pineville louisiana real estate: The Inspection Report is Back, Now What? - 06/10/12 02:10 AM

 "You told me the inspector was a pro, but you failed to mention that his report is 44 pages long. What the heck am I suppose to do with this"?
 Nothing will deflate a buyer faster than a giant inspection report. After all, could anything positive come from a report that resembles a Lord of The Rings novel? Relax, inspection reports are long because, well they need to be. Let's take a look at how to approach an inspection report...
1) Collect more information if needed-- Got a question for the inspector? Don't be afraid to call him/her. Sometimes a … (20 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Looking for a three Bedroom Home in Pineville, Louisiana? - 07/18/11 08:34 AM
 Looking for a nice three bedroom home in Pineville, Louisiana? Explore what 180 Woodcliff circle has to offer!

 Located just off Susek Drive in Pineville, this home is within minutes of Cleco, Louisiana College, and WalMart. Looking for the best schools for your kids? Never fear! This home is zoned for JI Barron Elementary.
 Yes, it does get cold in Pineville Louisiana around January. Good thing 180 Susek features a cozy fireplace.

 Tired of lugging kids, strollers, dogs, treats, water, etc... just so your kids can play at the public park? 180 Woodcliff features a MASSIVE backyard with a … (4 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: "You Should Always Counter", and Other Bad Real Estate Advice - 02/17/11 03:42 AM

  In both automobile repair and real estate most folks are willing to offer advice. Got a 1982 Oldsmobile that idles rough? Tell your friends and family! In no time you will be inundated with suggestions. Of course, rarely does any of the advice lead to a smooth running Oldsmobile (if there ever was such a thing).
 Likewise, most of your friends and family are experts in the field of real estate. Why? Because they have bought and sold houses, sometimes even two or three! Sadly, following such counsel will often lead to a broken Oldsmobile and a home that won't … (7 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: How Going Up in the Backwoods of East Texas Has Made Me a Better Agent - 01/18/11 08:53 AM

 Donald Trump had a father in the construction business. The ladies from Selling New York have a mom and dad who are power brokers. As for myself, I often call upon the lessons learned growing up in the backwoods of East Texas. For some strange reason, those values learned roaming the pine forest stick with me to this day. Here are a few things I learned from the pines.
1) The early bird gets the worm-- As such, early morning was the best time to shoot him. Much to my parents horror, Saturday morning started before 6am. Remind me to … (2 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Who Cares If the Interest Rate Went Up 1%? I Saved 500 Bucks!! - 01/18/11 04:32 AM

 Buyers today need to be VERY careful sitting on the fence. If now is the time to buy for your family, go ahead and pull the trigger. Why should we? Won't sellers reduce their price the longer a home sits on the market? For those buyers paying cash, this might be a decent strategy. For the 90% of buyers who need a loan, let's examine why such a plan might actually cost you money.
 In order to loan money, lenders require that borrowers pay interest. So over a 30 year loan buyers have to pay not only the purchase price, … (0 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Want to Learn How To Treat Clients? Take Your Notebook To a Nice Restaurant! - 01/15/11 02:51 PM

 After a rather "interesting week in real estate world" the wife and I were in desperate need of a treat. Thanks to my teenage daughter needing prom dress money, we had an eager babysitter for the rest of the tribe.
  In my small town entertainment options involve either killing animals or eating them. Not wanting to get my nice shoes dirty, we opted for the nice restaurant. Bambi gets to live another day...
  What do a lunar eclipe and great customer service have in common? Both are pretty rare in my market. Until smoking was FINALLY banned a … (12 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Do You Really Want to Wait Until Spring To List Your Home? - 01/13/11 04:04 AM

   Recently a person contacted me to list their home. After a home tour and market analysis, we quickly came to a fair asking price. Literally I was getting ready to plant the sign in the front yard and begin the marketing campaign.
  But as is often the case there was one hitch. The owner wanted to wait until the "Spring buying season" to list his property. After all, what's the use in listing the home in the dead of winter? Nothing sir, unless you want to sell it!
  Yes, the market does accelerate in the Spring. But … (2 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Dear Seller Here Are Some Reasons Why Showings Are Not Producing Offers - 01/08/11 03:05 AM

Let's start with two facts. 1) This is not 2006 2) Homes not longer sell themselves. While this may sound basic, sellers who purchased during the boom (1999-2007) often are unaware of what it takes to successfully sell a home in this market. Sadly, some sellers still market their home like it is still 2005. As someone who works with buyers on a daily basis, here are a few turn-offs.
1) The yard resembles a rain forest--Curb appeal (or lack thereo)f is the first thing buyers notice.Why would the buyer bid on this dump when there are 5-10 other properties … (5 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Nice Mobile Homes in Pineville, La, 71360 - 01/07/11 03:18 AM
Searching for a nice mobile home in Pineville, Louisiana? With low rates and abundant inventory buyers in this market are getting great deals on mobile homes. Let's examine why the mobile home should be on your house hunting list!

1) Mobile homes in this area typically come on large lots-- Tired of apartment living? Imagine what you could do with 1-5 acres of land? Say goodbye to noisy neighbors and hello to peaceful nights!
2) Building standards for mobile homes have greatly improved--This ain't your paw paw's trailer! Imagine modern kitchens with island workspace, huge bathrooms, and amazing workshops!

pineville louisiana real estate: Home for Sale in Pineville, La, 71360 - 12/27/10 08:46 AM
 Looking for a nice home in the JI Barron school district? Well your wait is over! This nice three bedroom, 2 bath home is located in Huntington Ridge subdivision in Pineville, LA. As most locals will attest, JI Barron is one of the best elementary schools in Central Louisiana.

 145 Spring Creek Drive is located on a quiet corner of Huntington Ridge subdivision. Imagine a peaceful home within minutes of work or play!

