense, agents are often asked to serve as "Daddy Warbucks" and balance the old ledger. Let me share a cautionary tale concerning one of my "broke" sellers...

 At the time of listing I did a net sheet for the seller listing all fees and predicted sales price. When the offer came in 5 weeks later we adjusted the net sheet to reflect the actual transaction … (53 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Pineville La Homes For Sale--Pinebrook Estates Subdivision - 09/05/12 04:05 AM
Pineville La Homes For Sale--Pinebrook Estates Subdivision--
Call Doug Rogers with Century 21 Millennium (318) 613-1994, your Pinebrook Estates neighborhood expert. Want to search all homes for sale in Pineville, Louisiana? Click Homes in Pineville to search the MLS for free!

Buyers seek Pinebrook Estates due to great school zones, central location, and modest entry price. For less than most people pay in rent, YOU could own one of these Pineville homes. Fill out the form to search all homes for sale in Pinebrook Estates.

With low interest rates and modest asking prices, these homes sell quickly. Call Today!

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Want Your Website To Sing? Take A Lesson From Google! - 09/04/12 12:22 PM

Let's face it, Google is pretty boring. Frankly I've seen more stimulation in a 1980's middle school classroom. But for some reason Google kills search engines with far more content (remember AOL city pages?). Why? Because when I want to search for Chili recipes (Abilene Chili is the best), all I want to do is search for Chili recipes. Tommorrow's smog index? Who cares.

My old website was pretty. There were pictures of crawfish, oak trees, and shrimp boats. There were content pages outlining different things to do in Alexandria/Pineville. There may have even been a YouTube link showing … (9 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: 400,000 Points AND A Hurricane? Sounds Like A Great Day To Me! - 08/28/12 11:06 PM

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that my broker came in and said, "Doug you need to get an ActiveRain account, they are going to make people start paying for them". Being dumber than my years suggest, I ignored my broker's advice...
 When I later stumbled on ActiveRain I had to pay for Rainmaker status. And parting with money each month made my Scottish ancestors weep. But what a journey it was been! Screw the learning and Google juice. ActiveRain has been about the connections, dare I say friends, I have made across the country.
 When real … (8 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: The Seller's Dog Pooped On The Carpet, Then My Buyer Bought The House - 08/28/12 10:19 PM

Who needs a lockbox when you have a seller willing to stay home and greet each buyer prospect? Honestly when the MLS noted "seller to be present for ALL showings" I almost didn't show the home. Too many bad experiences, several have which have been chronicled on my ActiveRain blog.
 After a quick greeting and introduction, the seller said we were free to tour "his" home. This meant he stayed one room removed from us at all times. Did I mention his terrier Rex tagged along?
 While we were in the dining room I heard either the owner or his … (6 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: No We Can't Tour Homes During The Hurricane - 08/28/12 02:33 PM

 There's something about the drop in barometric pressure that makes creatures act nuts. One of my agent friends found a water moccasin (poisonous snake) on her back porch today. My pug is sleeping UNDER the kids' bunk bed as I type this.
 And bat-shit crazy prospects call real estate companies... "HI Doug, I saw one of your signs, can we tour the home"? Of course, but we need to go this afternoon due to Hurricane Isaac's pending arrival. "No, I think it will be fine, can you show me the house Wednesday afternoon"? Actually sir, that's when the storm is … (5 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Alexandria Louisiana Four Bedroom Homes For Sale - 08/27/12 06:31 AM
Four Bedroom Homes for Sale in Alexandria Louisiana
Searching for a home with more space? Need a 4 bedroom home in Alexandria, LA? Click here to search all 4 bedroom homes for sale in Alexandria Louisiana.  Currently there are 43 homes in greater Alexandria with four bedrooms.

With low interest rates and shrinking inventory, now is the time to secure your new home. Why rent a 4 bedroom home in Alexandria when you can own one?
Need help finding the perfect 4 bedroom home for your needs? Call Doug Rogers with Century 21 Millennium (318) 613-1994 today. Your Alexandria Louisiana … (0 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: My Dirty Jeep Is A Sign Of A Healthy Housing Market - 08/22/12 12:34 PM

My trusty Jeep is an important part of team Douglas. All it takes is 20 gallons of gas and 80 bucks of synthetic oil and she will run all day. Being a Jeep fan and MASSIVELY CHEAP, I enjoy taking care of my vehicle.
But when the market starts humming, something has got to give. Coffee cups, contracts (blank ones of course), and a giant mag-lite flashlight all litter the interior. And that toilet paper in the back? Well, today we are touring foreclosures.
 Just how dirty is my Jeep? I tried to give a hitchhicker a lift and he … (3 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: My Buyer Was So Happy He Bought Me Lunch - 08/21/12 10:17 AM

Monday was nuts. My newest buyer was relocating from out of state and only had one day to tour. So all my "normal" rules for limiting showings went out the window. I blocked the entire day, and we were on a mission to find the perfect home.
 Our search that day covered three towns and 111 miles on the road (yes I am cheap enough to keep an eagle eye on the odometer). And then my buyer said those magic words that make a cheapscate's heart flutter.
"Hey Doug, why don't you let me buy you lunch". It would have … (10 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Pineville LA--Legacy Point Subdivision Home Values - 08/18/12 10:36 AM
Pineville LA--Legacy Point Subdivision Home Values--
Get an immediate value for your home in Legacy Point Subdivision NOW! Contact Doug Rogers with Century 21 Millennium (318) 613-1994 for the quickest response from your community expert.

I just don't try to sell your home - I MARKET your home to sell. Inventory is massive and buyers are savvy. It takes FULL TIME marketing and lead generation to keep your property up front on the internet at ALL TIMES. The MLS just does not cut it anymore. You need EXPOSURE. Nobody dominates the search engines like I do, so that means YOU DO!

Call 318-613-1994 or simply … (1 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Pineville Park Baptist Church Supports Lessie Moore Elementary School - 08/18/12 02:05 AM
Pineville Park Baptist Church Supports Lessie Moore Elementary School--

Back to school can be a financial burden for many Pineville families. Between uniforms, updated shots, school supplies, and other related costs many parents are in a bind. Pay September's rent OR purchase the items needed to get their children back in school. What's a struggling family to do?

As a vital part of Pineville since the 1950's, the members of Pineville Park Baptist Church answered the community need! Last year we purchased 60 backpacks and stuffed them full of supplies. This year we exceeded that amount!

After a … (2 comments)

doug rogers century 21 millennium: Drive Careful, Today Is The First Day of School! - 08/16/12 11:25 PM

 How can you tell it's the first day of school? Look for smiles at the bus stop! The girls were up this morning before 6am. Children across Rapides Parish return to school today. Please take a moment to remember both the children and the teachers in your prayers. Let's have a great year!
 I urge everyone in Central Louisiana to be extra careful on the road. PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN! This morning I counted three cars in my subdivision with drivers yapping on their phone. Really? Is any conversation that important? School kids on every corner means drivers need … (2 comments)

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