maricopa az: Homes for Sale in Maricopa Arizona - Housing Market Update 9APR13 - 04/11/13 02:28 AM
After heading downward for a month, inventory of subdivision homes for sale in Maricopa Arizona remained stable last week. Pending sales increased to the level that we would normally expect during the seasonal buying season but have not experienced until now. As I stated previously in my last post, this would suggest that there is a "last minute" rush by seasonal buyers that may have been "on the fence" the last couple of months. It would appear that the decreased inventory, coupled with many sellers' willingness to accept less than list price, has been a motivating factor.
Because I expect a … (1 comments)

maricopa az: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Housing Market Report 22MAR13 - 03/26/13 11:37 PM
Sorry to be a little late on this report but I noticed on Sunday that it the Maricopa Arizona homes for sale market experienced it's second straight week of an inventory drop and I wanted to see if this was sustained before I commented. Sure enough, I checked the inventory again this morning and it continues to decline and is now at a level that we have not experienced since mid-OCT of last year. Since both Patti and I have been experiencing an increase in buyer inquiries over the past couple of weeks, it would appear that there is a late … (0 comments)

maricopa az: Bank of America to Reduce Short Sale Processing Time - 04/09/12 11:56 PM
This article from DSNews explains how Bank of America is chaning their Equator module with hopes to reach a decision on short sales in three weeks.
Since I process a large number of short sales through Equator, I recently recived an email from them requiring a number of BofA  docs to accompany all offers at the time they are submitted. This change takes place on April 16. At first I was somewhat perturbed by yet another change in policy but if, in fact, this is part of a plan to speed up the process, I am all for it. I only … (0 comments)

maricopa az: ShortSales Increase in 2011 - 04/02/12 01:02 AM
This article, brought to you by Housing Wire, mentions that there was a 12% increase in short sales versus 2010 and that the amount was nearly double that of 2009. That being said, it also mnetions that delinquent loans have dropped to their lowest level in over three years.
Without a doubt, these are mixed signals. In Maricopa Arizona, where we have experienced an enormous amount of short sales, the number of short sales has declined to just over 20 as compared to ver 200 a year ago! Although it would appear that most distressed homeowners that were considering short sales … (3 comments)

maricopa az: Mortgage Rates Match an All-Time Low - 01/06/12 01:44 AM
Great news for buyers of homes for sale in Maricopa Arizona and elsewhere!
In spite of all the media hype and doomsayers predicting higher mortgage rates on the way, the 30-year fixed mortgage averaged 3.91 percent (0.8 point) for the week ending January 5, 2012. That’s down from 3.95 percent the previous week and matches the record low set just two weeks earlier.
Obviously rates cannot drop much further and yes, eventually they will go up. My motto: "If you are looking for a home and find something you like, BUY IT!".
Read the full article here

maricopa az: Maricopa Arizona Homes for Sale - Market Update 5JAN - 01/05/12 12:46 AM
Happy New Year everyone! The homes for sale market in Maricopa Arizona promises to be a "wild ride"! Inventory continues to edge downward though not at the pace that I expect to happen very soon. I have lived in Maricopa AZ for over nine years and every year come 2JAN it is like "flipping a switch" as seasonal buyers begin to pour into our small community. We already have numerous appointments booked for the first couple of weeks of JAN and expect a lot more to be on the books this week.
This year, unfortunately, the inventory is about 1/4 of … (0 comments)

maricopa az: Fannie Mae Relaxes Guidelines in New HARP Refinance Program - 12/23/11 12:59 AM
In what could be good news fro some homeowners in Maricopa Arizona and beyond, the attached article from outlines how Fannie Mae is no longer going to remove the "borrower ability to pay clause" from it's HARP program. Fannie cited that this was too vague of a requirement and that underwriters would be left to interperet in different ways.
This new program, expected to be rolled out in FEB or early MARCH, will allow homeowners to refinance their "underwater" mortgages" with few restrictions. They must be a Fannie or Freddie loan and the homeowner must be current in their payments. … (0 comments)

maricopa az: Are REO (Foreclosure) Buyers Getting Harder to Find? - 12/05/11 01:16 AM
Not in the Maricopa Arizona homes for sale market.
This article, published in, claims that after a three year study the number of owner occupant buyers for REO (which is an acronym for foreclosed homes) had decreased signifigantly. At least in Maricopa AZ, this number could be deceiving as a lrge percentage of our buyers are seasonal buyers. Although they would not be classified as "owner occupants", most of them do in fact occupy the homes during the winter with plans to move here permenantlyin the future.
The biggest problem in the homes for sale market in Maricopa Arizona is … (0 comments)

maricopa az: Homes for Sale in Maricopa Arizona - Market Update 21NOV - 11/22/11 04:06 AM
The market has stabilized a bit over the past few weeks. After the inventory if subdivision homes for sale reached an all-time low of 217 two weeks ago, the number has bounced back up to 231. Since the number of short sales and lender owned properties has remained relatively the same, the increase is most likley due to an influx of investor owned properties as more homes appear to be available at the daily Trustees Auction. All this being said, I expect the numer of homes for sale in Maricopa AZ to continue to decline over the next few months as … (0 comments)

maricopa az: Maricopa Arizona Homes For Sale - Weekly Market Report 16MAY - 05/18/11 01:25 AM
Every week I post the latest market indicators for subdivision home for sale in Maricopa AZ. This past week saw inventory continue to slide to an all time low of around 350 homes. Buyer activity is still strong despite the "migration" of seasonal buyers heading back home for the summer.
Read the entire report on my web site blog

maricopa az: Maricopa Arizona Homes For Sale - Weekly Market Report 28MAR - 03/29/11 01:58 AM
Inventory of homes for sale in Maricopa AZ continues to decline. Single level homes in particular are becoming scarce. Heavy seasonal buying activity continues and is expected to last for at least another month.
You can read more about the Maricopa Arizona housing market in my weekly market update at

maricopa az: Maricopa Arizona Housing Market Report - updated 21MAR - 03/22/11 01:45 AM
My weekly report has been updated and the trends of the past few months continue. The inventory of available subdivision homes in Maricopa AZ continues to decrease. This is mainly driven by strong seasonal buying activity and the continued reluctance of lenders to release their shadow inventory of foreclosures. Single level homes in particular are beginning to become scarce and values are being driven up.
 Read the full report at

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