 Tired of touring homes with kitchens straight out of 1950? This kitchen features updated appliances, neutral paint, and a neat backsplash seen in homes far more … (0 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: And Just Like That, Alexandria Louisiana Lost 330 Jobs - 12/01/10 02:50 AM

 Monday was a tough day for my fair city. Startek, a local customer service call center, sent a mass email to its employees and the media letting them know that they were being laid off. Fear not for the company though as they are putting finishing touches on a new call center in Costa Rica!
 Apparently Costa Rica has become the new India for customer service centers. Once complete the center will employ over 500 workers at a fraction of the cost of the Alexandria center. And let's just say the benefits package for workers in Central America is far cheaper … (7 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Monday I Helped 11,310 Kids Get Christmas Presents! - 11/23/10 08:20 AM
           Monday I decided to give back to the community that has blessed me so much this year. The crown jewel of our local Christmas charity is Operation Christmas Child. People from all walks of life pool their resources and purchase small gifts for children in need. For under twenty dollars, A child somewhere will have a Christmas Present to unwrap!

      After months of collecting, the time came to load all those boxes into an 18 wheeler. Approximately 12-16 shoes boxes fit into each container. As a result those containers push 60-75 lbs each. Time to pay the piper! … (5 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: What A Broken Down Exercise Machine Can Teach Us About Sellers - 11/22/10 03:06 AM

 About Three years back my wife returned from the neighbor's house with this handsome piece of exercise equipment. For the bargain price of 150 bucks my family was well on the way to physical Nirvana. Three years and approximately ten minutes of use later the wife was ready to seek another path to physical bliss. 
 Naturally my offer of dropping it off at Goodwill was shunned like a cable man in Amish country. Such a "valuable" piece of equipment would find a new home fast! Let's examine some of the real estate lessons I learned watching the wife market the … (9 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Who Has The Best Broker in the World? I Do, I Do!! - 11/02/10 07:14 AM

 Thanks to my Broker, Paige Walker, the old Visa card gets to rest easy tonight. Out of her own purse she is sending myself and David Beckham to NAR!
Ever slept at the Wyndham Riverfront hotel?? Me either! But thanks to my broker David and I get to stay in a hotel that doesn't take your finger prints upon arrival.
I hear New Orleans has so great food. Once again, the broker stepped up to the plate so to speak. We will be dining in style courtesy of Paige Walker. The quickest way to any agents heart is through the belly.
As … (6 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Hey Family, Don't Leave Me Behind! - 11/01/10 04:09 AM

Could you do this? The picture was taken at a property that had been recently foreclosed on. The family moved on, but left the three dogs behind to fend for themselves. To make matters worse, they left them locked in this small pen. The buckets above collected rain water, but we are in a major drought. All three dogs seemed malnourished and in a state of shock.
 The purpose of this blog is not to shake a finger at the family. We are treading water through the toughest economic times since the Great Depression. Families are doing what they have … (8 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Is Your Home Underwater? - 10/29/10 05:16 AM

 One cannot log on the Internet or click the TV remote without hearing tales of homeowners being "underwater". Thankfully, such accounts do not involve Americans losing their homes to flooding. In the real estate world "underwater" simply means that the property is not worth what it would take to pay off the mortgage. So what's a homeowner to do?
1) Find out if you REALLY are underwater--Real Estate is a local game. A TV program filmed in Las Vegas does not reflect the local market in your neighborhood. Contact a local Realtor, or pay an appraiser (roughly 400 bucks) to … (1 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: I bet that Rocket made it all the way to Heaven! - 10/21/10 05:00 AM

 Stress is a part of any modern life. As a Realtor, husband, dad to four daughters, instructor, etc... life stays interesting to say the least. Since 2004, that handsome greyhound has been my greatest source of stress relief.
 Deal gone south? Rocket was ready for a long walk. One of the kids start a ruckus at school? Better make that walk a double. Over the years the whole family bonded with Rocket. On occasion the girls would even dress him up. That poor fella spend the better part of one afternoon dressed as a unicorn!
 Sadly, all good things must come … (5 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: 1906 Donahue Ferry, Pineville, La, 71360 - 10/20/10 04:04 AM

 Looking for a home in the heart of Pineville? This massive 4bedroom, 3 bath home boasts over 3,000 heated square feet! A giant utility room and large storage closets make this home perfect for a large family. Work at Cleco or Louisiana College? If so, this home is within easy walking distance.

What good is a large house on a postage stamp lawn? 1906 Donahue sits on almost an acre of land. Who needs Kee's Park when you own this fenced wonderland? Imagine the fun your kids will have exploring and playing in this forest!

How many of … (5 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: Fishing for Deals? Nope, Just Fishing! - 10/08/10 09:59 AM
                              This blog is dedicated to the poor men and women who were in the office for 8am this morning. Take a look at my "workspace"!
 While the dawn ride across the lake was a bit on the cold side, the day was gorgeous. Gotta love fall in Central Louisiana.

 The target for the day was, well whatever would bite! Thanks to some jigs and stink bait (as I write this from the office the smell lingers) several catfish and some crappie (white perch or sac-a-lait) depending on your region) were landed. While small, these crappie are good … (6 comments)

pineville louisiana real estate: The Perils of a Real Estate Career - 09/30/10 09:33 AM
 Whether in a road race or real estate sales, nobody wants to be at the back of the pack. But what happens when the other runners (or agents) start passing you up? Sadly, most rookie agents get discouraged and quit within the first two years. Before their career has even begun these individuals head back to whatever they were doing prior to real estate.
  We all go through rough patches. Heck, I think we need the lean months to help us appreciate the months when we flourish! Based on my brief time active in the field, here are … (13 comments)

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