guilford: Confidential Commercial Listing - 04/29/08 03:51 AM

Per owner, will gross over 1 million this year with a potential net of 100K. Call for details. 
GUILFORD BUSINESS For Sale:Opportunity Detail Sheet XX CONFIDENTIAL $ 295,000 ML #:  M9110303 Property Desc: BRAD WHITEMAN THE WHITEMAN GROUP LLC 203-453-4666 203-672-2464 Email:

guilford: Searching for Investment Properties: How to get started - 12/26/07 08:51 AM
This is a great time to find investment properties but the major hurdle is "how". Our agents have been specially trained to find "off the market" properties for our clients in all areas of Connecticut. We use state of the art technology to search, find, and evaluate, properties. Once we identify the best options, we use our specialized training to negotiate deep discounts in favor of our clients. It doesn't happen overnight but by answering a few quick questions we can have properties delivered directly to your computer within 48 hours.
Interested? Give us a call for a private consultation - no … (0 comments)

guilford: Thanks for your Support at Toys for Tots Event! - 12/12/07 11:31 AM
Thanks to Everyone who attended and supported our Toys for Tots event at the Guilford Gables this evening. What a wonderful night and we accomplished our mission of filling to overflowing the gift box and food bank box!
It truly is the season for giving and it was wonderful to share the evening with laughter, mirth, and joy!
for NOW - Brad in Connecticut

guilford: The Guilford Gables - 55+ Living Now! - 12/12/07 11:06 AM

guilford: The Hard Facts - a real life foreclosure series - 12/10/07 09:40 AM
The Hard Facts, Part I: The family had about 8 of those blow up Christmas ornaments in their yard when I got their, all bobbing in the breeze, and lending a surreal air to the coming experience. I was there to tell them that they had little choice but to start looking for another place to live. Their debt was more than the house was worth and, after exploring all of the other options, it looked like we would have to try and negotiate with the lender to discount the property so we could get it sold.
We looked over the debt … (2 comments)

guilford: Helping the Depressed Colleague - Creating Hope - 12/07/07 11:49 PM
Helping the Depressed Colleague - Creating Hope
At one point or another we've all been there, feeling like nothing is going right, ever has gone right, and never will go right, and then, slowly, the dark hole opens up and before we know it, depression sets in.
Right now, we all know someone in the real estate industry who is feeling it big time. Last year it was all sunshine, raining buyers and sellers, and this person was on top of the world, feeling (and earning!) like a million bucks. Their life was really good. What a difference a year makes and now … (2 comments)

guilford: Seek First to Understand - 12/06/07 06:49 AM
Seek First to Understand
In real estate it is imperative to understand our clients' needs, wants, and desires. We do this in a number of areas - data collection, consultation, and the physical experience of spending time with our client. Often there is a stumbling block along the way and sometimes it is right off the bat that we aren't connecting with our client, something is missing.
Experience will show that the disconnect is usually a result of not fully understanding our client. When we practice understanding and deepening our understanding, it is important to pay attention to more than just the surface … (0 comments)

guilford: Attenion on Intention - 12/05/07 09:33 AM
There is so much to do and how easy it is for us, as RE professionals, to be dragged into the habit of doing the most urgent thing...perhaps not even our urgent thing but the urgent thing of a home seller or buyer, or an investor, or a colleague. But it grabs us and before you know it..bang! where did the day go? Or the week? Or Month.........
So I've been applying some of Deepak's 7 Spiritual Laws of Success to my daily thinking. The one that I've been applying to this particular issue is that of "Attention to Intention". This requires a bit of preparation … (1 comments)

guilford: What a Wonderful World..... - 12/04/07 11:06 AM
So I have to ask....what's your worry? Right now we spend so much time trapped in the urgent nature of life..and things have sped up considerably. I consider one of the real challenges in this life to be the Art of Slowing Down. Try it sometime...when you feel yourself getting caught up in the "doin it doin it doin it" that Gerber talks about, try a simple process I call "remembering how to breathe".....(hint: it's a 2 step process). A longterm exercise but worth it (at least let's hope so!).
Another practice, and this relates directly to real estate, is Covey's primary … (0 comments)

guilford: Working with Win-Win in mind.... - 12/04/07 12:38 AM
Real Estate is a funny brings out the best and the worst in people. We love our clients and hate them, they love us and hate us. Someone said to me recently, someone close to me but who is in another company "You are my competition"...a simple phrase but one I hear all too often in real estate because it takes us, as agents, out of our primary responsibility - Care, Loyalty, Obedience, Accounting, Disclosure....and puts us into the role of conquering hero....we beat the other agent, we beat up the seller, we snow the buyer, and at the end of the … (7 comments)

guilford: Experienced and Professional - 12/03/07 10:12 AM
Experienced and Professional:
Whether you are looking to sell your home, upsize or downsize; relocating to a different climate; OR even if unforeseen circumstances have happened in your life and you are facing a foreclosure...we CAN and WILL do our best to help!
Buyers and Investors:
We specialize in finding you the property you are looking for. Whether the property is on the market or off the market, our team of highly trained professionals knows exactly how to find what you are looking for and for a price that makes sense. We don't get trapped by only providing you MLS listings, we find … (0 comments)

guilford: The Foreclosure Process - 12/03/07 06:34 AM
Home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents get confused about some of the basics of a foreclosure, why it happens and what the resulting process may be. I hope the following information helps. My team is trained and experienced in the entire process of foreclosure and we would be more than happy to assist you in learning more about it and in helping a client through the confusion and burden. if you'ld like more information about it just follow the link below:
Additional Information 
What is ForeclosureWhen a borrower, the homeowner usually, has "defaulted" on their loan, the lender may foreclose … (0 comments)


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