realtor value: It's time for to stop displaying property searches - 03/11/14 11:23 AM
In one of NAR’s more recent releases of unique web visitors another website has lost more ground and has now fallen out of the top 3 individual sites for monthly unique visitors.  That website is  In NAR’s most recent web traffic report we see that Zillow has surged way ahead as the #1 Real Estate website with over 20,000,000 unique visitors in December of 2013, Trulia was second with almost 11,700,000 while Yahoo! Homes had 10,100,000 and was in 4th with 9,300,000 visitors.  NAR releases a monthly traffic report and they’re usually a few months back, you can … (2 comments)

realtor value: The End of an Error - 08/02/10 05:47 PM
This is the the second attempt of a blog post, the first was a little narrow-focused and upon writing it I got to thinking about a listing practice in Missoula (and probably a lot of the US) that is now DOA.  The old trick, "Lets price it up and we'll negotiate down when a buyer comes along."  So that said, I'd like to thank you all for reading this eulogy for a dead practice that worked in NINA (no income, no asset) loan-era.
Pricing up to negotiate down had a good run, it was an awesome technique in an age when people could … (2 comments)

realtor value: Why are Realtors afraid of being ranked? - 09/01/09 11:43 AM
I can guess, it's because someone will say something bad about you, God forbid.  I'm like most of you, I don't want people bad-mouthing me online either!  However, that's part of the new-world out there, web 2.0 and we'd better get on board with this before someone else does in a much more organized way.
Granted, there's a lot of details I don't feel like covering right now, however, if we as Realtors do not build a ranking/rating system that our consumers can use, then someone else will.  In fact, a few have, here's a doozy of a review I read … (2 comments)

realtor value: Thoughts after an over-priced home tour - 06/05/09 06:51 AM
Yesterday there was a 12 home Realtor lunch tour on the south side of Missoula.  All of the houses were larger/newer homes in newer subdivisions, priced between $350,000 - $600,000.  For those of you unfamiliar with our market, that's probably what you'd consider the "top end" right now, there's higher priced stuff, but these are mostly large homes with 4+ bedrooms, newer, big lots as high as 2 acres, etc. 
After completing the tour it was sobering what is going on in our "top end" market, the general disconnect between agents and sellers, and how people still don't realize the changing … (6 comments)

realtor value: Dear Realtors: STOP IT! - 01/09/09 03:20 AM
I've been here for a few days, I feel like we're all friends here, so I've got some simple advice.  Stop complaining to the consumer about your expenses, please.
On the front page of activerain today:
A very well written article, and spot-on expenses are tough in this business.  However I felt like I needed to respond to this, because Realtors complaining about their expenses to the consumer drives me insane.  Here's my response that so far appears to be getting ignored:
"While it is a good and in-depth list, put yourself in the consumers shoes.  What would the … (10 comments)

realtor value: - soon to be just 3 years behind the rest of web 2.0 - 01/06/09 09:36 AM
Some days Web 2.0 is female dog, haha. just released on their site that you can pull house values, nice!  Oh wait, you click on a state and a little pop-up bubble tells you the average sales price for the whole state, well that doesn't help.
A few months back I met with a rep, and from our discussion it sounded like setting up on doing a Zillow/CyberHomes/Trulia type of system was just still a little TOO controversial, the excuse was that should invite people to call agents to engage in direct discussion.  I understand that, however … (7 comments)

realtor value: The cost of sending text messages and how it relates to Realtor value propositions - 01/06/09 08:55 AM
NOTHING!  Glad I'm paying a flat fee for it, or that other people in my office are paying as much as $0.99 after they send more than 200 in one month.
For some of us, this type of information is useless, however for me this is upsetting because I text A LOT, and I mean 2,000+ times a month a lot.  On a common work day I'll send 60 - 80 texts, and while many are to buddies and my wife, there's also a bunch to fellow agents, lenders, and clients.  Many of us have embraced the amazing functionality of … (0 comments)

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