search engine optimization: Why have a website? - 06/19/09 04:20 PM
Pamela Cendejas wrote an excellent post about your website's Privacy Policy on this blog.  Thank you Pamela!
I was kind of surprised by some of the comments people made.
One person said "I never collect personal information on my website".
Another said something like "I never collect personal information as a condition of searching for homes".
I'm curious... why not?
If you've invested time and money in a website, isn't it reasonable to expect a return on that investment?
I've spent thousands of bucks, and hundreds of hours in building content for my website and blogs. This wasn't some kind … (6 comments)

search engine optimization: I Don't Have the Time (or interest) to Promote my Site - 06/19/09 08:50 AM
A point I made on the SEO for Realtors blog was that it'll take a good 4-6 hours a week to do the work to optimize your site for the search engines.
One Realtor who left me a comment there.  Here it is:
Thanks for laying out in such simple terms the series of steps necessary to optimize my website.  It's clear you know what you're doing.
If I were to devote 4-6 hours to that work, it'd be time I'm taking away from my primary work of selling homes. I've concluded that even if I were to start, I … (2 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO For Realtors slips in search engine rankings - 06/17/09 01:59 PM
"What have you done for me lately"?
Google's question of each of us, every day.
On Sunday, ranked #5 on Google for the term "SEO for Realtors".  Now here it is on Tuesday - two days later! - fallen to the #11 spot, top of the second page.  Right where no one will find it. 
There's a lesson here for us!
SEO is an ongoing effort.  It's not something you do once, and then forget about it.  The web doesn't stand still.  Your competition doesn't stand still.
Frankly, I was surprised that SEO for Realtors made it to the #5 … (4 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO for Realtors - ranked #5 in Google, in under a week! - 06/14/09 10:13 AM
I thought it might take a month or so to get ranked on Google under the phrase "SEO for Realtors".
Nope. Abour a week to achieve #5 position, ahead of roughly 155,000 Google results.

What's fun is that I displaced at least two firms that offer fee-for-service SEO work for Realtors.  Presumably, they've been around longer than the SEO for Realtors blog.  And, one would presume that they'd know more about SEO than a Realtor.. and apply that knowledge to their own site. 

It's like I said in an earlier post.  SEO is not that difficult.  And we just … (15 comments)

search engine optimization: What the average real estate agent earns.... - 06/13/09 10:08 AM
Interesting article in BrokerAgentSocial today about earnings.
Check it out: Traditional Agents Earn $36,700 Annually; Internet Agents Earn $100,000+ Annually
The article goes on to say that only those agents who make the transition from traditional selling & marketing to Internet-based selling & marketing will succeed over the longer term.
I agree. After doing what it takes to optimize my website for the search engines, I've gotten more leads in the last couple months than I did in the last 3-1/2 years since my site's been up.
And when I started talking on ActiveRain about how I did it, people were … (3 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO Ripoff Exposed - 06/10/09 08:21 AM
I got another email solicitation today for Real estate website SEO. Turned out, it was a scam - just like the many other promises of instant search engine success..... I wrote a little article exposing this scam. You can find it HERE. And if you want more Google Juice, check out my SEO for Realtors site. Developed specifically for Realtors who are active on the ActiveRain SEO channel. . … (2 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO For Realtor blog is up and running. - 06/08/09 10:40 AM
I was frankly surprised at the level of interest here in the recent couple posts I'd written about Realtor website SEO. So much so that yesterday I offered to author a blog specifically devoted to Realtor website SEO The blog is up, along with what I think are a couple pretty meaty posts on what I'll call "early stage SEO activities". So if you have interest in optimizing your site to get more leads, withdraw from dependency on lead aggregator dependency, and upping your biz, check it out and let me know what you think. Also feel free to add your … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: More SEO for Realtors - 06/07/09 10:27 AM
This blog entry is a follow up to one I wrote earlier (see here), that got a couple responses that let me know there's interest in SEO.
Vanna and Harry - I feel your pain. I've had a website for 4 years. No SEO, other than some on-page stuff that was really pretty weak. Doesn't cost me much ($35/month); and I've gotten 2 sales that I can attribute directly to it. So even though it wasn't SEO'd, it gave me a pretty good return.
But earlier this year I started studying Internet Marketing, to add a couple income streams to my … (11 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO - Just one of the keys to getting Internet leads - 06/06/09 07:45 PM
I agree with something that Kelcey said in this forum.  SEO is important.
But the best SEO in the world will do one thing: drive traffic to your website.
Not enough.
If he visits, and doesn't tell you who he is, that visit is useless.
So your website must have several incentives, or offers.
The basic one (the reason most people visit a real estate website) is to search for properties on the MLS.
What I know from recent reports and statistics, is that the market sales momentum is with the first time buyer.
So, I've been targeting some new products … (6 comments)

search engine optimization: Here's a great tool to help you discover what other Realtors in your market are doing - 03/23/09 07:58 AM
Ever wonder how other Realtors in your area get higher search engine rankings than you?
Ever wonder what Google keywords other Realtors are advertising on?
Well then, just type their web address in at this site:
You'll be amazed how much G2 you can get about other Realtors' websites for free!
Tell them Bob Wuest, your favorite Cincinnati Realtor sent you! … (5 comments)

search engine optimization: SEO for Realtors - 03/23/09 07:47 AM
I've been studying Search Engine Optimization in relation to another venture I'm involved in. And I've been testing some of the concepts I'm learning on my real estate website,
What I'm finding is that if I find a couple good keywords I want to promote my site around, and then start building backlinks using those keywords, I can move right on up in Google, MSN and Yahoo rankings.
For instance, I like these keywords:
Search Cincinnati MLS
Buy a home in Cincinnati
Check it out! I think you'll find it's really pretty easy to build the links … (3 comments)

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