Home inspectors frequently encounter dangerous animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Whether it be aggressive raccoons, venemous snakes, poisonous spiders, or, as seen above, a curious bat, the directive is always the same. Do not risk personal injury. Move away slowly and deliberately, continu...
Answer:  Leaking Water Supply Line. Testing random hose bibs is something we do on every home inspection. Opening the exterior water faucet and applying pressure will frequently let you know if a split or burst water supply line consistent with freezing is present. If defective, you will continu...
ANSWER: Smoke Detector/Alarm in Need of Replacement or Battery "Believe it or not, the most common fire hazard I see during inspections is old, damaged, or inoperable smoke detectors! My advice? If there is any question, replace them. Even if they are operating normally, once they reach about te...
    Answer: Rigid Gas Line Is Preferred For Safety Caption: "Flex line goes out, then back in, through and out!" Description: Not all that uncommon to encounter a flexible gas line within a fixed appliance interior. However, generally speaking, it is not an acceptable practice for safety consider...

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