homes for sale in maricopa arizona: HARP refinancings beat 2012 estimates - 03/12/13 11:36 PM
Maricopa Homes for Sale - Refinance options
Almost 1.1 million mortgages were refinanced in 2012 through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) beating government estimates. This program is for homeowners that have FNMA or FMAC (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) backed loans and is available even for those folks that have homes whose values are well below market value. I have seen fellow Maricopa Arizona resdients save up to $600/month on their mortgage payments!!
It is refreshing to see that the government has FINALLY rolled out a program that appears to be assisting homeowners that want to keep their homes.
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homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Federal Reserve Says Housing Market Recovery Will Strengthen - 03/12/13 12:07 AM
During a speech at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Mid-Winter Housing Finance Conference, Federal Reserve Board Governor Elizabeth A. Duke said that "recent gains in the housing market will continue and perhaps even strengthen."
Her comments were based on the Feds feeling that the influx of distressed homes into the marketplace will not outpace the future demand. She went on to sat that "home price increases of 10 percent or less would be enough to bring about 40 percent of underwater homeowners out of negative equity, which could lead to more homeowners listing their properties during a time when available homes for sale has … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Housing Market Report 5MAR13 - 03/07/13 09:38 PM
Not a lot of changes going on this past week. Inventory remains relatively stable as pending sales are keeping pace with the new inventory coming onto the market. Since there is only about another month and a half of seasonal buying activity remaining, there is little doubt that the buying "frenzy" that has occured over the past 4 years at this time of year will not materialize. Values and inventory both remain too high to entice buyers. Another interesting note is that there was a 4 day period last week when not a single Maricopa home was offered at the daily … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Housing Market Report 24JAN13 - 01/23/13 10:00 PM
Sorry about the long time bewteen reports but between the Holidays, some time out of town and dealing with a few medical problems the last couple of months have been VERY hectic. The next few months are critical to the homes for sale market in Maricopa Arizona so I will be be more diligent in the future.
As expected, the influx of seasonal residents has begun in earnest and with it we are beginning to see an upswing in the buying activity. Inventory still remains high and, as a result, it is both a Buyers and Sellers market in Maricopa AZ, … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Report 23OCT12 - 10/24/12 10:25 PM
Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Report 23OCT12
There is not a whole lot to report on this week as all of the key indicators are trending in the same direction as past few reports (see Maricopa AZ Housing Market Data). Inventory of active listings for subdivision homes for sale in Maricopa AZ continues to rise at a relatively steady rate. Without a doubt, I have noticed a lot more out-of-state license plates in the past week or so which indicates that many of our seasonal residents/buyers are returning. We have also experienced quite a few more inquiries since my … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Homes for Sale in Maricopa Arizona - Market Report 13SEP12 - 09/12/12 11:58 PM
Every week or so I take a look at the key indicators for the market for subdivision homes in Maricopa Arizona. No fancy images or layout, just the facts. I have been tracking these indicators for over two years and include a spreadsheet of that period at the end of my post. The housing market in Maricopa Arizona has been very unpredictable since the housing crash of 2006 - 2007 and continues to be in a state of flux. This unpredictability has been fueled by the large number of distressed mortgages coupled with the annual return of our seasonal residents and visitors who … (2 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Update 14AUG12 - 08/14/12 02:02 PM
The market for subdivision homes for sale in Maricopa Arizona is definitely in a state of flux and and the short term future in very uncertain. I had predicted some time ago that the inventory would increase to the 250 level by the end of August but it has reached that number a couple of weeks early. In addiiton, I am beginning to see a decrease in Pending sales and offers on short sales (AWC). Buyer slowdown, with the accompanying rise in inventory, is usually expected during these "dog days" of summer but homes continue to stream onto the market at … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Update 12MAY - 05/11/12 09:59 PM
The inventory of Maricopa AZ subdivision homes for sale continues to fluctuate between 130 - 145 homes, the lowest levels in years. Although buyer activity remains strong, there has been a weakening in Pending sales as it has held relatively steady for the last two weeks at a number not seen since the first week of February. The next few weeks will be very telling so be sure to check back.
ACTIVE: 143, up from 136 Although this represents a 5% increase over last week, we have seen this happen before over the past month only to return to the "bottom". … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: More Mixed Signal About the Housing Market - 02/22/12 09:47 PM
Just as I posted the previous blog, I received this article from DSNews. It underscores the confusion about where the housing market is heading by citing a number of factors that need to be considered before making any assertions that the market has truly "turned the corner" or not.
Very interesting "short read" that shows that the "experts" are as confused as we are!!!

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Marciopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Update 15FEB - 02/14/12 11:48 PM
The downward spiral in active Maricopa Arizona subdivision homes for sale continues and is now threatening to fall below 200 homes. Quite a drop considering there were over 650 homes available at this time last year. A staedy flow of seasonal buyers coupled with the continued slow release of foreclosed homes accounts for most of this trend. It is possible that we could see more foreclosures entering the marketplace now that the state AG litigation with the major lenders has reached a conclusion. However, although this may affect the current backlog (shadow) inventory, the prinicipal recustions proposed by the settlement may … (2 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Real Estate Professionals Feeling The Pain of the Recession - 02/03/12 01:47 AM
This artcile posted by DSNews cites a survey that claims that the vast majority of real estate professionals (I'm purposely not using the word Realtors) have either lost money or have seen their revenues decline signifigantly since 2008.
Without a doubt, the economy and housing market crisis have affected all of us. That being said, it is my opinion that EVERY market is a good market. It;s just a matter of changing the way you do business to adapt to current market conditions. We continue to increase our sales every year in spite of serving a community that is inundated with … (1 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Update 17JAN - 01/18/12 01:52 AM
In spite of the large influx of seasonal buyers looking for homes in Maricopa Arizona, the inventory jumped signifigantly this past week. I’ll go into more detail below but this is very unexpected given the rest of the tracking numbers. Values continue to remain strong with much of the new listing pricing topping out at above what a home will most likely appraise for. It would appear, at least for right now, that buyers will have an easier time locating and getting offers accepted on homes in Maricopa AZ.
ACTIVE: 252, up from 239 As mentioned above, this increase is … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Updated Market Report 14JAN - 01/13/12 11:21 PM
Over the past six months, the inventory of single family homes in the subdivisions of Maricopa Arizona has more then doubled, from 440 to over 970. Most of this increase is due to an influx of distressed homes, both short sales and foreclosures. This has occured in spite of the buying activity the buying acticity has remaining relatively steady. The foreclosure moratorium has slowed down the increase over the past two weeks but it is expected to resume as soon as the investigations are finished, most likely after the first of the year.
For buyers of homes in Maricopa, this represents … (0 comments)

homes for sale in maricopa arizona: Homes for Sale in Maricopa Arizona - Market Update 21NOV - 11/22/11 04:06 AM
The market has stabilized a bit over the past few weeks. After the inventory if subdivision homes for sale reached an all-time low of 217 two weeks ago, the number has bounced back up to 231. Since the number of short sales and lender owned properties has remained relatively the same, the increase is most likley due to an influx of investor owned properties as more homes appear to be available at the daily Trustees Auction. All this being said, I expect the numer of homes for sale in Maricopa AZ to continue to decline over the next few months as … (0 comments)

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