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The foreclosure process involves three stages: FIRST: Pre-foreclosure, the Bank files a notice of default stating the property owner has been delinquent on their mortgage payments for at least two months. The property owner at this point still has two to three months to try and refinance the loan...
Listening to an interview on a book review I heard an interesting analogy. What industry can you fail in 70% of the time, be a super star and do what you love? The book was about baseball. A hitter who's batting average is consistently over 300 is considered a super star in baseball. Which means ...
Auction or List it for sale ?                     Acting as executor or (PR) "personal representative" of an estate doesn't have to be an overwhelming task if you're organized. The executor or PR is legally responsible for protecting the assets of the decedent, or deceased, until the probate pro...
The most effective way for homeowners considering selling to improve value is to consider smaller replacement projects. Those that enhance curb appeal remain the highest on the bang for your buck list. Here is a list detailing the average costs of home renovation projects,( all under $1,500 ), a...
This is a link to the top 100 High Schools in Maryland . The High Schools are ranked based on dozens of key statistics and opinions from students and parents. A high ranking indicates that the school is an exceptional academic institution with a diverse set of high-achieving students who rate th...
If you are considering selling this year, consider jumping in before the spring rush. Here are some very good reasons why . Demand right now is strong Interest rates are the lowest they have been since May of 2013. Low oil prices are also making Buyers feel good, therefore they are out looking to...
  One lazy summer afternoon our family went to a Frederick Keys baseball game at Harry Grove Stadium. As the game moved along I heard two men carrying on a conversation behind me. One of them was talking about moving up into Pennsylvania, he was talking about building a house on a lot he owned. A...
In Maryland we are very fortunate to have had the "ideal" REALTOR® party candidate in Larry Hogan which the real estate community helped elect to the highest office in the State. One of the biggest surprises, "upsets", on election night was Larry Hogan's convincing 53% to 46% margin of victory o...
            Over the past year Mid Maryland's largest City / County (land mass wise ) Frederick , which has two major interstate highways, I-70 from Baltimore and I-270 from Washington D.C. ,  meet to create the gate way to the west, has ranked on or near the top of many publications preferred lo...
Current interest rates are the lowest they have been since the spring of 2013. It was recently announced that FHA loan fees will be significantly reduced along with easing of some of the stringent regulations to qualify for a loan. NOW really is the best time to buy a home, real estate profession...

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