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A report from ReMax shows that homes sales slid 9.8% in October and 30.2% from the prior year. The monthly slide is attributed to the "typical" summer to fall swoon. In fact, only one out of 54 metropolitan areas surveyed increaed. Way to go Burlington VT!! Our housing market in Maricopa Arizona ...
Boy, am I glad!! My only question would be: If Fannie Mae says the market has hit bottom, why are they still foreclosing on properties at a record pace in my community? I guess we weren't told the news here in Maricopa Arizona!!!! I WILL give them credit for putting in a disclaimer that this will...
This article outlines some of the problem with the HAMP program and states that B of A accounts for nearly half of the HAMP backlog. The numbers they quote do not offer promising news for homeowners attempting a loan modification. I'm not sure about what all of you have experienced, but the HAMP ...
At least somebody is "stepping up to the table" and admitting guilt. Of course, the fact that they are going to have to testify before the Sante today probably helped a bit!! It was intersesting to read that they do not begin foreclosure proceeding until a homeowner is deliquent 425 in judicial s...
I will admit that I'm still trying to figure out exectly what it is MERS does. According to this article, they electronically track notes as they change hands. However, they also seem to claiming no resonsibilty for doing so. According to them, they only do what they are told. Obviously, nobody w...
It is intersting to note that, though this aricle shows a 1% rise in home builder sentiment, it souldn't be perceived as a the beginning of a major shift. What is does show is a temporary halt to the huge declines in home builder sentiment over the past couple of years. DR Horton, one of the top ...
I have no idea of what to expect from this. The Attorney Generals and the lenders will face off and I expect to hear a lot of the same old stuff.I find it very hard to believe that it will be anything more than a lot of "fluff" as the government can't afford to upset one of the most powerful lobb...
Interesting article that covers a few potential problems. In summary: Outlines the process of how a loan changes hands and the potential for title missues. Concern about HAMP mods AND, of course, the lenders say the issue is overblown and the review will only take a few weeks. http://bit.ly/cDkB4a  
As always, I am posting this weekly article from Housing Wire. Nothing "earth shattering" this week but I always like to pass it along. http://bit.ly/c2SZt0  
I ran across this artcile this morning and it provides a lot of food for thought. On the surface, flopping appears to be a legimate way for an investor (and agent) to make some quick money. However, financialo regulators do not agree and have been looking into this practice for quite some time. I...

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