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My guess is that everyone dreams of that day when they will able to do what every they want.  How about you?  Does that sound like perfection to you?    Well, there is an old saying,  "A person's worst difficulties begin when they are able to whatever they like."  Chances are you don't agree wit...
Some Important Words   Here is a little capsule course I came upon on Human Relations, see what you think about it.  It had to do with words.   The 5 most important words you can say are;  I am proud of you"   The 4 most important words you can say are; "What is your opinion"   The 3 most import...
  You are where you are because that's exactly where you really want to be !  Does that sound a bit harsh? Consider that we are all programmable from birth, during our early years Mom's and Dad's, Teachers and Ministers take care of our programming to make us the Young Adults that are turned out ...
I recently met two young men, friends of a friend of mine, who were quite confused at what to do with their lives.  They had met each other while serving in Afghanistan. Neither of them had been to college.  One had made good use  of his military, by becoming a highly skilled Electrician, but fe...
Airdrie Public Library has just what you might expect – a lot of books. Now a new campaign is showing that the library also has resources you may not expect, including CDs, DVDs, Internet access, magazines, newspapers, and programs. "We’re working hard to meet the diverse needs of the community,...
This is not an original post of mine, it was emailed to me by a friend and I just wished to pass it along,   The Sack Lunches      I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat.  It was going to be a long flight. 'I'm glad I have a good book to read Perhaps I will...
Starting and growing a business in Airdrie is now easier with the launch of BizPaL, a convenient one-stop online service with permit and licence information saving time spent on paperwork and helping entrepreneurs start up faster.  "We are thrilled and proud to provide this innovative program to...
  I came up with a new name for my Accounting System, I now refer to it as "My Procrastin-Accounting System".  I'm not sure why but I allow the receipts and check stubs to pile up, until it's a full days work to enter them all.  I know that if I was to spend a just an hour once a week it wouldn't...
PC or Mac, that's the question?  Well, for years I have been using a PC at home and at work. In fact at one point in my life I was a manager for IBM, and over the years I suffered through all of the upgrades of MS-Windows starting with version 1.1 (preliminary copy), way back in 1983 or was it 8...
  Informed buyers and informed sellers look at the facts  The facts right now indicate the real estate resale market is starting to stabilize.  Sales activity in September was slightly under the same month last year.  In Calgary in September, there were 2,006 sales at an average price of $390,599...

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