night light for real estate signs: Why Does a Lighted Sign Help Sell a Home? - 03/29/09 03:08 PM
If you ask any seller if they would like their real estate yard sign lit up for an extra 3 or 5 hours of exposure do you think they would refuse? The answer is obvious, of course not. In today's market sellers want every advantage we can give them and if people are working all day long the only time they have to look for houses is after work and at night. If there are 3 houses for sale on a block but your sign is lighted all the neighbor's in your farm take notice and file that information when they … (1 comments)

night light for real estate signs: Gain 50% More Daylight for Your For Sale Sign! - 03/06/09 10:41 AM
Listinglight, The Brightest and Most Reliable Sign Light is celebrating its 3 year anniversary and we've sold close to 20,000 Listinglights all over the world. We thank you for your support and would appreciate for you to keep spreading the word. Our testimonial page is loaded with success stories from people saying, "It helped me get a listing!" "People have branded me the light guy in my farm area." "I sold my listing in two weeks after I added the Listinglight" etc. In these tough economic times when sellers are desperate to sell their property they look to us to find … (0 comments)

night light for real estate signs: Why You Should Light Up Your Yard Sign Tonight? - 01/29/09 09:12 AM
To me this was a no brain-er, if I can extend my sales day when it gets dark at 5p.m. for 3 or 5 hours why wouldn't I do it? Since most people work for a living they can't cruise looking for properties or neighborhoods until after work. News Flash...Your sign is out of business if people can't read it!!! Here are the top 5 reasons to light up your sign tonight:
Makes you, your company and your listing stand out in a crowded market Attracts new listings More exposure means more sales Differentiates you from your competitors Your sellers love the extra 150 hours … (1 comments)

night light for real estate signs: Perfect Time for Twilight Open Houses! - 11/13/08 11:45 AM
With daylight savings time in the history books I don't have to tell you that its getting dark at 5p.m.! I developed a way to extend our sales day with a night light for real estate signs called a Listinglight. Sellers get an extra 150 hours of exposure and buyers can spot new or existing listings when house hunting at night. The win for the agents...more exposure means more sales! This house below was on the market almost 3 months until Rick added a Listinglight and sold it in two weeks. All signs are created equal in the day but your … (4 comments)

night light for real estate signs: Lead... Don't Follow! - 07/11/08 09:12 AM
Can't tell you how many times people come to our booth at a trade show and say once the big agents use LISTINGLIGHTS, a night light for real estate signs, then everyone will follow! Why are most people sheep and like to follow rather than lead?

The reason leaders are more successful is they take risks, they try new technology, they try and be different, they don't make excuses and they are excellent communicators. If your gut says to try something new it now! Don't wait for your competitor to have it before you do. In this highly competitive business we chose, … (2 comments)


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