neighborhood: Putting it all together, Missoula's Neighborhoods - 01/10/12 08:15 AM
So now that we've done single re-caps of the segmented neighborhoods and surrounding communities of Missoula, lets put this data together in some easy to understand charts and data.
First off, looking at how each area did from 2010 to 2011 in terms of their median sales price.  You'll see in the chart below that we're looking at most areas still are experiencing a negative affect on their median values over the course of 2010 to 2011.  I had speculated that some areas could see a bit of median recovery in 2011 due to the exit of the overwhelming presence … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Frenchtown - 01/10/12 06:58 AM
My last one!  The Frenchtown area sits about 12 to 16 miles west of Missoula heading down I-90, it's fairly spread-out but does feature a small town core that has a few commercial businesses, a grade school and high school, and even a nice little golf course.  You can find some homes on smaller lots but the majority of homes you'll find in Frenchtown are bigger homes on larger parcels of land.  For the sake of applying some sort of boundaries to this area the region in which I'm pulling data from stretches as far east as Hwy 93 North (known … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Lolo - 01/10/12 06:30 AM
All so often Missoula's surrounding communities are not mentioned when we talk numbers and stats, so for my year-end reports I picked the three that are close to Missoula.  This isn't so much a "neighborhood" report as it is a community or town report.  First off, lets start with Lolo.  Lolo is just 8 miles south of Missoula via highway 93.  It began to grow very rapidly during the boom years of the early 2000's as it was considered a more affordable alternative to Missoula and a very quick trip for commuters.  Lolo has grappled with it's growth and maintaining it's … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Grant Creek / Goodan / Butler Creek - 01/09/12 10:43 AM
Grant Creek, the Goodan/Keil roads, and Butler Creek make up the more northwestern area of Missoula, a little more isolated from the rest of town these areas feature a few pocket-subdivisions that consist of mostly higher-end homes and then a mix of newer housing that sits of good sized parcels of land.  Many of which of these properties you'll still find barns, pastures, and horses on!
Starting with 2010 we saw just 18 sales with a median sales price at $305,250.  The average days on market for these 18 sales was 189 days.  The median listing price was at $314,900, … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Mullan Road and Expressway - 01/05/12 10:34 AM
The western side of town that encompasses the dreaded "North Reserve" commercial area is the part of town that has been experiencing the most growth that I've seen over the last decade.  This area features many large-scale higher density neighborhoods with homes on lot sizes that range from 3,000 to 7,000 square feet.  As Mullan Road heads further west the area opens up into many larger home neighborhoods with houses on 1 or more acres as well.
In 2010 there were 174 residential properties sold in this area, largely driven by the 1st time home buyers tax credit, and the … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's Neighborhood Trends, Target Range, Blue Mountain, Big Flat, Orchard Homes - 01/05/12 10:06 AM
The western and southern side of our valley features areas that are a heavy mix of rural properties peppered with some developments as well as streets featuring rows of homes that sit on 1 to 5 acres.  The Big Flat area is largely still ranch and open space with some very large homes and higher-end subdivisions as well.  Missoula's growth in this direction has slowed a bit over the course of the recession but as our valley continues to run out of space watch for Target Range to continue to struggle with maintaining their rural identity while growth returns to their … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's Neighborhood Trends, Miller Creek (Linda Vista & Maloney Ranch) - 01/05/12 09:44 AM
When I first started in real estate I witnessed the end of the "golden era" for Linda Vista.  A stereotypical 90's built neighborhood on the south-western foothills of Missoula this area features winding cul-de-sacs, large homes with forward facing garages, and homes that featured mostly pastel exterior colors.  This neighborhood as well as it's adjoining neighborhoods, Southpointe and Maloney Ranch couldn't be built fast enough as many of Missoula's Baby Boomer generation had their dream homes custom built for them.  Outside of these sprawling neighborhoods there's also some mixed large-lot homes and ranches as well as some newer subdivisions that feature … (1 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's Neighborhood Trends, Central Missoula - 01/05/12 09:28 AM
Central Missoula, an area most easily identified as falling between Russell and Reserve street, used to actually be on the outskirts of town and featured homes on larger parcels of lands with farms and homesteads spread all around.  As Missoula grew around this area it became incorporated with the city and started to fill in.  Today you’ll find homes of all ages in this area, old and new, as well as some condos, townhomes, and multi-unit apartment buildings.  Additionally you’ll even come across two farms that are still active as well as a few large fields where you’ll find horses or … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Lewis & Clark / South-Central Missoula - 01/05/12 04:57 AM
The south-central area of Missoula in the valley is widely referred to as the "Lewis and Clark" neighborhood as the elementary school servicing most all of that area is Lewis and Clark Elementary.  This area features mostly 60's through 80's built homes, many are ranchers of varying sizes, but many of which are larger than those you'd find in the South Hills area.  Additionally there is some over-lap just to the west of Russell Street but to the east of Brooks that is included in this area as well.
Starting with 2010 I'm getting a return of 48 total sales … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends, Farviews and South Hills - 01/05/12 04:37 AM
When standing in the Missoula valley these two areas make up most all of the hillside homes you'll see on the south end of the valley that have been built up mostly before the mid-1980's.  A little more south and west you'll find the newer neighborhoods in Linda Vista and Maloney Ranch, I'll report them in a separate post.  Generally it seems that Missoula started expanding first in the Farviews area in the 50's and 60's and then moved across to the South Hills area in the 70's and 80's.  The styles of homes follow suit.  Farviews boasts a lot of … (0 comments)

neighborhood: Missoula's neighborhood trends - The Rattlesnake - 01/04/12 04:31 AM
First off, the beautiful Rattlesnake Valley, the mouth of which features some of the oldest homes in Missoula.  A largely residential area that has seen very little to no new construction growth.  Historically this area has held it's values which have usually been well over the median of Missoula's entire market.
First off lets look at 2010.  There were 50 residential sales with a median sales price of $314,950.  The average time on market for the sold listings only was 116 days.  The median listing price of homes in the Rattlesnake for 2010 was $334,000 so comparing median list to … (0 comments)

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